Southern California, CA(Zone 10b)

i am posting a new thread with hopes that i can get more information on this plant that belongs to the african violet family and is a sub of streptocarpus.

i have visited the african violet forum. however, most have the streptocarpus.

i have one streptocarpella, the concord blue and am interested in acquiring other colours. their flowers look alike, but they are totally different in growth habits. the s/carpella is trailing and much easier to grow and propagate, while the s/carpus is more like a violet with long leaves and personally, i found them difficult to grow.

thank you in advance.

Southern California, CA(Zone 10b)

thank you moonhowl for the strep websites.

nearest one would be kartuz about an hour and a half from me. i would be interested in trading my concord blue for other colours. thanks again.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

You are very welcome. perhaps if you post here that you have plants to trade you may find others interested. Good Luck to you.

Southern California, CA(Zone 10b)

hello moonhowl,

since my last post, DH and i drove south to Vista, an hour and a half drive for us. we arrived at 8 a.m. and came upon the city's farmer's market. did a pit stop, browsed and bought a lemon thyme plant and a couple of succulents...

kartuz nursery was an easy find.....the one employee we talked to was busy cleaning one of the greenhouses and told us that mike the owner would be arriving shortly.

we browsed further on and by the time the owner arrived, i had picked a few plants. baby blue streps and also ended up buying hoyas. while i only had two hoyas before, i now have 7.

it was a fun drive to vista and very pleased with unusual hoyas he had.

since then, i have come across a home hobby nursery who had white streps. i also found somebody who sold me cuttings of deep purple, and baby blue and snow white. only deep purple left and is barely surviving.

search for deep purple still on. thanks for info on kartuz.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Sounds like the hoyas were a better deal than the Streps....grin Glad Kartuz was a good experience.

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