My Bit to Raising Awareness: A Thank You to Beekeepers

Mill Plain, WA


My local newspaper is holding a contest and giving away family packs of tickets to our county fair. To enter we were asked our 3 favorite things to do, with our family, at the fair. My number one favorite thing to do with the family was "Hang out with the beekeeper at sunset." I didn't pre-plan this, with this post in mind. It really is our favorite thing to do.

At sunset, we are all a little tired from a long full day and the beekeepers building is a quiet place on the west side of the fair grounds. Its amazing to watch the bees huddle towards the setting sun. The beekeeper is always really nice and answers our kids questions. Its a great place and time to be.

So, here is were you can help. If you appreciate the shout out and the sentiment. Please follow this link, use the FIND feature and search for 'beekeeper' and give me your vote. UPDATE: Someone actually copied my responses. Odd, mine is the first 'beekeeper' in the list and my name is Jon.-- Thanks
Ends 7/31

Thank you, thank you!!!
From me and the family

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Mill Plain, WA

UPDATE: Thank you all so very very much. I made a big jump overnight and I have beekeepers to thank for it!!! For my part I want to run in a clean and fun contest. Please make sure every vote is legal. I contacted the newspaper earlier in the week when things looked a bit wonky. They said "We have safeguards in place now. If someone's cheating, we'll know, and we'll be able to disqualify them."

Thank you beekeepers for doing all you do!!!

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