Found Variegated Blackberry!

Oakland, MD

So we found this mutant variegated blackberry in the backyard.
From what I've read the only way to successfully propagate would be from cuttings, but do you think it would be interesting and "worth" it?
Would it be possible to get it recognized as a new cultivar, and how do you do something like that???

Thumbnail by LadyAshleyR
West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

Couldn't you also save seed too, though I understand the chances of it being passed along are slim. I would propagate it and give plants to as many people as you could to ensure it stays around, it really cool looking! I have no idea how to get it recognized as a cultivar, but I assume your going to need a lot of plants just like it, for people who may want to buy.
Just make sure it doesn't die!

Palmdale, CA(Zone 8a)

Are all the leaves variegated? There is a chance that it's a mutation or a disease. But I give you my best in caring for it!

Oakland, MD

Yes they are all variegated =)
I should have noted that there are a bunch of plants growing close together there.

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