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Lula, GA

Did anyone feel that 5.3 earthquake y'all had earlier today in Colorado? We don't get many in Georgia but I think we would feel a 5+ M earthquake! Hope no one was hurt!

Glenwood Springs, CO(Zone 5b)

It probably shook some people up pretty well in Trinidad, CO because it is a very rare thing in Colorado. I live in the northwest part of the state and was raised in southern California, so it would probably been a good conversation starter.


Lula, GA

Yes, Sonny, those CO earthquakes were in a rural area. Not so the Virginia EQ several hours later~

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

i was awake and at the puter, but didnt feel it.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Supposedly people felt it who were further away than me (Broomfield?), and it upset pets - but my dogs and I slept through it. I gather the damage in Colorado was localized whereas the quake in Virginia caused damage as far away as Boston and Philadelphia.

PS - the earthquake did prompt me to look at the USGA earthquake site for the first time. It was interesting and Monday was a busy day across North America.

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