Not trying to second guess the vet...

Medina, OH

but am wondering if any of you have used MicroVet supplement. Doc suggested it might help Basil
with his digestive issues. He never gets "real" colic, but periodically he will lie and get up and repeat.
Gets that look in his eye that tells me something isn't right. He still eats and is usually back to his
old self in a few hours. Doc always says to keep an eye on him and call if the symptoms get worse.
They never do-but Basil was strange last night and I just want to figure this issue out. His stall
had 3-4 piles of manure this morning, a little less than usual, and I know he isn't firing on all cylinders.
Will pick up the supplement this afternoon and start him on a scoop in the AM and PM.
Comments, please and thanks.

Richmond, TX

I don't know anything about that supplement is it a probiotic? We have an old race horse who used to sort-of-colic much like yours; lay down, pawed, looked at his belly from time to time. The vet and we think it is a mild case of ulcers and have found that giving him alfalfa 3 times a day prevents the problem. Before we discovered the alfalfa cure, a half dose of Banamine always made him fine in no time. I think ulcers are beginning to be over diagnosed, but if all it takes to make my horse comfortable is alfalfa, I'm happy.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Haven't heard of it, either.

Ransom was on probiotics when he was here with me.. I'd need to check/see if Harley's joint supplement SmartPak has it, but I doubt it. Romeo's never been on a probiotic.

Probiotics aren't harmful, as far as I know...

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Yup, looks like electrolytes and probiotics. Sounds like good stuff..

I'll bet his poop changes for a while until he gets used to it..

Medina, OH

PP=will alfalfa pellets suffice - or were you talkin' hay? How much alfalfa are you talking about? Have just given him
his first dose (1 scoop) of the Micro Vet and will keep you informed.

Richmond, TX

I am feeding about 1 1/2 lbs of alfalfa pellets with his breakfast and supper and about 3 lbs for lunch (he is a 16.1 hand TB). I have also used an equivalent amount of alfalfa cubes - except I soak the cubes in water to prevent choking

Perth,, ON(Zone 5a)

ever feed bran mash?

many, many moons ago when I boarded Hoover, the barn owner mashed all the horses every Sunday night.

Nice sloppy wet, warm bran mash

Medina, OH

You are taking ME back many years, Bonkers. When I was a child we made a bran mash once a week, usually Saturday night. Hot in the winter and cool in the summer. I have carried that tradition to this day. Have read (forget where) that bran does not have the laxative effect we once thought it did, but I use it anyway and add beet pulp and carrots and apples, molasses, etc. One of my guys will not take dewormer from the syringe, so I mix that in the mash at the appropriate time. Let's hear it for mash!!!

PP-will get on the alfalfa plan next week (as soon as family leaves). What kind of work schedule does your TB have?

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)

Mash recipe pleeze. Only time I feed it is a Christmas mix from SmartPak.
I bet the boys would enjoy it now, in this yucky heat..

Richmond, TX

Skeeler my TB with the suspected ulcers, although 15 years old, is recently off the track (he won his last race at the age of 14!) and is in light training about twice a week only as I have too many horses to work with right now. I assume he developed the ulcers while racing and has not been able to heal completely as yet.

Redwood City, CA

Porkpal, Your boy must be made of steel! I had a horse who'd been on the track for 8 years and I thought that was a complete miracle that he was sound and able to work. Life as a race horse is brutal and I've known many a horse who succumbed to track-related injuries.

Richmond, TX

I have great admiration for these super- tough racehorses. This guy made 157 starts and retired sound and nearly clean legged. He has a home for life here.

South Hamilton, MA

I wish more of them had the toughness bred in.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Hey porkpal. As usual, I am glad to "know" you. Thanks for all you do....

Huron, OH(Zone 5b)

as a kid we used bran mash after a colic. I think it and beet pulp are good to add extra water to their diet in warm weather.

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