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jam trouble

Bar Harbor, ME

I just put up some raspberry jam but got gun shy and canned it before it had jelled properly. Can I open the jars and recook it until it sets up more?


Lisle, IL(Zone 5a)

Yes, I done it with strawberry jam and peach preserves, but needed to add extra sugar both times in order for it to set up.

Bar Harbor, ME

Thanks, frogymon. I'll try it. I'm weening myself off from store bought pectin.

Talihina, OK

we had a lenghty discussion on another thread about this same problem I think it was in the elderberry jelly thread check it out..The gist of it was to use Pomona's pectin I would have replied sooner but there were lots of folks on that thred much smarter than I and I felt some of them would help you

Talihina, OK

Ok I went to the thread and it was started by Daylillydaddy and darius had some fine advise on it this thread ran for about 3 years and if not for the horrible drought we are having we would likely get it going again but no elderberries this year...

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