Journal, Feb 28

Cloudy good morning to everyone! Trish is back home and the kids are happy as clams again. :) I don't make a great mom, and Jon (the 6mo old) let me know that very clearly yesterday.

Last night was the first night that all my plants slept in the greenhouse. I went this morning and found they were all alive and accounted for. Excellent. Today I'll take my truck out to the barn for more cinder blocks and make more of my benches to fit plants. I'm already running out of room on the 8' bench I already erected.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Well Dave, I'm thrilled to hear your plants are in the greenhouse. Our seeds-the ones we already have-are still setting in a box waiting to be planted somewhere in something!! There is about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground here and it is 18* according to the local radio station.
Babies do have a "way" of letting parents know whose methods of care they prefer. It's usually a quite noisy, irratating way of making their feelings known.
Good grief the bird feeders are emptying rapidly this morning. I filled them late yesterday evening and they are 1/2 empty already. We have 5 feeders and also put some on the ground. I think we must have about 7 different kinds of birds and at least 50-75 birds every day.
Have a blessed and safe day everyone.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning folks, Woke up this morning to loud thunder. The weather is looking rather threatening this morning. I think the sky will burst any minute now...I got my taters in the ground late yesterday. I ran out of day light, I wanted to plant my corn. We made the trip from New Iberia without any more excitement. Today will be a catch up day, seems like I've been on the go for the last 3 days and the laundry shows it. I tell you, that maid is really trying my patience. We are gonna' have to have a little talk! She didn't do the laundry at all. LOL-(i am the maid) Blesssings all, LIsa

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Frosty, snowy, sunny morning here. No wandering heifers this morning, but a new bull calf to bottle feed. He was supposed to be a heifer - we are having a run of bulls for some reason. Maybe this is just God's way of telling Stan to come up with a new job in 2 years when there aren't any new girls to freshen! LOL, I should be so lucky!

Going down to put my pansies in bigger pots and plant some hardy geranium seeds to put out in the coldframe for their big chill treatment. Got little rose babies up ("Angel Wings", said to be an annual rose, but they are just a miniature that germinates well and blossoms the first year. This is my first try with them). I don't seem to be having any luck with the lisianthus or the Franklinia, but I will be patient.

Keep warm or cool as the latitude requires,

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

After sitting in traffic for 3 hrs on the way to class yesterday, I have reconfirmed that I will continue to work weird hours so as to avoid most of that conjestion. And city traffic is so ugly -- no greening hills with cute little calves (ok, they're getting pretty big now), not fields with lambs and sheep, no grape vinyards or trees. I tried to see the funny side, but I could feel the soul just being sucked out of me by the asphalt and concreat. Just a reminder from the Man Upstairs for me to renew my commitment to moving to the country!

Dave, I'm sure my DH can relate to you -- I'm in class for 2 days, and he has all the kids, etc. Ours are well past the toddler stage (one turns 16 today ;-), but they *still* know how to whine and snivel well!

Take care.


southeast, NE

Good morning! Morning all! We had more snow yesterday! So what else is new? You all remind me in July when I'm complaining about 100 temp that I was complaining about our winter.

Dave - I keep tell my sisters and sister-in-laws that when their babies grow up to be teenagers they will look back on those baby days and wish they were back there. As Karla says those teens know how to use their mouths.

Kathleen - I hope we have more bulls this year. Last year the majority of our calves were heifers.

You all have a good day!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. It was 12* a while ago but the sun is out and it is pretty. And NO wind!!!! Yesterday was like this, and warmed up to upper 30's so I went for a good hard ride on Bullwinkle, today I will try to do the same on Breezy. This morning we are making a trip to town to do last minute things before leaving bright and early tomorrow on our trip to Reno for the National Endurance Ride convention. They have it at a big hotel/casino/convention facility. See you all in a few days. Blessings.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hey Mary, have fun :-)!! Lisa

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

LOL Jewel - the bulls don't give any milk! We have Holsteins, 56 milkers and about that many young stock - raise all of our own replacements, that way we KNOW where they came from and what they might come down with.

Mary, do you know Maxine Kumin? she used to do Endurance Rides and she's one of my favorite poets. Almost died in a buggy accident a few years ago. She is one talented lady.


southeast, NE

Kathleen - yep I figured you raised dairy cows and we raise beef cows. Feeder steers seem to be worth more than feeder heifers - even for those who buy to show.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Thanks, Lisa. Kathleen, I will keep an eye out for Maxine since most of the convention goers wear nametags. I don't know her but might before the weekend is over. Most people don't even know what endurance riding is, and you know someone who does it. Did you know there is also an endurance driving sport where the horses are pulling carts? Maybe that was what she was doing when she was hurt. If I meet her I will ask.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All,
Yes, still cold here and I was trying to get some fencing done. At least the chickens are laying regularly now, even the banties.
Mary..I just read an interesting article in Horse Illustrated today, written by a US Equestrian Team endurance rider. The article was more about trailer types and her (Jennifer Nice) experiences on the circuit with them over the years.
I was more surprised that the magazine featured my all-time favorite...the Chincoteague ponies :) One of our favorite places is Tom's Cove on Chincoteague.
Does anyone here make their own soap with goats' milk? I've been reading how great the soap is to use and it's a thought about future projects (like I need another project
Leafleady..the birds sound so nice. We get lots of Bluejays and cardinals here, along with Robins and some crows. The kids enjoy looking at the bird houses we have mounted and watching birds fly in with nesting material and such. Maybe over the summer we'll make a bat house, since we have bats flying around at night also. This summer, though, I'm looking forward to my own butterfly attraction, via my front

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Mary, if you mention my name and she looks puzzled, it's because we only actually talked once on the phone. I admire her poetry from afar and know about the Endurance Rides from her writing. Have much fun.

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