Hibiscus question variety ?

Westmoreland, NH(Zone 4b)

We are in zone 5 - 4 and grow what is called a variety of hibiscus that dies back in the winter, but
comes back has a larger plant the next growing season. (photo attached)
What variety of hibiscus is this called, and how can this variety of hibiscus be propagated ?

Thanks for any and all replies,

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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Probably is hibiscus mochatas, origonals were Luna, Lord Baltimore and Lady Baltimore; all at 4-6ft. A few years ago breeders came out with the new shorter varieties at 2-3ft. I have grown the taller Lord Baltimore (red) before, loved it. Just ordered more plants this spring, tall mixed, and have also grown from seed. Not sure about dividing, could try this fall after bloom is done, maybe some others have more info. Good Luck, Kathy.

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

For propagation I would try to do a cutting and root it as you would any woody shrub.
Here's some step by step info

Westmoreland, NH(Zone 4b)

This is most definitely the tall variety ... only the 3rd year and it is easily 5 feet tall.

Ok ... very good thank you both for your replies, and thank you flowAjen for the link
to the cutting propagation article.

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