Cherry of the Rio Grande?

Harlingen, TX

Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced specimen? I searched for an hour last night and found one or two places that had 3-gallon plants but with shipping they were both about 60 dollars and I am not going to pay that much haha.

If anyone has pictures of their own cherry of the rio grande plants, that would be appreciated as well :)

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

i know pine island nursery has them here in homestead florida. i am not sure about the prices and shipping. i don't have a cherry of the rio grande but i bought a jackfruit, barbados cherry, jabaticaba, and grumichama from them and they are doing great.

Harlingen, TX

Sorry for the late reply, I don't know if you will see this but I have to ask. How is the jackfruit doing? I learned about them in Ethnobotany last week and my professor said that they tasted like bubblegum lol

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

It is doing great I just planted it not too long ago it already has alot of new growth. It is about 6ft tall so no fruit for awhile i am sure but I thought the fruit tasted like pinapple/banana but that was quite awhile ago. Hum bubble gum. The fruit are huge though. I can t wait for the jabuticaba they taste like grapes.

Harlingen, TX

Wow what kind of tree is that? I have never heard of them before but I just looked up some pictures on google and what a fascinating looking tree. It looks like a tree covered in grapes haha

Titusville, FL

Cherries of the Rio Grande are nice and tasty but I would say after years extremely hard to fruit. Pitombas and Grumichamas much easier
but you want to actually taste a grumichama you are getting as they vary so much in flavor.
Search available sites for seeds of Rio. See if you can find people growing them and how large fruits are as parents. They grow readily from seed
consistent proper watering is pretty critical, they are found growing by streams in Brazil. There is a book called A cornucopia of edible plants
by I think Steven someone. Very old but there might still be leads there on seeds. Also get with your farmers market bulletin in your state
and put in wanted ads.
They take years to grow and have been very hard to root cuttings for me, any of the Brazilians for that matter so once someone has some
they may have 3 or more years into growing them and thus price. I am going to try the two new California cherries even tho very likely to
fail as dwarfs from a big nursery there I have used over the years, Bay Laurel. If you get 100 more chill hours than here at 250-3 maybe
they might work
Good luck

Harlingen, TX

Well its been less than a year and my cherry of the rio grande tree is blooming :) I had it potted for several months and now have had it in the ground for about 2 months I think.

I ended up ordering from pine island. The shipping is expensive but you get a perfect and healthy specimen for your money. Anyways, as of late its been looking a little sick. I was concerned the pH of our soil was too high so I used a little sulfur to help but it has still lost a considerable amount of leaves from 2 months ago while it was potted. Perhaps the better drainage of the pot was more to its liking. The leaves do not look as glossy and dark green as they once were as well but they are not yellowing like a gardenia does. They just look... different. Oh well, maybe it just got too dry between waterings.

It's has also been hitting upper 90's for the last two weeks while its been blooming so maybe it is just stressed out.

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

Go for a Jamaican Cherry.
It produces two crops a day that taste like cotton candy.
This is not the Prunus that shares the same name.

Muntingia calabura

Mine is soooooo yummy.

Harlingen, TX

Hmm, I had heard of that tree mentioned before but never really looked it up. It sounds like a nice tree for my area plus it appears to be very fast growing. I think I will order one today! Haha thanks for sharing!

Fairfax, VA(Zone 7a)

Aslan88, I think your prof must have been thinking about something else. I've had a lot of jackfruit, but never any that tasted like gum, unless it was jackfruit-flavored gum! I'd call the fruit itself similar to pineapple/mango, if you subtract the strong taste from both and are left with the sweetness and some of the overtones. The seeds -- when cooked -- have a mild bean flavor, but some of that could be suggestion, since they also have the other quality that beans are noted for. "Beans, beans, the musical fruit/The more you eat, the more you toot".

Harlingen, TX

Haha well maybe its a personal thing because I have seen several posts online saying they taste like juicy fruit gum as well. There are plenty of different varieties that differ in taste I've been told so who knows. I put my order for a jackfruit 'Mai 1' variety on hold because the jamaica cherry tree's (strawberry tree) won't be ready until August at Pine Island Nursery. Their shipping is expensive but you get excellent healthy plants for your money.

I may break down and order the strawberry tree from some other nursery though. I'm feeling impatient :p lol and I'm dying to try them.

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

I believe I purchased mine from Pine Island as well.
Those suckers can grow realllllly fast so expect fruit your second year but dont be surprised if you get it the first.

Vista, CA

I just located the Jamaican Cherry at Caldwell Nursery in Rosenberg TX, but they do not ship, and probably cannot ship into CA anyway.

Sounds like an interesting tree to have.

Could I get some seeds from one of you folk that have the tree? Glad to pay for them, of course.


Harlingen, TX

I wanted to order from Caldwell but they don't ship and I'm in Texas not California lol. Still too far to drive though ;)

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