Look at my manure pile

Bridgewater, ME

I gave my chickens pumpkins last fall and the seed started growing a few weeks ago in the manure pile,Don`t think I will get pumpkins as its to late in the season for us,there is a tomatoe plant in there two.Some of those leaves are almost three feet across,and the flowers are huge.Next year I`ll plant some pumpkins early.It really is a nice way to hide the pile.

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Richmond, TX

Oh how lovely and green! (our drought has taken all the green out of our landscape!) Those are some healthy looking pumpkins. My chickens and pigs plant things for me every year. This year there are watermelons and a cherry tomato. I have also had pumpkins, gourds, and cantaloupes. I love a freebee!

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

You never know you might have time to get a little one going...

We got a freebie like that because we gave a jack'o lantern to the dogs to play with. The next year we had a nice big plant and got 3 pumpkins off of it. One nice sized one and 2 little ones. The only reason the little ones didn't get big was because the dogs thought they we play toys once they spotted them. That's what I get for giving it to them the year before. LOL

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