Costus hybrid Phoenix

Saint Gabriel, LA

This is actually an old hybrid of mine that was created the same summer as C. hyb 'Green Mountain.' It isn't as widely grown or as well known as GM but is now is the US, Panama, Thailand, and Australia and is making the rounds. Its my favorite and has proven hardy in USDA zone 8. Unlike one of its hardy parents (C. sp aff comosus (barbatus)) it will bloom in Zone 8. It will start blooming in a 6" pot, but can grow to 4 feet and make impressive clumps in the tropics. I did not realize til this summer that it can also make basal blooms when established ( in the tropics at least). It was originallly distributed as Tim Chapman (no, didn't name it after myself!!) by Eden Farms/ Plant group, and later as comosus x productus hybrid. I finally named it after I got some plants back. I thought it was lost forever as I forgot I'd given a few cuttings away. The flame color bracts and "rebirth" is the reason for 'Phoenix.' Catchy for me at least :)

Tim Chapman

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