A place to get rid of (sell) your electronics

Crozet, VA

Good information Juney. Thanks for posting. I am afraid that I am really illiterate when speaking of electronics. I do know that raising two boys and watch them have to have the latest and greatest video games available over the years has cost my pocketbook to suffer. Whenever we could, we would either sell an old set or trade it in on an upgrade.

As we speak, I have several pieces of computer equipment boxed up in my storage shed. Might have to check these sites out a bit further and see if there might be a market for what I have.

Have you bought or sold through the site?


Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

No, it was a link shared on Facebook and recommended by a cousin. (90% of my Facebook friends are family) I donate my old stuff to a charity thrift shop and buy some of it there too. There is no sense in paying full price for things like keyboards or a mouse or the wires if you can buy it at the thrift store ^_^

Crozet, VA

I agree and have done my share of thrift store purchasing over the years. I suppose I have had a sense of recycle, reuse since day one. Probably a lot of us raised by depression era parents do. I think it is exciting and lots of fun to get a good deal, whatever the purchase of the day may be.

As I said, the men in my life are the ones who have sense of electronics, I never met one I understood. hahaha

Have a great week coming up. Still doing lots of reading? Read anything new by Anne Rule? Good to see you posting.


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