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Interest in Temp Services for Nursery/Landscape positions

Charlotte, NC

I am a new student in Horticulture Technology who is trying to gain some experience in the industry. I am tempted to go to Temporary employment agencies to get assignments, but notice that most have to do with skill sets such as healthcare, computers, higher level science, finances.

Does anyone know of temp agencies that deal more with general laborers in the area of horticulture or landscaping? Specifically, lawncare or planting trees, tending plants,etc. I want to get my hands dirty and gain some practical experience. Yes, I am applying directly to some garden centers/nurseries.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't think you'll have that much luck with temp agencies--as you've observed they're typically filling different types of positions from what you're looking for. You might contact local landscaping companies and see if they need any help--chances are they're busier during the summers than other times of year and might be willing to take on extra help. Or if you just need experience and don't need to get paid, you may have better luck finding something if you're willing to volunteer your time. If you've got a local public garden/botanical garden of some sort they probably have volunteer opportunities where you could gain some valuable experience.

Ponce de Leon, FL

Find a wholesale nursery that caters to the landscaping industry. They'll likely be able to hook you up with someone. This is a good place to go for internships as well.

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