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Oshkosh, WI(Zone 4b)

Hi I'm new to the "Garden" and have 36 roses in my collection of perennials. I've had roses for nearly 30 years now but am having a serious problem w/ my roses that I've never had before. The leaves at the top of about 1/3rd of them are a rust color even orange on the worst affected. Along w/ the regular schedule of Shult'z rose food I've used for years I have added iron/sulfur, magnesium, phosphorous and potash, I believe one of those is helping as some improve for awhile and then they start it again. I can't find anything that describes the rusty/orange color in the books I have. Does anyone have any ideas???????
I'd send a pic but really haven't had time yet to get one. We've had so much rain ever since early spring and I'm thinking some important nutrient has leached out of the soil
This is a crazy busy summer as I am also establishing and caring for new 10 new beds as the volunteer gardener at our local domestic abuse center. I'm hoping to make full use of Dave's Garden and all of the collective knowledge here.
Thanks for any help you can give

Cadiz, KY

Sounds like rust (a fungus).


Gardiner, ME(Zone 5a)

Hi,did you notice anything else ? Are any of the leaves distorted and crinkled ? more thorns ?
You described the color as orange.Are some of them more into red ? I hope not because that could be the dreaded Rose Rosette disease which is 100% fatal.
A picture would help so if you find time and some members will sure chime in.

Oshkosh, WI(Zone 4b)

Thanks for your input. Heres a pic of one of the most affected. I doubt that is a disease as they do get better after the added nutrients I mentioned but then get worse again. I'm really trying to pin down which one it is for sure so as not to add to much of any one thing. I start a regular program of fungicide and insect spraying in early summer since the humidity up here can really cause havoc with both. I've had my share of interveinal chlorosis at the top of the bush so I've added the Iron twice but no sign of what I know as nitrogen defeciency (yellowing at the bottom). The orange color is what's really got me wondering.

Thumbnail by shimaevolve
Oshkosh, WI(Zone 4b)

OOPS I forgot to mention how the leaves are not their usual healthy dark green and lack the healthy luster and shine. There do not seem to be any extra thorns though there are some blind shoots and new growth that looks like its burned off, crispy if you know what I mean. I hope I haven't given them too much of something already.

Richmond, TX

Are these red leaves just new growth? Do they turn green as they reach full size? Of course not all roses produce dark, shiny green leaves - but these used to? In other words - are these bushes behaving strangely compared to the past?

Oshkosh, WI(Zone 4b)

The new growth is not the healthy burgundy red before greening up but this orange. Another bush in the same bed was acting this way early summer and that's when I added the ammendments I mentioned in my first post even though the others were all fine I added this combo around the whole bed and everyone was looking good until after the first flush of blooms and deadheading then this other bush started acting up but the first bush giving me trouble is fine. It's all very confusing and none of the info I have or what I find on the net describes this orange coloring of the entire leaf. I know it has to be one of the nutrients I mentioned but now I'm thinking I'll just have to start adding each one individually and waiting a few days in between till through the process of elimination I figure it out. TYhat's going to be a pain and tedious and time consuming pulling back the mulch each time and I don't have much time. I was hoping someone might recognize the symptoms right away.

Richmond, TX

I'll be interested to hear the results.

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