I was floored

Grand Prairie, TX

Well, i was surprised last night when my hubby walked in the kitchen, saw the fridge and said it looked good. I put on these decorative film prints for the fall and they are on the door. I didn't even ask him how they looked, he complimented them on his own! *HOORAY* 2 points for me! (actually, 2 points for him)
But, I should give credit to mom (CoCo) she let me borrow them.
And here I thought the best decoration for the man's fridge was the beer inside....

At least your DH noticed right away. Mine may take a week before he noticeses something different.
Way to go CoCoSeed! See, I knew you would probably use them.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)


That's great! I Love it when someone notices something that I've done- makes you feel all good inside!!


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