Caudex Pelargoniums - Can anbody share seeds

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Hi I am addicted to Caudex Pelargoniums, when I got one this year, so beautiful. I have try to find any who sell seed to caudex pel. Not found.

Do you perhaps have seeds to share with me, I had been appreciated I promise.

Thumbnail by hobbyodlaren
Greensburg, IN(Zone 6a)

sorry but I have never seen this plant befor, looks interesting

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

The name is Pelargonium dasyphyllum

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Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Pelargonium articulatum seeds are available by doing a search. I found some listed on Ebay.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

What a beautiful plant!
I bet it makes a great bonsai

Link, Sweden(Zone 5b)

Ty Kay Jones shall look on Ebay dont think about that

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