Merino, Australia

I have moved the Tea Room because the path was getting long again.
This is my third try to get this posted. I have been thrown all over DG as I try.
Hopefully I will succeed this time.
I am not going to repeat all I had written as I just cant remember it all now.
I am going out to sit in the contemplating garden and think of nice things.
You can all help yourselves to a cuppa and cake.

I will be back when I am not so annoyed.
Have a happy day and enjoy the weekend.

We came from here ...


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Sydney, Australia

Oh Jean I love this new Tea Room ...it's very cool here but the day will warm up in a couple of hours.
I ordered a whole lot of veggie seeds last night ...so hard to make up my mind ...I finally made the list up and did it !
Now for the hard yards ahead setting up my new veggie plot. I am quietly excited though.

I post this every year and am a great Jackie French fan.
The gardening calender Jackie French style


Enjoy the day everyone :)

barmera, Australia

I already had a cuppa but the new tearoom looks so lovely that I thought I would have another one. Still overcast here but quite mild outside. I'm getting the washing done and then I have to go down the street and pick up a script then the rest of the day is for me to do what I want to. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

I had the same trouble when I started the new Brug thread, Jean.....took me 4 tries...I tend to save long posts now, just in case...
You chose a lovely place to cool down in...I might take my cuppa there and join you and Colleen.
I can't be bothered doing anything today...I had washing too Colleen...there seemed to be tons of it..

Chrissie thanks for the calendar..Jackie French is one of my favourites too.
What veggie seeds did you decide on?

Charleen, thanks for the butterfly.....here's a Molasses muffin each for the longears...I make them for Mick and he loves them....

I don't fancy a horse Muffin, so I might get a shortbread and another cuppa.....

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Sydney, Australia

Here is what I ordered

mixed chilli selection
mixed cucumber selection
mixed lettuce selection
Giant Italian Parsley
Giant Red Mustard
Jap Pumpkin
mixed radish selection
Giant silverbeet
sphagetti squash
zucchini black
Goldenberry Aunt Molly (a hybrid cape gooseberry) I have the normal one and love it.
Pinapple sage (plant)
Tumeric tubers
New Guinea Beans
Oca NZ Yams

I had a whole bunch of veggie seeds thrown out with my Brug seeds and I wanted to buy some more so now I feel better. These are local so no customs problems.
Anyone grown yams before?
Lost my pineapple sage in a bad freeze so I am happy to have that back too.
I have not grown turmeric before so anyone who has ...any hints, I grow cardamon well here.
I copied and pasted my list so it would not go missing.
I am thinking of buying some spuds too any recommendations?
The new low carb one sounds interesting but it needs cooler conditions anyone grown them ?
or any of the New Guinea Beans ?

Clifton Springs, Australia

Put in some lemon thyme or lemon grass, you can use it for so many things..as well as the Pineapple sage.
I love it in potato salad or drinks.

Like the sound of the hybrid cape gooseberry, great little croppers aren't they.
The only time that I have ever grown potatoes, they were spotty inside, even though they looked great.
I grow the Jap pumpkin too...and Gold Nugget.

Grew a Tamarillo once, ...don't know what I thought it would taste like.but wasn't impressed...I think that it's more a relish/jam thing.
I had to look up New Guinea beans....type of Gourd, used as Squash, according to DG...sounds good.

Grew spaghetti squash once, but never used it...I think that I was taken in by the thought of making spaghetti with a fork....Have you done that?

Chrissy..I have some climbing French bean seeds that I plant every year, so if you would like some, they are very prolific and reliable...I have had them for so long, I have forgotten their name..they have a pretty red flower..I think they are Scarlet runners.

You should start a thread, all about your vegetable garden...that would be very interesting.

Jean...I know what you mean about the snail bait, I was looking at mine just before I read your post.
I have little furry lumps all over the place and the snails go merrily on their way.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Show me the way to Tamarillo,..,.,Jean,put beer trays out,instead of snail bait- its much more successful,.,.More excitement for me today, my Martagon seed''R.O Backhouse'' is coming up,.,.more beautys,..,

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hello everyone!
I noticed my Cat's Whiskers has died.
Does this plant grow from cuttings...if so...would anyone have a few bits to spare?

Just heard there has been an arrest in the Daniel Morcombe case...I am so pleased. Maybe his parents will be able to have closure at last.

Must go watch the finish of the match between the Lions and the Suns.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. A beautiful day yesterday and looks like being the same today. . I finally got to the weeds around the irises with the Roundup.
I also started on moving my brugs around. Some are now in the ground . I will pot some of the smaller ones into larger pots today.

Anthony, thanks for the hint on the beer , but I would have to put out half a brewery for the amount of sluggies here. Besides, our maggies might decide to have a bit of a tipple too.
I have large saucers of water on the ground for the lizards, and I can just see one having a beer instead then inviting all his friends. lol
I have a little flower on L. Cappucino. It is very pretty but only small because the bulbs had large shoots when I bought them very early on. Next year they will be large.

Hello Chrissy. Thats a great list of vegetables you have there.
I used to love growing vegies but its just not economical now for only two of us. I did try spaghetti squash years ago when it first appeared in the shops. It is rather bland like all squash but quite nice with a bit of sauce.

Hello Colleen and Dianne. . Glad you enjoyed relaxing with your cuppa out in the Chinese garden.

Hello Elaine, Pam, Karen and Teresa. I hope your weather is as nice as mine at the moment.
Hubby says very cold next week again.

I am off outside to enjoy the sun even though its still a bit chilly.
I will leave you with this yummy Berry Shortcake.
( with cream. I can just hear Brian saying )

Have a happy day

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Well not too much getting done here I'm afraid. I repotted a few brugs into bigger pots and planted another 2 out the front. I have suavelons to go out there today if the fog ever lifts. I hope the boys are rugged up. It's pretty cold. I pick them up at 1.30 today. I hope they're having a good time although I bet Cameren is stirring them up a bit. He's so head strong, and it's no use trying to bully him, he just digs his heels in like a mule. I wonder where he gets that from????? lol I had a lovely day yesterday and was in bed by 10.30 and had a lovely sleep and it's so nice and quiet. Well I had better get moving and have my brekkie so that I can get outside when this fog lifts. Hope everyone is well and I'll be back later. Colleen

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Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...I have been lucky enough to receive some field mushrooms this arvo ...I love them !

I have started to clear stuff and I am a bit tired. Doing it in 1/2 hour shifts because I can't be out of reach by my brother so it's slow and steady. Gosh there is tons of stuff to hack.

Sorry your Cat's Whiskers died Marlene, I hope you can find a replacement.

Jean I usually have done the round up thing by now but there is rain hanging around almost every day and it is too expensive to waste. Wish the days would be dry just for three or four days straight.
it's really difficult when time is not your own.

There is still a chance of Frost here so I am sitting on my hands re some seeds etc.
Then it will be rush rush rush !

I have grown and really enjoyed Tamarillo before ...they had beautiful purple blooms that were as fragrant as the Snail creeper, and I quite liked the tropical look too ...they lasted until we had hard frosts (about two/three years) I don't think they are long lived. The secret is to make sure they are really ripe. If you try to eat them before that they will burn the skin off your lips they are so acid until mature, I know because it happened to me :) well we all learn by experience don't we.
Many of those tart kind of fruits are like that, they must be ripe.

About the spuds, the best I ever grew were in the no dig garden ...it kept them clean and they grew very well. I just shoved some into the straw borders (under the straw). I think they were pontiac (just from the shop) I washed them well then let them sit in the sun for a few days to green and sprout a little then planted them between the sheets of hay (Lucerne).
I think I may do that again.

Yes stay rugged up colleen there is still some Winter yet, this is the worse time of the year for catching the various coughs and flu.
Enjoy your evening everyone !

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barmera, Australia

Bloody computers!!!!!!!! I was in DG this morning just reading something and a blue screen with white writing came up and poof I couldn't get it to come back on. I turned it off and back on still the same so took the back off and made sure everything was plugged in turned it back on still nothing. I rang John's friend who is an IT and he talked me through a few things, still nothing. Then all of a sudden it decided to work again. Windows started up and took it back to a restore point and whammo back to normal. [touch wood] I said to Joel "what happened" and he said "how long is a piece of string" in other words "who knows". Well all I know is I'm back checking on "my friends" again thank goodness. I hope you've all had a great day. Colleen

Christchurch, New Zealand

we had the most wonderful morning here - sunny & warm & my dog training class went really well.
Now we have a nasty change & possibly a worse snow storm on the way than we had last time.
Wellington already had snow, it is hard to predict if it will hit here or blow out to sea...
there was panic buying at the supermarket yesterday, I was working nights so hubby went shopping but bread & milk were sold out - got most of what we needed so as long as the power stays on we are ok.
Hubby went out yesterday to look at a plane...
we now own an Auster J5
and enough spares to build another 3/4 of a plane...
good thing I got the job i interviewed for, the extra money & weekends off will come in handy.
His friend that went with him to look - and owns an Auster of a different model has a wife who likes wine & is a keen gardener, i see some pretty great get togethers coming up!

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. A beautiful day yesterday. I repotted all the bonsais and enjoyed sitting in the sun while doing them.
this morning is overcast and looks like rain. Hubby did say cold and rain were forecast this week, but not right at the start.
There goes mu plan for the day.
I'll have to find something to do in the greenhouse.

Anthony, I have little heads popping up in lots of lilium pots. Its funny to see the tiny mound of potting mix rising up like mini volcano, before the little green shoot pops out.

Teresa, You will certainly have lots of fun filled weekends coming up by the sound of those friends.
I hope you dont get too much snow. Copper will not be happy.

Hello Chrissy, your vegie garden is going to be quite something when you get it all done.
I have done the spud thing with straw too. Years ago , before I met hubby, I just spread the spuds on the ground and covered with lots of straw. I kept adding to it as the leaves grew until I had lovely big plants.
When I wanted spuds, I just lifted the straw and grabbed what I wanted .
One main thing to remember is to keep the tubers covered at all times . If they get any sun at all they go green and are dangerous to eat.
So I have read in my garden book.

Hello Colleen. Hope the computer stays well behaved now for you.
We have the odd time when our darn email locks up and keeps sending the same email over and over.
After finally getting someone of reasonable intelligence from Bigpond, I can now fix the problem myself , but it can be so annoying as it stops everything else coming through .
Isnt it marvellous what one can still learn to do even when we never grew up with computers ?

Hello everyone else.
Charleen, hope Charley is not eating too many cookies.
Louise, how are things over your way ? Pats for the darling girls.

Better put out something nice and then get on with doing something outside before it does decide to rain.
Enjoy this Blueberry Coffee Cake
Happy day
Jean ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃

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Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone ...nurse comes this morning so back later ...yes you keep topping up the spuds with mulch.
Enjoy the morning !

Christchurch, New Zealand

well we had snow over night & woke to a good thick blanket of white.
More has been falling & hail as well.
It is freezing!
I miss my fire...
have the heaters up full & it is still a bit cool in here.
Photo of snow build up at the back door

Thumbnail by dalfyre
Christchurch, New Zealand

and the back yard this morning

Thumbnail by dalfyre
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

enjoy the snow teresa!!

Sydney, Australia

Yikes Teresa !!!!! that looks pretty BUT !!!!
I reckon you must have had enough by now ...can anything else happen.

I am sniffling and without a voice right now, the thought of all that snow gives me the shivers, what happens to the garden under that :( ...awe.

I am not going to complain about 2 and 3 degrees after look at that !

Jean I think I may give blueberries another go this year, they have ones that grow in warmer climates but you must keep them in acid soil .I love them any way they come.

Colleen dodgy computers ...yep can drive you nuts, don't feel too bad about it even the Bank's computers went haywire ...

Dianne I will send you some of the special gooseberry seeds, you sent me those Laxa seeds. :)

Waving to all the lurkers :) enjoy the evening.
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ☽
┊ ┊ ☆
┊ ☽
☆ Funny things happening in the sky.

Brisbane, Australia

Hello to everyone. Brrrrr...........that snow looks cold, Teresa, but beautiful in its way too. Snow, fires, the world has gone crazy. Bushfires have begun early, due to the dry conditions we have. Can't win.

Had a lovely visit with my uncle at the coast today. They are both 90, and an amazing couple. Inspirational really. Hope they live forever. We need more people like them in this crazy world.

I feel deeply for the Morcombes. It has been too long, and the pain now must be unbearable. I pray they find his remains so they can bring him home and give him the burial he deserves.

My mini peach trees have blossoms. I notice buds starting to appear on other plants too. Spring is coming.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Morning all, tea is on Jean, I'm watching the snow in NZ while I boil the kettle....ooh it looks cold.
The blossom is starting to come out on all the trees now...
Very pretty times ahead....

Colleen, hope that computer of yours is up and running today...such a nuisance.

Lovely to have relatives, well and independent at that age, Karen....My great aunt passed away 3 yrs ago, she was the eldest in my immediate family at 91...now my mum is the eldest and she is 86.

A bit of repotting for me today....Hope the Morecombes get the peace that they deserve.

Hope all is ok with your new job Teresa......Nice to have your own plane...

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. No rain here this morning as yet. I am not holding my breath.
It rained all day yesterday so nothing was done outside. I sat and read most of the day. Really lazy.
I did go out and look around for 5 minutes during a time when the rain eased up.
Lots of daffies , liliums poking heads up, even a hyacinth I had long forgotten is flowering.
The blood plum is a mass of white blossom. It seemed to all open at once when the sun was out on the weekend.
I see lots of new shoots on the roses too.
I moved a large blue plectranthus when I put up the new greenhouse. I divided it into lots of pieces and now there are green shoots all over them. Should b every pretty when in flower.

Teresa, you are going to need a snowmobile there soon. I do hope Mother Nature gives you all a rest for a while now.

Colleen, I bet the boys were full of news on their weekend. You will have a yard full of brugs . We will never find you among them and the cacti.
I see you are definitely turning into a brom collector too.

Dianne, do you have all these awful diseases too. ? Plantitis ot collectoritis. I dont feel so bad with all my babies now that you are catching up.

Anthony, I have a new daffie out. It was given to me and named as Roaring Lion . Do you know it ? I'll add a pic after this post. I do have a double that you named as Van Scion, but this one is different.

Hello Pam, Karen, Chrissy and Elaine.

Charleen and Louise, I hope all is well over your side of the world.
Pats for Charley and the darling girls.

Better move myself and be a bit domestic. I see a bit of dust so I will spend a bit of time inside until I see what the weathe ris going to do.
Looks like being cold but I can still do things out there if the rain holds off.
Have a great day and stay safe.
Heres something decadent for an indulgence on a dull day . Black Forest Cake

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Merino, Australia

Heres my new daffie flower. It was named as Roaring Lion, but I cant find any daff with that name and its not exactly like Van Scion either.
Seems to have more petals in the centre with some of the ones sticking out around the centre, being very light , almost white.


Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

This is the other double , Van Scion.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone ...that snow is a bit of a shocker, I hope that cold stays away from here. I think poor NZ has suffered enough this year.

Love the apple blossoms ! ...not a single blossom here so far, no citrus yet either usually they are blooming at this time of the year, I think it is the clouds again and the overnight temps.

Jean my daffys and hyacinths never bloom a second year, I used to dig them up and store them in the second fridge but after a while I just gave up.

I hope everyone enjoys their morning ...

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Jean,the Van Scion, is the one they had on the Burkes Backyard many years ago. ,naming it 'Aussie''-,Because it was green/gold,..,They are all different,not two are the same,.,.Dianne has one as well,.,.,.The roaring lion looks good though!!

Thumbnail by g_whizz
Clifton Springs, Australia

How about that.....you said that they were all different, Anthony and Jean has the living proof.
Here's mine.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Anyone know the name of this plant. I think it is a herb.

Thumbnail by Marleneann
Christchurch, New Zealand

wish I had planted tulips... they like a good chill.
I think most of my plants will be ok, they recovered after the last snow fall.

Thumbnail by dalfyre
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

i probably have a 100 more, you could sit side by side and look for differences,..,this weather has been great for the lilium seedlings,everythings popping up 'so exciting', so much it has spurred me on to plant more seeds,.,.more longiflorum bulbs purchased today ''christmas lilies''-big fat tennis ball sized bulbs,fit for a king,..,i felt nasty putting them in 8'' pots,.Each year,when i do my 1st lily market stall,i have familiar customers, make a b-line for my ''christmas lilys'', and they are always the 1st to sell out,.,.The longiflorum class at the january lily show is like ,the grand bull class,at the royal easter show,''very cut throat'',blooms the size of encyclopedias,with various tinges of greens ,yellows and reds,.,.I never have a chance,.,.Gee! i hope this post goes through,ive written more than 5 lines and it usually fails-anthony Beautiful day here today ,Teresa

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. I've been locked out of DG for about 3 hours. Has anyone else had any problems? The snow looks lovely Teresa but I bet it's cold. We had showers all day yesterday and it really poured last night. It was so heavy it woke me up. Everything looks nice and fresh this morning. The sun is shining and there's a slight breeze but generally a lovely morning. Well must go and do some housework. be back later. Colleen

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Well at least it is still morning. I thought it may be after lunch before I could get in to DG.
I have had this problem a few times as have the rest of you by the sound of it. Only DG, nothing wrong with any other sites. Very frustrating.

Teresa, You can enjoy your snow all by yourself. Its cold enough here without snow too.
Yes tulips are wonderful to grow in the cold. Probably why mine grew so well last year after hiding for a while. I have some new ones in pots now. Must get more next year. I pop them out in the ground to do their own thing when they are done ,as they never flower so well after the first time.
They must take time to get going again , because after a year or so in the ground they seem to rejuvenate and flower nicely.

Very very windy all night and still going. Luckily nothing has fallen over but there are small branches and twigs everywhere. That the darn gum trees for you. Continuously dropping twigs & leaves

Anthony, we will have to put out a search party to find you wen all those liliums grow tall. My poor daffies are getting knocked around in the wind. They should have a stronger stem like the liliums.

Dianne, I put a third double daff over on the Aug flowering thread. They are all so pretty. The other looks a bit like two daffs pushed together. It has more of the trumpet.

Marlene, your flower looks a bit like a plectranthus, but I am not sure. There are different types. I have a few here and one looks a bit like yours. Mine usually dont have shiny leaves though.

Hello Chrissy. Your daffs etc probably didnt get that cold they need at the right time. There are lots of pretty bulbs you can grow that we cant here in the colder areas.

Hello everyone else. You will have to have your nibbles for afternoon tea now with me being so late.
Here is a very tasty Apple Cake.

Have great day and I hope your weather is lovely wherever you are

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Grey skies but it isn't cold yet..
Anthony, when is the Daffy show, that you made the sign for?...did I miss it?

Sorry Marlene. no ideas from me...
I grow the Hyacinths year to year, my only problem is forgetting to take them out of their pots and letting them get too wet over summer...they rot..
I bought some mauve ones this year....they are really lovely.
They look so pretty with a Ranunculus of a similar colour...
I put that on the August thread..

Thumbnail by Seachanger
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

No Dianne, didnt miss it,.,.ive been so busy,i hav'nt taken a pic;; 3-4 sept

Christchurch, New Zealand

Marlene could your mystery plant be a salvia?
does this look like it?

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Still very windy and wet too.
Shopping day today so I am hoping it is a bit better over in Hamilton. The weather can vary so much here over just a few miles.
Looks like a coat day anyway.
Marlene, Teresa is right. I did think salvia too at first but one needs to see the stems
It does resemble some of my salvias.
Better just say hello to all and put out something nice to eat for you all.
Hubby will be wanting to get going early as usual.
Enjoy this Coffee and Walnut Cake.
Keep warm and dry.
Happy day,

Thumbnail by 77sunset
se qld, Australia

Marlene, your mystery plant looks to me likely to be one of the basils. I have never gotten into them well enough to be able to narrow it down any more. The flowers look very basil-like to me.


(wanders off and paints the l'ittle room' and comes back splattered in paint from top to bottom)

Morning all. Does paint 'skin' quicker when it gets old? We bought paint nearly 5 years ago when we first came, and painted over the rooms with the really ghastly colours (such as dark purple) but other jobs have meant that the majority of the house still has to be painted. Within 5 minutes of hitting the tray this morning, the paint was beginning to skin. Seems strange for this time of year.

A couple of pics from our visit to Myall Park (out past Chinchilla) on the weekend

Thumbnail by gardengal
se qld, Australia

While I was off painting Jean came along .... the Salvia is probably what your plant is, Marlene, but if not, check out the basils.

This one is Eucalyptus rhodantha, huge flowers about 9cm accross - not as big as macrocarpa, but stunning nonetheless. There are a few plants on the must have list now since last weekend. They have some spectacular hakeas growing out there, and while I always thought it would be too humid for them here, I figure it's worth a try.

Thumbnail by gardengal
Merino, Australia

Back from shopping. The day went from wet & windy to even more wet & windy. Luckily not too cold .
I bought no plants . None out on the orphan shelf to buy so I came home empty handed.
Pam when you finish your painting, you can come and start here.
I am going to get myself a cuppa and sit by the heater and relax for awhile.
I have to make the bed first as the new electric blanket had to go back with a faulty switch. I was not coming home without a new one so left the bed until I got back.
I must be getting old as we never had electric blankets years ago. I did have a hot water bottle for my feet though. Not sure I would trust one these days . They dont look as solid as the old ones.
Keep warm everyone and I'll see you all tomorrow. Hubby tells me it will be around 21C on the weekend. He is always telling e the weather and sometimes even gets it right , so I hope this is one of those times.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Lovely pics Pam...that's the trouble when you go to beautiful gardens...lists...lol

Jean, I love my electric blanket too....

My TV went kerplunk yesterday.......it's the big one in the lounge...on one side the colours were funny......the techie told us today that if it's the board then we are ok...if not, it's down the tip....phone call just a while ago....no tip, just money...it's 3 yrs old...

It's turning very cold now...we had a late lunch so it's hot jam donuts for tea with a cuppa...
Ray has them in the microwave and I can smell them...yum.

This little Grevillea is really pretty if you can get down low enough to see it..

Thumbnail by Seachanger

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