Is it legal to kill a hawk?

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

We've been noticing that our flock is getting smaller. The chickens were making quite a chatter outside so I went out to investigate and saw a huge hawk sitting on my bird feeder. I've got a feeling that hawk has been coming here for breakfast. Grrrr! Is it legal to kill a hawk? I've called the DNR and left a message but no response yet. :(

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

I think they may be covered under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Not sure, but I would be careful about shooting one. Maybe there is a rescue org that can come and re-locate it?

Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)

Call the local sheriff
and ask

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

It is not legal.

I know the article is for New Jersey, but it is applicable nation wide.

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Richmond, TX

It would not be illegal to scare it away by shooting near it or something. Possibly vinegar in a power-blaster water gun?

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Actually Porkpal, it is illegal to do that as well. :(

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

Maybe put up a scarecrow or some shiny type of streamers (mylar type) around the coop area?

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

Shoot and shovel. You have a right to protect your livestock

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

Saw this article in Reader's Digest while sitting in the dentist's waiting room.

Love the fake alligator...I would use it to scare off all the geese that have been coming in, but it would also scare the ducks I have too. So I'll just have to deal with them I suppose.

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

I used mylar baloons and mylar ribbon. I tied the ribbon to the top of the fence and trees and put a couple of the baloons in their pasture. They lasted a long time and seemed to work on the eagle too.

Conroe, TX

I have heard though that if it is in the process of killing your animals you have the right to kill it. Not sure if that is true.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

is defined in the MBTA to include by any means or in any manner, any attempt at hunting, pursuing, wounding, killing, possessing or transporting any migratory bird, nest, egg, or part thereof

Richmond, TX

That link won't work for me. Is it ok to throw your shoe at one? There was a hawk looming over the chicken yard this morning and it was my instinctive reaction. He was not injured in any way.

brainerd, MN(Zone 4a)

Type in Raptor for the search. Will provide you the code.

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Richmond, TX

Thanks. - No specific reference to the throwing of shoes...

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

My old Scare crow is still working out great! I think I would like to add mylar ribbons to his arms too!

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

The DNR finally called back and It IS illegal to kill a hawk. My son suggested catching it in a trap and clipping his wings...that way the coyote killed it not us.; :( Well, I don't want to do that but I'll be standing by with my shoes to throw, mylar streamers and a scarecrow. Although I have to say that my mighty little bantam rooster (Diego De La Vega) has been very good about protecting his hens and when he gives a call out they all scoot to the bushes. So far I haven't noticed any missing. Worried about the bantams though because they started roosting in the trees at night. What can I do about that?! LOL

Loon, loved your comment on shoot and shovel! LOL! very funny!

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

IA, "SSS" (Shoot, Shovel, Shut up) is a common saying among people whose critters are threathened by things like neighborhood dogs gone bad. It's generally legal to shoot things that attack your livestock, but Raptors are in a different class.

As to sleeping in trees, I have a bunch of new arrivals, and they were used to sleeping in trees. Most of them go happily inside to roost, but there are a few holdouts. I put them in every night. Not a big deal, except for the time I was trying to get them as a thunderstorm began. The combination of aluminum ladder under a big 'ol pecan tree, and me climbing it was a bit un-nerving. They got in though, and so did I.

If you could lock the chickens in for a week or so they'd probably get the idea again, but that's not usually feasible. I have a long piece of thin PVC pipe that I call my Chicken Pole, and i use that to try to push them out of the tree early on, and some go inside where I want them, but some just hang on tight.

Let me know what solution you come up with, there's got to be a better way:)

Joplin, MO(Zone 6b)

i took a long pole & attached a plastic bag to it with air blown into it. I'd shake it at them, scare the crud outta them & away they would run for the coop. :) called it my chicken stick. worked wonders 2 winters ago getting them out of a tree.

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

Great suggestions! I'm wondering what they would do if it started to rain. Might be interesting to see what they do..they might learn a lesson, ya think? Nah! : )

Love the SSS! My son is totally with you on that one!

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

In case of rain they fluff up and sit there....
I was missing one little hen last night, and eventually found her under the coop. I could not make her understand that just because _I_ couldn't reach her, didn't mean the Bad Critters couldn't !!
I did eventually get her out. She was fine, I was filthy...

Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

I'm sure people around here subscribe to SSS, but we have found that geese are great deterrents to winged predators. As long as we have our pair of geese in with the chickens we seem to get off without any red-tailed or Cooper's hawks taking our birds, but whenever the geese are in a different pasture for a while the hawks come back. So far the eagles haven't noticed them; they would probably not be turned off by a pair of Toulouse geese!

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