flies, knats & itchy tits?

Omega, GA

Can anyone give me some ideas on what to do for Scotchie? I keep her sprayed, wiped or drops for flying pests which seems to do pretty good and she wears a fly mask. Scotchie is white with light colored skin, she has a pink udder. My problem! It itches!!! She will come up to me and stretch out for me to scratch her tits!! I do keep them clean so it is not a case of being dirty. I believe it comes from flies and knats biting her there. I used benedryl cream on her udders for the itching and the next day she was swollen in that area!! reaction to the benedryl cream. I tried wipe on fly spray but it seems to sweat off quickly. She is also sensitive to sunblocks used for horses. I see they make a belly mesh to keep flies off their bellies anything for the udder? I dislike going into the pasture and she immediately comes up to have her tits scratched but I HATE her itching their constantly. Anyone else have this problem with their mare? It's OK if you want to laugh, to watch her stretch out for scratching is funny looking but it's got to be real irritating for her and I want to help her if I can.

Thumbnail by Scotchie
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