snails in my bin; should i start over?

Arlington, MA(Zone 6a)

i haven't seen much about snails in the history. i am worried about my teeny-tiny snails becoming big leaf-eating snails in the garden. i have quite a few lately, in a bin that is about one year old. i get the occasional centipede but they do not seem to be increasing in numbers.

just wondering if i should start over? do all bins eventually get random critters?


Long Beach, CA

No.. do not start over. Just give them some beer in a small shallow container and they will leave this world happy!

Helena, MT

dito on the beer...just place some in a jar lid and leave it sit on the surface. Are you sure these are snails or are they should work for either one, Did you find these under a cover of some kind? Slugs like worms will hide from the light, but their favorite location is at the surface as long as its dark and moist. Slugs or snails should not be much of a pest in the garden unless you use mulches and keep the surface damp around your plants. Even then, Rhapsody's suggestion will work to control slugs. I have never heard of snails being a garden pest, much less invade worm binds, but anythings possible. We recently had a discussion about frogs in a worm bin. Now that's a problem I would like to have.

Long Beach, CA

I have slugs in my outside composter but none in the composter is the garage. I have a real problem with snails being a garden pest. They just love to eat my plants.

Arlington, MA(Zone 6a)

should i leave the snails tiny little pretzels, too?

Long Beach, CA

If the pretzels have lots of salt I do not see why not. Either way they will be fat, full and dead!!

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