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Merino, Australia

Time we moved again as my legs were getting worn out. At least here in virtual land , it doesnt get cold so walking can be done in the sun.
Thought I'd put the path down through the fern gully so you can enjoy them.
Nothing got done here yesterday. It was so cold and after a drop more rain, everything was wet again.
There a re so amny buds in the garden now. I see my dutch iris all coming up, lots of the different daffs, jonquils etc. I did get out and dis some daffs.
I had them along a small path that has long since disappeared under plants. I had to wait until they came up to find exactly where they were.
They are ones I particularly like , with the yellow outer petals and bright orange flattened trumpet. Not a large flower but so pretty in a group.
I am going to pot some and put the others around where they can be seen.
Anthony, dont laugh, but I just had to buy 10 mixed asiatics on eBay . I needed them . ( so I told myself anyway )
Betetr go and see whats available in the kitchen to feed the hordes I can hear clamoring at the door. lol.
Have happy day.
we came from here

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

This is last years pic of the little daff I was talking about. The trumpet isnt really flat like some just the edge a bit.
Its not a tall daff so gets lost in the taller plants. I will keep them in the front of the beds.

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. I had a wonderful day of doing nothing yesterday. [truth be known, I wasted the whole day] but boy did I enjoy my solitude. It rained here over night. I hope it didn't rain where the boys were, otherwise I'll have wet tents and wet eveything else as well probably. I tried to phone them last night to say goodnight but John's phone must have gone flat. Oh, well I did try. I'm sure if the boys were feeling a bit homesick he would have used someone else's phone. I sat and watched the new programme on ABC1 last night, Marchlands. I also did a bit of tapestry while sitting there. Haven't done any for quite a while so it was nice just to relax. I hope everyone is well. Theses snuffles hang on for a while don't they? Be back later. Colleen

Brisbane, Australia

Oops, I just posted in the old thread. Hard to let go of a good thing!

Another beautiful morning here. The early hours are cool, but unless the wind is up, I barely need long sleeves during the day. May go for a drive and see what looks interesting in other areas today.

Hope you all have a pleasant one.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Dont worry about the brass monkeys!!!-its even colder here this morning!!

Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Hello Everyone!! I'm popping back in to say hello and sample some of the fare in the Tea Room. Since I saw you last, we had 24 DG friends come to the farm for a gathering that was great fun. I worked pretty hard getting my gardens ready and I was thankful for several first blooms on daylilies that day. The group really surprised me with a fabulous birthday cake that was as delicious as it was pretty. The trowel on top said, "Happy Birthday, Louise."......It wasn't my birthday yet, so they really took me by surprise.

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your gardens. Jean, that is a gorgeous daffy!! Sounds like you are getting ready for Spring bulbs! How lovely!

Colleen, how wonderful that you "wasted a whole day"!!!!! That's the way to live longer! :) It has been so hot here lately that I haven't gotten outside as much as I want to. Thankfully, the heat wave lifts for us tomorrow! I have so many new blooms to check out, so early morning has been the only time to do any work out there.

Do any of you grow heucheras? I have just caught the bug and love their different foliage colors. Full summer is here for us and the gardens are filled with colors! Ahhhhhh, love it!!

Hello Karen and everyone else! Have a lovely day!

Thumbnail by DonnieBrook
Christchurch, New Zealand

well no snow yet...
slept in till 8am, nice :)
Had to show hubby that cat on the laptop pic...
my brother & his wife has a cat that sleeps on theirs if they leave it open.
She is somewhat skittish so if startled scrabbles for footing & has dislodged several keys in the process.
Makes using the keyboard a challenge - being able to touch type or having a very good memory for key positions is a must.
Wonder what the cats will think of having twins in the house... my lovely sister-in-law is expecting & they found out a couple of weeks ago that she is carrying twins.
Don't know the gender/s, just hope that all goes well & we have a healthy Mum & two bubs when the time comes.

Christchurch, New Zealand

gorgeous cake Louise, happy birthday :)

Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Thank you, Teresa! Congrats on the twins in your future! That's very exciting!

Thumbnail by DonnieBrook
Clifton Springs, Australia


Dianne, that is a beautiful Kitty...except for the eyes, he could be a twin to my old lady Mea...better known as Princess Grouchypants.

Her name is Silky Drawers, Jean/moon..but Princess Grouchy Pants would suit her very well.
Karen, if there was any work to do... she would get the dog to do it...

Anthony, the Bombers are the team that Carlton hoo.......Geelong today....

I realised why the Tutankhamun exhibition wasn't as good as the first....that one was called "The Treasures of Tutankhamun".....this one was "Tutankhamun and the Golden Age''.....
It had a few pieces from the original exhibition, the rest were relics from that era...interesting but very little "Wow" factor.
The original exhibition left this one for dead and considering the subject matter....very
Have a good day everyone, whatever the weather.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

How funny Dianne, what a pair they would make....grin

Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Clifton Springs, Australia

They definitely have "The look", moon..

I watched Marchlands too, was good.

Too cold to do much today..

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Merino, Australia

Hello Louise. Lovely to see you back again. Go over to the last Tea Room thread ( #91) and enjoy a piece of your birthday cake from us all.
We celebrated for you so there may not be any left.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

heres a cool''big'' black man,.,.he exercised his territorial right today,.,.i think he used muscles he had forgotten about--meaning he stayed in bed for the rest of the day! We are the navy blues Dianne,.,.this is the most joy ive had since 95,..,Jean-i look at it in this way,.,.if lilium bulbs were $5 notes,id be rich!!

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

handsome fellow there Anthony...this is Old Man Max....he's a basket case....grin

Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Christchurch, New Zealand

all I can say is brrrrr, it is below 0C here & still snowing.
the dog is not overly impressed, nor am I - had an important meeting this morning & had to ring & leave a message to cancel, no buses running & not sure if anyone else was going to be at the meeting anyway.
Supposed to do a 2pm - 6pm shift this arvo but not sure if the RSA will be open then.
Have to give them a call & find out.

Thumbnail by dalfyre
Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. After a few days of rain and cold, we have fog this morning with the sun just coming up over it. Looks like a nice day, but I wont say that too loud as I have seen it change in an hour .
I may get out to look at the weeds . Thats about all I can do at the moment. Too wet to spray.

Anthony, I cant wait for all my bulbs to come out . I am waiting to see what I got in the mixed packs.

All those lovely pussy cats. I love animals, but I like cats a lot more when they are in other peoples homes. I am not a cat person at all.

Hello Teresa, lovely news re. the twins. I hope you dont get any further snow there. That lot looks very cold and I totally agree with Copper saying ' get me back inside.' .

Hello Dianne. It would have been lovely seeing all those treasures anyway, even if not in the same class as the first exhibition.

Hello Moon, Louise and Charleen . Louise, it must have been so lovely to meet lots of the DG gardeners . I bet they all loved your pretty garden.
I have a couple of Heucheras but only the common pink flowered ones . I do like them but havent a good space fr them to show off. I did have a miniature one somewhere. I must go and look for it. It may have died. . Hope the girls behaved like proper southern ladies with all the guests there.

Hello Pam, Karen, Chrissy and Elaine.

I have been out int he kitchen adding the last seasonings to the slow cooker. Another yummy lot of smoked ham hocks on the simmer.
The sun is shining in the window here, so I had better get out and enjoy it before it disappears.

Have a lovely day and enjoy those gardens .
Try this delicious Carrot Cake with your cuppa.
Happy day, Jean.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Christchurch, New Zealand

looking north wards up our street...

Thumbnail by dalfyre
Christchurch, New Zealand

more snow pics...

Merino, Australia

Teresa, as I was looking at you snow pics, the sun disappeared. here Must have been frightened, looking at all that cold stuff.
You can keep it there. I like seeing snow in pictures, not in person.

Sydney, Australia

I love NZ and the pictures are beautiful ...but I don't think I could live there now I have seen snow ...perhaps when younger but I can feel a twinge in my knee just looking at it.
Really surprising to see plants still blooming in snow.

I bet our American friends would love to dive right into it ^_^ I see where they are frying over there.
What do you reckon Moon,Charleen and Loise ?
Catch up later ...

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

i had to peel the pillowslip from my utes windscreen this morning in 1 big chunk,.i drove down the road,let cocky out and when i came back up,the car had frozen over again.,coldest i've seen in a few years,.,.very scary getting the truck 'crossed up' in little ice patches!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I agree, snow is lovely to look someone else's yard. I am like Chrissy...just thinking about it makes the joints twinge. grin We normally do not have winter temps below 0C and rarely does it snow here. When it does, most everything shuts down as folks in South Louisiana have NO IDEA how to drive in it.

I think Mother Nature is trying to atone for the drought here...we have gotten almost 15cm of rain in the past week and the forecast is for rain/thunder storms all this week..the happy part is our temps will stay in the 28C to 30C range. a welcome relief from 35C and up.

Warm thoughts to you all...hope the sun shines brightly for you soon.


Brisbane, Australia

Moon, the heat sounds like it has been unbearable, and Teresa, the snow pics are wonderful, but glad it isn't here.

Had to take a pic of this tree at a nursery in Victoria Point on the weekend. Just so beautiful, full of bees, and blue face honey eaters. It is Dombeya Cacuminum, commonly known as "Winter Joy". And what a joy it is, in full flower...


Thumbnail by DawnSong
Brisbane, Australia

We also checked out the relatively new Berrinba Wetlands at Logan on the weekend. Lots of walks around here.


Thumbnail by DawnSong
Brisbane, Australia

Lots of bird life at Berrinba Wetlands. This is a new one on me, solar powered and all.
I imagine it keeps the crows away from the picnic area as it flaps its wings all day........

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. After seeing Teresas pics I am not game to complain of the cold. We had a dry day yesterday but cold even with the sun out . Some rain overnight , but hubby says it is going to be fine for a few days. I did ask him which few days but he said I should be glad its not snowing after I showed him Teresas pics .

Anthony, be very careful driving anywhere. That ice on the road can be treacherous when you cant see it.

Karen, that wetlands looks like a lovely place to spend time. I do like the solar bird. I could put one in the garden to scare the crows away. The maggies would most likely use it as a perch. I love the red in that Dombeya flower.

Moon, your garden must be sitting up enjoying the rain after the awful heat. I hope you do have some garden left after the heat though.

Hello Louise and Charleen. How is the weather where you are. I hope rain has arrived to cool things down for you too.

Hello Pam, Dianne and Colleen. Keep warm there.

I am going back to the heater for a while before I venture out . I may do a bit of trimming along the paths again. The plants are growing as I watch.
I had to push my way through the archway to the paddock garden yesterday.

Better see what I can put out for nibbles.
Here we are, Honey Sponge Roll. ( with lots of cream, Brian . I know you are watching )
Keep warm and safe. Enjoy those gardens .

Thumbnail by 77sunset
barmera, Australia

Jean Brian would love that sponge roll, me too. Good morning everyone. Well everything is back to normal after the weekend. The boys had a great time and are already talking about the next time. Washing day today. You should see the poor brugs out the front, but they still have smaller leaves on them so I presume they will pull through. Bucks Fizz has 14x3" buds but not expecting them to bloom now. Beautiful snow pics Teresa and those wetlands are lovely Karen. All the roses have new shoots on now, so that didn't take long. I still have a lot of tidying up to do but slowly getting there. Must go and get the boys moving. be back later. Colleen

Christchurch, New Zealand

sunshine here but the frost made the snow very dangerous where it had melted slightly or was compacted by being walked or driven over.
Things come to a standstill here when it snows like this - happens so rarely that we have no idea how to deal with it.
School holidays at the moment so lots of children had a blast making snowmen or sledding with whatever they could use.
Dog sledding is quite popular here but normally the dogs run with wheeled sleds.
To run them on snow is a real treat especially for the husky breeds.
I felt really mean putting Copper out this morning but he had his coat on & needed a loo break...
he is inside on the couch now & quite content to snooze.
The cat was totally freaked out by the noise of cars & people crunching through the snow & ice outside, I had to put her out as she had been inside for over 12 hours.
She has vanished & is probably sulking somewhere plotting her revenge.

Thumbnail by dalfyre
Clifton Springs, Australia

Morning all,
We had a lot of rain last night, Mick's shed was had a very wet floor and that only happens
when the rain comes in at a certain angle...His waterproof keeps him warm so he doesn't care about the shed..
Just announced that the Barwon bridge will be named after Cadel Evans....It was going to be named after a politician.......the bridge replaced an old one and there has been a lot of squabbling over the design, so Cadel won the Tour de France at the right time...
I would have liked the main street to be renamed after him, it's full of outdoor cafes and there are bikes everywhere....Cadel is often there too.

My heart goes out to the Norwegian people, how can you protect your country against people like him.
Back later..

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Good morning everyone!

Nice day here at Buderim...just the kind of day that one wants to spend in the garden.

Barwin Bridge to be named after Cadel Evans...must tell hubby about that.

Teresa... that sure looks cold around your area.

I will have to go make a "cuppa" to warm up now. *G*

Brisbane, Australia

Hi again. I've been looking up that solar powered eagle on the web, as it really is a masterpiece, and found this link which is short but interesting. We actually saw a sea eagle while there, pic below. This is a White Bellied Sea Eagle. Must go do some of the walks sometime, as it all looks lovely.


Thumbnail by DawnSong
Clifton Springs, Australia

That solar powered eagle is a lovely thing Karen, sometimes that type of sculpture can be quite beautiful and taking a story from the Dreamtime and turning it into a work of art makes it very special.

Colleen, my Buck's Fizz is exactly the same..I wouldn't be surprised if they do make it...
Yes,'s amazing, but the growth hasn't stopped this Winter....
I have decided that Spring definitely starts in August...the Jonquils have been out for a month and the Magnolias are about to flower...

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Yes unless we have a nasty Frost I think we too might see the Spring in August (hopefully to make up for last Spring being an extension of Winter for some weeks here (in my area).
What wonderful Pics everyone ...we could all do with some cheering up ^_^
My brother is having a Birthday this week so lots of visitors pending ...lots to do.
lovely to see a few faces here again :-)
Lovely to see the brave blooms ...wonderful wetlands and even the snow, because I am not there.
Enjoy your evening everyone.

western sydney nsw, Australia

Hi Chrissy At last some fine weather A very Happy Birthday to George is week .
Hope all have a great week ------elaine.

Sydney, Australia

Hi Elaine thanks ...hope you coping with the weather ok, got a little bit of sun today without the wind which was lovely.

Dianne I came back to pop this in for you and anyone else interested this is a video of some great Egyptian artifacts and the music is very similar to the dvd I purchased with the book and the vial of perfume ...said to be the music played in those ancient times.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Another spam scam.....

I just received an email from what looked like my Broadband explained that an attempt had been made to access my account from a new computer....would I please reply or else I might have my email disconnected....BUT...I needed to supply my username and password so they could be sure that it was me who was answering the email....

Who thinks up these things?.....they never give up do they.....
I emailed my server and they replied within 5 mins, that in itself was amazing....definitely SPAM they said...never give out that if I would...
Whenever I ask other things it always takes until the next they must have an alert when you mention SPAM..

Watch out people.... the baddies are out there to get us.

Thanks for that link Chrissy,...I will look after dinner....I bought the book too..It's beautiful..

Sydney, Australia

Did you know that even if you just click onto it they can gather your info?
Just delete- never click onto something like that are confirming your email address when you respond, people sell this info to others too.Spam is thrown out at random and any kind of response is a confirmation of the addy.

Clifton Springs, Australia

I use Eftel anti spam, so I can view the message without a problem....
But they do try anything don't they...

Chrissy, the video was brilliant....loved it...
When I was doing an Adult education course for something ( I've done so many) the teacher brought in a mummified foot....evidently in the early part of the last century, they used to cut up mummies and sell off the bits and you could buy any bit in London and the teacher's grandfather had bought this was still had the wrappings on it and it was as light as a feather....It was brown but not shrivelled.....amazing.

This ride looks like fun

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Frosty here this morning, but I havent been outside to look at how much. Hubby will tell me . He says it is -3C.
I do hope we dont get a week of really low temps like last year, which burned all my brugs.
The sun is out and we are suppose to actually get up to 18C on the weekend.

Hello Elaine, nice to see you back. Hope all is well for you. Any projects going ?

Dianne, love the big fat magnolia buds. Mine are putting up a few now . I must get out in the back of the cottage garden and see how the one out there is doing. I put it behind the plants there, as it should (hopefully) grow above them eventually.

You have to watch those scams. We get an average of 3 a day, which are usually all marked as scam by our mail thingy, Thunderbird..
We just delete without opening anything. Scams from those purporting to be banks, PayPal, eBay, phone companies, you name it they are out there. I dont know how many people are always wanting our help in disposing of millions of dollars, ponds etc .
We must have won a million lotteries too. What bothers me is that some people answer these things and I wonder how much they lose by it.

Chrissy, I enjoyed the video . I always like seeing anything on ancient civilisations especially Egypt. I couldnt live with their music though.
I like Chinese and Japanese music more than most other music from foreign countries.
Happy birthday to your brother.

Hello Colleen, back to normal now with the boys home. I hope you enjoyed your bit of quiet time alone.
I'm still watching the bud on my winter hippie. Its very slow , like waiting for the kettle to boil while you stand over it.

Hello Teresa. I showed hubby your snow pics. He says keep it over there.
Looks like you had better get some snow boots for Copper.

Hello Pam, Karen, Anthony, Louise and Charleen.
Better get out in the kitchen and put out some nibbles.
Have a lovely day and enjoy those gardens.
Here we are , nice warm Cinnamon Rolls.

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