Blueberry Bush hedge - anyone have one?

Duxbury, MA(Zone 7a)

I'm considering making a hedge of blueberries. I have an area that used to be mostly shady, but over the past 2 years we lost a large tree and then our neighbor also lost one. Now this area between my driveway and my neighbor's stockade fence is mostly sunny. So the hostas and hollies aren't so happy. I have 6 blueberry bushes in the back yard, I get some fruit, I think they get too much shade. Someone in my gardening club suggested a hedge of blueberries in the newly sunny area. I think it would be a good idea. I paced off about 17 bushes, if they are about 3' apart, which I read is what you want for a hedge. My concern right now is, they say you really need a second variety for best production, even if the variety is self-pollinating, but for uniformity, I don't think I want more than one variety, unless I stick one or two bushes at the end closest to the house. Will the bushes in my back yard suffice for pollination? (my property is about 2/3 of an acre, not huge). I've been researching varieties and realize that they don't all turn the same color in the fall, all the more reason to stick with one variety. Then there's the concern about the winter, no foliage. Does anyone have a blueberry hedge? Any photos? Any tips?

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