SOLVED: Anyone know what this is a Hawaii hitchiker .

Lebanon, MO

I ordered an orchid plant from Hawaii and this came up in the pot , anyone know what it is ? Thanks in advance. Gin #PS even if it is a weed it is kinda cute . lol

Thumbnail by Ginge
Lebanon, MO

Ok one vote in from an orchid growing friend , is a weed !lollol Oh well I just named it gins weed .

Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

I think it is kind of pretty. I say gins weed is a great name. Now just get seeds from it and let us all have a gin weed. LOL

Haverhill, MA(Zone 6b)

Ginge, I have no idea what it is, but... I had one find its way to my home in an orchid pot in 1990, it has self seeded into most of my other pots. Its so pretty I just let it come up where it lands, they will find their way to the other side of a room if you let them! Sometimes they make seeds with no visible flowers either. Enjoy it! By the way I have seen a purple variety with bronze leaves in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, there was no label and no one to ask what it was.

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