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this is how much light a night blooming jasmine needs..

Conway, NC

I have read many posts in past about this subject- I have this plant, was sposed to go outside this spring, but was growing well, already getting tall, and it was very windy. Eventually it was moved to a spot it LOVES, and I guess it owns this window, now.
The window faces due north, I have pulled up the blinds as you can see to try and help. no direct sun EVER from that direction.
to the left are the very sunny and hot west windows. Unfortunately, it has been SO hot, that I close the blinds on that side from no later than 1 PM till around 6 or 7 PM.
you can see that this jasmine has set flowers.
I am worried about the canaries on the other end of the porch, ha ha! The scent is just RAVISHING after dark, I expect to hear little "plops" as they succumb and fall off their perches..

Thumbnail by peetzmom
Conway, NC

here is a close up photo to see blooms--

Thumbnail by peetzmom
Tolleson, AZ(Zone 9a)

Looks wonderful!! How often does it bloom? Mine only blooms in the fall.

Conway, NC

don't know! It just started! I have only had them outside before, and they bloomed from Aug. till frost, pretty much.
I am cutting it back as each stem blooms.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

I LOVE this plant...I let her go about dormant during the winter then wake her up come spring....what a delightfully easy plant...and the rewards!!! Mine too normally bloomed in the fall but I was blessed with a partial flush late spring....mmmmmm

Conway, NC

I too love this plant. I cut it back SEVERELY ( pulled it back out of the mini-blinds!) and - suprise! there were other, smaller stems that immediately sprouted, all along the tallest stems, and each one immediately put out buds. So.. apparently, if you are keeping it inside- you just have to do this periodically.

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