Rare Begonia Quadrialata ssp???????

College Park, GA(Zone 7b)

Has anyone ever seen this begonia? I came across it on EBay. It really looks like to me a B. Beefsteak with lack of light. I could be very wrong about it. Here is the link:


Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

It does look sick and the price is a bit high too.

Here is my B. quadrilata subsp. nimbaensis that I got on eBay a year ago for around $12.

It isn't exactly the same thing but at least the price is a lot better and the plant looks a lot healthier.


This site has pictures of the regular quadrilata and the subsp. nimbaensis

Thumbnail by hcmcdole
College Park, GA(Zone 7b)

Now that begonia is a very nice healthy one. I love the chocolate markings too. The one on EBay does look sick and I would never thought it should look like your photo. Also the price is high. Thank you Butch.

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