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i made a web page!!!

Olympia, WA

so finally after excruciating hours of things tweaking out and refusing to fit. i have some of the pieces in place.
hopefully it'll grow. but the published version is a little different spatially from my programmed version and i don't know why. finally gave up. but take a looka and tell me what you think. i'm thinking about learning that stuff for a job with a graphic designer, but i think i enjoy making the graphics more than putting them together. but in the mean time i might get an intern learning bonsai and making bonsai pottery very excited!!!!
oh the addy

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

It looks great qunyh! The home page especially looks real professional & you've done a nice job! Wish I could help you out with some of your house plants - but that's one area I haven't a clue. I keep this link book marked for basic html codes. It's designed for kids - so it's easy to understand! Maybe it will help with the font size.

Olympia, WA

thanks poppysue for the site
and karma for the advice
i set the colors for active links to be a light yellow, but it still appears as the default blue of the browser. i checked my browser settings to take up the pages color specifications, but it stil wouldn't do it. if you'd like to change the colors of your links go to edit then down to prefrences, you should see appearance or color options. in the mean time i'll play around somemore.

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Your site looks terrific,quynh!!! You are self-taught??? Wow! I'm really impressed!!!


Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)


Very nice page. I have a hard time reading the hyperlinks.


Ladysmith, BC(Zone 8a)

Wow good job, maybe if you change the colour of your background you would be able to see everything in blue clearer?

New Paris, OH

It loaded slowly for me at 28.8kbs-It took about 1.5 minutes for the whole thing to come up. dark letters on a white background reads more clear than the light on dark you are using. The background is nice but you have to pay attention to background color vs type and link colors-you can see the text ok but not the links in blue. I did not use any links because it took so long for the page to load. I will say the text came right up though. Don't use italic type again it is hard to read. they layout is okay except for the vertical rule in pink-that is jarring to the eye and has no function really. either get rid of the rule or change it to something else perhaps a vine or something.

Your content is great-keep it original. I don't remember if you have copyright posted on the page, if not you should.

Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Hello quynh! I'm learning about webpages too. Not that I can do very much yet. I'm going to classes and we're using Netscape composer. Hope it won't be too long before I'm posting something too. Congratulations! Your page looks pretty good to me!

Olympia, WA

i changed the colors and rearranged a little. does this look better? working on more of the links. i didnt realize it would take so long!!!
great northerner can't wait to see your site. I'm mainly using dreamweaver, it has more flexablilty for me, but more potential for annoying little quirks as i've found out.
we can be study partners!!

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

I like it. I think you have done a very nice job. I was just looking at my Web Pages for Dummies book and I too will be attempting it. Can I ask you for advice in the future? I like to talk to people who Just learned, then they remember what was confusing. I too have the Netscape Composer. I have tried cold, to use my Microsoft Publisher. Not to any avail.
So I will be trying a different approach. You know . When all else fails , follow the instructions.

West Simsbury, CT(Zone 5a)

Great site! Oh, that poor poor lily! lol. What is it? Spathaphyllum/Peace lily???

Olympia, WA

i am so frustrated with the whole thing. dreamweaver is driving me mad!!!! layers, tables, bad conversions, i'm going to start over, but now i think i've got it down now. theres nothing better than experience i guess.
michele you can ask me anything you like whether or not i have an answer for you is another problem. i sort of have mini tutors, friends who give me quick five minute lessons when i want to thrash the computer though, they are angels and much better at the stuff. perks for working computers i guess.
rosie i think the lily is a peace lily, i've been giving it more water as jean advised. it's not getting much better, but the water doesn't seem to hurt it any.
thank you everyone. maybe in a couple of days my previews will look like the actual thing.

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