Need help identifying my Etlingera elatior plant

Seremban, Malaysia(Zone 11)

Etlingera elatior 'Red Torch'
Torch Ginger, Wax Flower

I've just joined Dave's Garden and have posted my Etlingera elatior (Bunga Kantan) plant located in Malaysia which is producing a lot of seeds that I'd like to trade. But, I want to make sure that I am classifying it correctly. I've listed it under "Red Torch" as it looks closest to the plants on this page: opposed to the lighter flowers here:

My plant is a deep pink color not a dark red. An image of my flowering plant can be found here: .

It is definitely not as dark as this flower I found online: .

Can someone help me classify it?

Also if anyone is interested, I do have a lot of fresh seeds right now (check my have list in my profile).


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Keaau, HI

Your Etlingera elatior flower does look like the 'Red Torch' cultivar that grows in Hawai'i.

Seremban, Malaysia(Zone 11)

Thanks Metrosideros!

zones 10 to 11, United States

Etlingera elatior 'Red Torch'...lots of them here at Puerto Rico

noonamah, Australia

I should check mine for seeds. I never cut the old flower heads off so there might be some.

zones 10 to 11, United States

A friend gave me one of these same ones in white, but she also told my that it was a fragrant variety.... noticed it needs to be more shade than the other varieties. Have someone heard about a type like that?

noonamah, Australia

I have 2 small white ones. If they need more shade than the others I might have to move them.

zones 10 to 11, United States

Yeah, I had to move them from "in situ" back to a 2 gal pot as the bit of leaves they had where scorched but the sun.... they ended back in my greenhouse. Will let it grow a bit more and then try to look for a spot with morning sun only... and close to my house, as I love to have nice smells close by... maybe close to a bunch of turmeric plants in my kitchen garden, next to the kitchen.... also have read that one can use the seeds as a spice.... they do have a fruity taste (aromatic as well) but you collect them before they mature fully.

Laie, HI

Malaysian Project, Are you eating your torch ginger? They eat a lot in Sarawak out at the longhouses.

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

plancton I bought a white one last fall. did you say fragrant? I hope it is fragrant and seeds like that red one.
the red one is gorgeous by the way, is it fragrant?

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