Syngonium sp? Philodendron sp?

victoria, Canada

This pic shot in the rainforest of Chiapas, MX., in September last year. No other shots available, sorry. The pic was shot approx. 15 feet from the ground, so I assume this is a mature plant. I'm not an Aroid expert. I've got a few others to show you too, for which I would appreciate an i.d.
Thanks so much.

Thumbnail by suzanne_cook
noonamah, Australia

Looks like a Syngonium sp.

Big Pine Key, FL(Zone 11)

The length of the petoliar sheath (winged petioles) cause me to agree with the call of Syngonium sp.

victoria, Canada

Any idea what species? podophyllum? macrophyllum?

noonamah, Australia

I'm over run with them here so don't take too much notice of species. But I believe mine is the podophylum and the adult leaves are fairly similar to those in your photo.

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