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i pinched tip too early!

manchester, United Kingdom

I sowed 12 dahlia seeds in may. When they got to 3inch tall, i pinched out the growing tip as many people all say that better to pinch it out early to encourage bushiness. Anyway, i just read somewhere that i should have stopped them after 3pairs of leaves. But i remember mine had 2pairs and maybe 1 pair were the baby leaves.
Problem is, i didnt pinch out the tips on 2 plants. Now they are almost 10inch tall. But the other 10 plants have not grown more than another inch since.
Now im too scared to pinch out the 2 nice plants or should i? They now have over 4pairs of leaves and the first baby leaves have dropped and looking really nice and healthy.
What about the other 10? Have i ruined them or could i keep them and overwinter them for next year? Any ideas? Everyone says different things about pinching out seedlings. Please help

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

I suggest you leave the 2 not pinched plants as they are. You'll see they will get bushy anyway. I never pinch my seeded Dahlia's and always have bushy plants. If you didn't plant them in the garden yet, I suggest that you do that now, so they have room to grow faster.
I don't think you ruined the other 10 plants, but I doubt they will bloom this year. I would try to overwinter them.


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