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Heliconia aurantiaca Griggs?

victoria, Canada

Took these pics in the rainforest of Chiapas, MX. I only know the Maya name for these. I scanned the web and found Heliconia aurantiaca Griggs comes closest, but I could be wrong. I'm not a Ginger expert.
Thanks for your help

Thumbnail by suzanne_cook
victoria, Canada

here's a CU

Thumbnail by suzanne_cook
Saint Gabriel, LA

Not a heliconia expert but it doesn't look like H aurantiaca. Look up H librata, that's probably what you saw and is native to the same areas. H aurantiaca would have a smaller inflorescence, different bract shape etc.

Tim Chapman

victoria, Canada

Thanks, Tim:)

Cleveland, TX

I believe Tim has it right. It's hard to tell on an old inflorescence but they are usually bright yellow. The shape and upright presentation doesnt really match the other S. Mexican species and the only other match would be a SW. American H. lingulata.

victoria, Canada

Thanks to both of you. I'm marking this thread as solved:)

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