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CLOSED: Second Annual FALL Houseplants / Tropicals Swap WISH LISTS

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Here's where you're invited to post a list of plants, bulbs, tubers and / or rhizomes you'd like to have. Doing so may give your Secret Buddy an idea of the kinds of plants you like, but ultimately it will be up to them to pick and choose plants they're already growing and, hopefully, will fit your gardening personality and tastes.

Please edit your original post according to how your needs or wants change as we go along.

Any side trades you all decide to work out should be handled through D-mail.

We all love to chat, but please keep it to a minimum here since this thread is dedicated to our Wish Lists.

Thumbnail by FruitOfTheVine
Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

RESERVED for Participants. If I stay on the ball, your Want List link will appear next to your name for a quick snapshot.

AmandaEsq / Amanda -- Staying to chat but won't be exchanging plants.
candles4u / Crystal:
careyana / Carey
Carolyn22 / Carolyn: Staying to chat but won't be exchanging plants.
catzgalore / Stephanie
chellflower / Chell:
Cville_Gardener / Carole: Staying to chat but won't be exchanging plants.
dispatcher1 / Lou:
FruitOfTheVine / Susan:
GAgirl1066 / Paula:
GardenQuilts / Lori Lynn:
goldhillal / Crystal:
happgarden / Joyce:
ilovejesusus99 / Sandy:
janaestone/ Di -- Staying to chat but won't be exchanging plants.
joeswife / Debra: (found on Chat, page 2)
jsxtiger / Jax
Mud_Elf / Kris -- Staying to chat but won't be exchanging plants.
plantsforpeg -- Staying to chat but won't be exchanging plants.
rouxcrew / Joy:
rvnsbrk / Neener:
tikipod / Angie:
Tina_A / Tina:

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)


Please no Crotons or Carnations.

Amaryllis bulbs or divisions -- D-mail me for a list of haves
Calla bulbs or divisions -- D-mail me for a list of haves
Canna rhizomes: Especially looking for Orange, Salmon and Pink; would love to have Tropicanna.
Coleus cuttings, rooted or unrooted
Crown of Thorns, any color blooms
Dahlia tubers
Dwarf Cacti
Elephant Ear bulbs, any except common Taro
Geranium cuttings, rooted or unrooted
Musa basjoo -- hardy Banana -- a special want
Philodendrons -- Any except Xanadu, Orange Prince and Split Leaf
Succulent species -- Aeonium, Crassula, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Sedum

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(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Can u give m a little more instruction about the wish list? Last time I put mine on my DG homepage want list, but maybe that was not right??

(Ang) Bremerton, WA(Zone 8b)

No side trades :)

Flowering Ginger
Hoya (would love!!)
Banana - have two dwarf cavendish and would love something edible, colorful, big or tall
Passiflora - Edible or hardy
Bamboo (any other than Lucky Bamboo)
African Violet or Gloxinia
Succulent (plants or seeds) - Haworthia, Echeveria, Lithops, Living Rock
Carnivorous (plants or seeds)
Orchid (no Cattleyas)

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(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Any Stretocarpus
Thunbergia mysorensis
rick rack plant or any Epiphulum
Any miniature Sinningia
Earth Stars

Several kinds succulents
Peace lilies
Episcia (2 kinds)
Pilea involucrata (moon valley plant)
Rice cactus
Frangipani (Plumeria)
Dragon fruit (grown from seed- never bloomed (yet))
Ice Plant (Delosperma)

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Have list:

Prayer plant
Noid palm
ric rac cactus cuttings
night blooming cereus cuttings
Alsobia cygnet


miniture sinningia
African violets
rex begonias
yellow blooming oxalis
any miniature plant for a terrarium

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Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)


Solid green Airplane Plant
Red Salvia
Variegated Ginger
Red Cascade Rose (can root)
Solid Green Nephthytis
Orange Canna
Tall Yellow Flag Iris
Evergreen Wisteria (can try to root)
Cape Honeysuckle (orange)

Elephant ears
Epiphylliums Queen of the Night and other colors
Bengal Tiger Canna
Kumquat Tree (want really bad) Only if you have one you can root
Night Blooming Jasmine
Canna 'Stuttgart' and others with different colored leaves (I do have Tropicana)

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(Carey) Austin, TX(Zone 8b)


Erm, succulents are starting to look very attractive. Especially heat/drought tolerant ones.
EEs (have a few babies that are still showing their foliage so not sure which ones made it from the lack of attention)
Begonias of any kind (have gryphon and pink dragon wing)
of course, the above are just suggestions - I can promise I'll love whatever is sent!

In consideration, I will be attending school full time so side trades are probably not in anyone else's best interest

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

The kitten Demolition Derby continues. I best sit this one out. ^_^

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Easton, PA(Zone 6b)

HAVE LIST ( houseplants)

Purple Heart Tradescantia pallida - from a friend's 50 year old plant-
Wandering Jew Tradescantia zebrina -
Monstera deliciosa
Yellow stonecrop - Sedum rupestre- useful in mixed succulent pots -
Chocolate mint -
Variegated mint - Looks like Variegated Ginger Mint -
Others in the process of rooting....

HAVE LIST (outdoor plants)

Showy Stonecrop Hylotelephium - pink lavender flowers like 'carmen' or 'meteor' -
Rose 'Baby Blanket'
Rose ' Roseberry Blanket'
Hosta - big green unknown variety - a lot hardier and easier to care for than my new fussy variegated hostas
Others as I check what needs dividing....

sweet potato vine - especially a lime green one and a dark purple/black one
coleus - fishnet stockings, dark purple with green edge, bright pink-orange
ornamental ginger
elephant ears, cannas, bananas or other larger tropical potted specimens. I live in a townhome with vaulted ceilings in need of some drama and life.
string of hearts Ceropegia woodii 'Variegata'
Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls' or similar trailing plant for combination pots
Indian Pink Spigelia marilandica
scented geraniums
culinary herbs
any houseplant that I don't already have, I love odd things
fragrant flowers
wheat and/or oat seeds to grow for my pets if any of you are farmers, the local so called feed store doesn't stock them.

Palms - Bella the cat finds them irresistible and shreds them, no matter where I place them - even by the bathtub, her most feared location. Normally, she is happy with her oats, wheat and catmint and leaves my plants alone especially after I mist them with neems.

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Mount Vernon, IL

No side trades, I just don't have the extra time
Illustrious, taro, blue mask, black magic minis, no I'd dwarf, dwarf alocasia alba, macrorhizza alba
caladiums mixed colors,
Elephant bush, aloe upright, ponytail palm, money tree, dracanea, parlor palm
Regalis, bilbota, small leaf no I'd
Golden pothos, silver queen, lemon lime, pink princess, velvet leaf, maroon no I'd, lime leaf
String of hearts
Pony tail palm
Spider plant
12 kinds, if its available I have it and several similar kinds callisia fragrans green and veri, bichetti grass
Peace lily green and V, purple passion and waffle, norfolk pine, mother in law tongue
Monstera deliciosa
Black ajuga
Quadricolor wandering jew, moses in a basket
Marble queen pothos
Caladiums any color especially white
Rubber plant
Any EE bulbs or babies
Indian rope any color
Wandering jew
Prince of orange philo
Moonight philo
blushing philo
pineapple plant
Anything cool or unusual

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(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Had a lightning strike here that took out phones and computer modem
Took about a week to get most things straightened out but mostly the phones are fixed. I am still on my netbook computer though and it is very small and not that much fun to work with and I have cords running ever which awhere.
Been real lucky having a good bit of rain at my house but looks like I may have to start watering tomorrow.
O yeah, the fan in the greenhouse went out but got it it fixed also.
Anyone ever been on the longest yard sale in the world?

Athens, PA

Oh...... lets' see. I need to put together a list. I can't do side trades at this time ----- we are spending too much time running from NE Pennsylvania to Watertown NY and back right now. DH's parents are there and are trying to get ready to move.... not an easy feat when one is in their 80's


African Violet leaves
String of Hearts Vine
Cane Begonias
Pepperomia Emerald Ripple
Pepperomia - Watermelon Begonia
Trailing Watermelon Begonia

Not sure what I have to trade yet....

I can offer some cuttings from

Aeschynanthus gracilis
Pepperomia Prostrata

Odds are I will buy plants for the trade.

Tyler, TX(Zone 8b)

Not much time for side trades right now.

My haves:

Pink crinum lily
kalanchoe blossfeldiana
variegated alpine ginger
thanksgiving cactus
mother in law (yellow edges)
spotted aloe
zebra aloe
prayer plant (maranta)
begonia (angel/dragon wing)
split leaf philo
blushing philo

My Wishes:

pineapple lily (eucomis)
dutchman's pipe vine (any)
arisaemas (cobra lily, jack in pulpit, etc)
black mangrove tree- seed/seedling (avicennia germinans)
philodendron 'pink princess'
EEs ( hilo beauty, ele paio, mojito, etc)
gingers (any except yellow or alpine variegated)
mini plants for vivarium/terrarium
angel trumpet (brugmansia)
bridal wreath vine (stephanotis floribunda)
tahitian bridal veil (gibesis geniculata)
unusual tropicals

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Elephant ears:
String Ray
Hilo Beauty
lime zinger
Black Ruffles
Chicago Harlequin
Kona Coffee
Flowering maple - abutilon
Butterfly white
Butterfly peach
African Violets
Banana trees
Musa rojo
Calla Lilly
Bon Temps
Bird of Paradise
Pony Tail palm
Two others I can't remember
Chenille plant
Dragon Fruit
Airplane plant solid green and striped
Boston Fern
Peace Lily
Shrimp plant yellow
Buddah Belly
Voodoo Lily
Epiphyllum – assorted
Christmas Cactus
Jade plant
Paper plant (cyperus papyrus)
Osmanthus fragrans “sweet olive”

blue Atroviridis
Michelia figo “banana shrub’
Tree Fern
Variegated shell ginger
Ti plant
Rabbit fern
Aspargegus fern
Desert rose
Stag horn fern
Fifth dimension
Electric blue
Any I don’t have
String of pearls

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

What the drought didn't kill, the dogs took care of. lol

My wants
dutchman's pipe vine
akebia quinta
turk's cap
purple datura
flowering maple
orange bird of paradise
dragon fruit
any drought tolerant plants
hummingbird/butterfly nectar plants
lettuce seeds

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(Joy) Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

Drought is tearing us up, what the 16 degree freezes didn't kill, the drought is trying to.

Hardy flowering perennials
Things to attract hummers and butterflies
Flowers and plants for my cottage garden.

Don't want:
Gingers (I kill them)
Brugs (read above)

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Guess I better do this too.

want any kind of interesting looking succulents
or cacti
phaleanopsis (sp.) orchids
interesting housplants

no epis please. I have bazillions of them and they don't do squat for me except get leggy and ugly.

Blackshear, GA

I will add more later:
Costus - french kiss/button ginger
musical notes clerodendron
mexican flame vine
anything unusual; or perennials that will survive the hot, humid summers we have.

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(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

so, not just tropicals for this swap then? *whew* LOL gosh oh golly, I want one of everything that everyone has ( JOYCE) lol.
just kidding. well, not really. okay just kidding. :P~

Blackshear, GA

Too funny too!!!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Be careful what you wish for......

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