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Echinacea 'Now Cheesier' from Plant Delights

Severna Park, MD(Zone 7a)

New plant this spring. Highly saturated color that has not bleached out!

Thumbnail by Bob_71
Hamilton, OH

Nice. I saw one at a store and the color is absolutely amazing. It almost looked fake.

So does your have nice basal growth? Multiple growth points at the base?

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

You're the only person to post a photo of that one that looks healthy. Don't be surprised if it dies suddenly. It was a very weak plant here and died after blooming. It didn't ever over-winter either. Fingers crossed for your plant!

Lake Stevens, WA

Yep, had 2 both died. No more for me. Love the color. Good luck

Renton, WA(Zone 7b)

I planted Now Cheesier last summer and it did not make it thru my Seattle winter. I am disappointed. Coneflowers like these are pricey and it's always a gamble. It was planted in well draining sandy soil on a sunny hill.

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

The only one of the Terra Nova plants with orange or yellow that over-wintered and grew well for me was "Flame Thrower." I have two and both have been growing for 3-4 years now. They are good ones so far.

Lake Stevens, WA

The yellow ones that have over wintered for me are Harvest Moon and Daydream. However, Harvest Moon doesn't flower that much. Daydream will have it's third bloom season for me. This should be the best year. All the other yellows have died. I might try Aloha one more time, maybe. I would like to have Pineapple Sundae but so far not seen it for sale.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

I bought Flame Thrower and Sunrise this year. Last year my Daydream died after it bloomed, also I lost Maui Sunshine, same thing, bloom-and-die. I am trying to grow paradoxa from seed and I have several Rudbeckias for yellows. I would love to try Aloha, I don't recall Pineapple Sunday but sense they are so expensive I am trying to stick with the known cultivar's.
I do really like Plant Delights! They have big healthy plants but the new cultivar of Coneflowers are weak and need special treatment. Even with, they might still die. :(

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

'Flame Thrower' is tough but the others are pitiful.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Thanks Clint, good to know! :)

Chattanooga, TN(Zone 7b)

Cleopatra overwintered well and looks like a good new yellow. still waiting to see how Catharina will do, looks good so far. had some troubles getting Leilani to root out.
i am most impressed with southern belle; it's a double pink, bloomed till christmas and is already blooming. turned from a small plug last july into a sizeable bush now.

white double delight, amber mist, raspberry truffle and guava ice look decent too (all new to me for this year), marmalade is a bit on the slow side.

i have not seen pineapple sundae from any vendor or at any recent trade show. it's possible it may have been marketed with a different name.

Marco van Noort was showing off pictures of his new introductions for 2013 on facebook, a short double white and a short double pink, they looked quite appealing. 'Piccolino' for the pink and he didn't share the name for the white one yet.

Lake Stevens, WA

GreenThumbs were are you buying. Have not heard of some of those. After Warren quite selling I have not found a retailer as great as his cones.

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

Many of the bad plants return the second year and don't the third. I thought Hot Papaya was going to be a good one, but last year it came back so weak I had to remove it. I'm replacing these with seed grown Gaillardias. They look great all summer through frost. They bloom more and come back every year. If you like yellow, orange and red Gaillardia is a far better option.

Salem, OR(Zone 8b)

Gaillardia is very easy to start from seed, unlike many perennials. 15/15 of mine germinated and are growing strong in the greenhouse. And the seeds are big, which is always a bonus!

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

I winter sowed Gaillardia. I'll be giving some away. LOL.

Severna Park, MD(Zone 7a)

Still healthy...still blooming...still holding it's color...still attracting butterflies.

Thumbnail by Bob_71 Thumbnail by Bob_71
Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

That is a beautiful photo Bob! Glad to hear your plant is doing well.

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