Gray aphids on my brussels sprouts

Seattle, WA

I'm on my way to get some sevin dust for my poor sprouts. I'm desperate after days of knocking aphids off of them, spraying them with sevin spray, and begging local ladybugs to come visit. I have pole beans next to the plant and don't want any more infestation! Any suggestions before I go for the dust? HELP!

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

If you have any liquid kelp on hand, mix some with water and spray it on the aphids. I had an aphid infestation on my peas earlier in the year, and this spray really worked to kill them.

Seattle, WA

Where would I find liquid kelp?

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Here's where I purchased mine:

Seattle, WA

Thanks for the information regarding the aphids. I did find a "Safer" product on Saturday, with an unspecified seaweed in it, though. I sprayed it on and Voila! In a few hours all the aphids were dead or had fled the sprouts. I'm pretty happy about that. "Safer" is an organic product, and I feel better about using it rather than a heavy hitter like the Sevin products.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

markandtim - YAY! Death to aphids - well not all of them, 'cause birds like to snack on them :)

Yes, I was amazed at how quickly the aphids on my peas died after using kelp. The unspecified seaweed in your "Safer" was probably kelp.

The only time I've ever resorted to using Sevin was in 1972 after moving into house in South Florida where the front yard was so infested with fleas, they almost smothered us!

There's usually an "organic" alternative that will do the job, and I'm glad you found "Safer" worked. I'm all for a "safer" planet. LOL

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