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Different ways of recycling newspaper

Mysore, India(Zone 10a) A friend sent me an e-mail knowing my interests. I liked it and I thought of sharing it here. I thought #14 in that list is interesting. I hadn't heard of recycled 'seed paper'.


Foxboro, MA

I switched to homemade newspaper pots after I ran out of cow pots this year. So far I think I like them better than peat or cow pots. They don't seem to grow mold on the outside like the others do and I suspect they will break down faster when I put them in the ground since they are so much thinner. I use a double layer of newspaper since it saves the step of cutting the paper and makes the bottom stronger.

I also tried newspaper mulch last fall. That was just a waste of my time shredding since the mulch all blew away once it dried out. I'm sure my neighbors are wondering where all the shreds came from!

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