Harvesting seeds from Euchinacea

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I've read many great tips how to get the seeds from the coneflower pods. They have been ready for over a week and I dreaded trying to figure out an easier way to harvest the seeds. Last year I put them in a paper lunch bag and managed to get enough for myself to wintersow this year. I read where somebody puts theirs in a metal coffee can or a Tupperware container and shakes them vigorously and I tried the Tupperware container. Not that successful. Think it needed a deeper container. I didn't have a coffee can but I always keep the plastic container that Crystal light teas/lemonade mixes comes in. It has a clear top to match the container so it is easy to see through it. Using them as a pencil/pen/magic marker holder on my computer desk and on my night stand by my bed. You could use them for many uses. I put about 4 pods in there and shook hard and I started seeing a lot of seeds falling in the bottom of the container. Yippee!

Next I did shasta daisy seeds I'd collected from my neighbor's plants. She is in a group home/Asst. living facility and her landlord gave me permission to deadhead her shasta daisies.
They are either Snow Lady or Silver Princess if I remember right. Both of those varieites grow to the same height so name isn't that big of an issue. I will start some more for myself and save the rest to trade or give away.

Tomorrow I will deadhead the dwarf fairy candytuft and white scabiosa plants. Also some BES/Rudbeckias.

Thought I'd pass this one to others.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

This morning I rec'd a call from one of my church friends inviting me to lunch. She said she realized it was last minute invitation but she'd like for me to see her flowergardens before they all start winding down for Fall. She is the lady who has given me my tall garden phloxs, and the had the red bee balm and cleome galore. Beautiful flowers. As we walked around to look at them, I noticed that she had allowed her bee balm blooms were dark brown and dried. I picked one and held it upside down by the short stem and flipped it lightly and the seeds started coming out in my hand. When we were leaving she showed me the seed pods on the cleomes. They are beautiful at her house but my husband would fuss about the height of them. I can see how they become invasive. She had some short bee balm plants that she said she didn't plant along her front walk. They just came up on their own. Maybe the birds dropped them there or wind blew the seeds and that's where they landed. Had a delicious lunch and the friendship was great. We were sitting on her enclosed porch when we felt the porch sway back and forth and the jalousie windows rattle. It was a strange feeling. Then we turned on the news and found out it was an earthquake that had hit down around Charlottesville/Richmond, Va. area but was felt all up and down the east coast, even as far as R.I. and Mass. and as far south as Atlanta, Ga. and Chapel Hill, NC. It only lasted maybe less than 30 seconds.

I will probably go back and get some more garden phlox from her. The other lady that was invited to join us for lunch, said she has some "David" phlox that she can give me. I'll have to remember that in the Fall.

Getting back to collecting the seeds...from monarda..I know now that I have to let them get dark and completely dry up before I harvest them. Same way with that Cleome..which I don't have but it is always good to know about other flowers even if you don't have them in your own flowerbeds.

Holladay, UT(Zone 5a)

Pippi, have you ever started tall garden phlox from seed? I haven't yet looked to see if I can even find the seeds, but I was curious about starting them that way. I know if I transplant them and don't get all of the root, they grow right back, but I really would like to try them from seed!

I bought "David" recently, and it's gorgeous!


Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Pippi -- for coneflower, i use a glass jar, spaghetti sauce works great.
I've never done Clome or phlox ... but have many mondara.

yes, i do wait until they 'turn' then do the same 'shake in a jar or can' thing...

now i deadhead my mondarda, as i have so many plants.

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