Any Ideas??

Mulberry, FL

Have not had this one long looked at it today and my eyes could not believe it. Glad I keep new plants away from everybody elese

Thumbnail by Danasplants
Ft Myers, FL(Zone 10a)

I can't remember if it was here on DG, or another forum, that I saw(I think it was:) Fred comment on a brug that looked just like that.
He said it was a fungus if I am remembering correctly. And why was this important to me? I had the exact same thing
happening to one of mine. Maybe someone else knows better, or has a link to that thread. I'll keep looking for you.
Good luck too.

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Mulberry, FL


Mulberry, FL

I chunked it

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Jacksonville, FL

It does look like Stranglebrand! Hope this did not come from Ebay!

Mulberry, FL

Nope came from a Dave gardner trade

Livermore, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't think that looked like Strangelbrand but very possibly a fungus like Fred said.

Victoria, BC(Zone 8a)

Dana, I would have kept it... but away from other plants. If it was a fungus, which most likely it was... then it would have eventually sent up another shoot... or set out greenery.

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