For DGers with Rabbits...

West Palm Beach, FL(Zone 10b)

My DH is thinking about getting our daughter a rabbit. She really wants a large rabbit (we'd need one - have two inside cats; one 1 yo, the other 10 yo), and I explained that we'd probably have to grow some food specifically for the rabbit, as well as building a proper cage/hutch for it, as the 1 yo kitten likes to play with animals through the cages (that's a topic for another discussion), until the rabbit got big enough to 'defend itself' when let loose in the house. We're in South Florida, so I don't think letting it live on the patio in this heat and humidity is proper.

My daughter did 'Google' some information, but I distinctly remember several members here mentioning their pet rabbits, so I figured I would ask here as well.

I'm looking for:

1. general info on rabbits (what breeds do well with other pets, etc)
2. what produce to grow myself for it.
3. what else it eats, like hay, straw, etc.
4. do you have your rabbits in a traditional cage or dog kennel, or did you build one for your rabbit?
5. do you have building plans for a wood/metal/plastic cage/pen for a rabbit? (the plans my daughter found look too complicated for me)

you can DMail me, or post here, or we can schedule time to chat on phone/skype.

thank you very much in advance.


SFC (Dawn)

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