Hanging plant pulley system?

American Canyon, CA(Zone 9a)

(note, I am going to post this in a couple of forums, I hope that is okay!)

My childrens school just moved into a new campus and the classrooms have tall ceilings, with a wall of wonderful light filled windows!

I take cuttings alot and have many hanging houseplants I would like to share. Their is a strong wire running the length of the window wall that I could hang the plants form, but I would like them to hang high, and then have a simple pulley system for the teachers to pull them down to water.

Do I just pick up the wheel thingy at the hardware store? Does anyone have a picture or a description of something that has worked for you?


Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Hi Tina,

Here is a pulley system that works for me. Although it's meant for my birds feeder. It should work for plants and other things that we so desired. The feeder is hung rough 8-10 feet off the ground where I can watch birds from my kitchen. I can lower it to the ground when I need to take the feeder down for cleaning, and refill. Hope that give you an idea. And good lucks and have a lot of fun working the projects with the children.

Oh, one important thing; safety is the number one priority. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the hanging plants won't fall and hurts children (and teachers alike) in the classroom. Outdoor, I've lost a couple feeders luckily, down below wasn't a sitting room.

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

edit typo above. ... The feeder is hung roughly 8-10 feet off the ground .

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

>> Their is a strong wire running the length of the window wall that I could hang the plants form,

If you add a lot of wieght to that wire, and it is only supproted at each end, there will be a lot of sag, plus strain on the 2 supports where the wire is attached. You might ask to add a few screw hooks, or eyebolts, along the length of the wire, to help support the weight.


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