COULD THEY BE IN SHOCK? bromeliad_aechmea_blue_tango Aechme

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A very good friend of mine gave me 5-8 bromeliad_aechmea_blue_tango some Aechmea racinae and Gavriel Jecan They were in full bloom nice roots and all. She had them in her garden with soil So.... I brought them home and right away planted them in my garden in soil 2 days later the beautiful blue's and red's were brown and falling off , The leaves are still green. So my questions are
1. Could they be in shock?
2. Will they rebloom?
3. What is the best thing I can do to get them healthy and back to growth , How long will it take for them to rebloom?
4. How do I know if they are the mother plant?
5. How do I get the seeds?
6. Are they actually dying?

I also have several other different types of broms and they seem to get smaller and smaller and the leaves just turn brown and look really horrible. Should I just buy all new soil and replant them all? Please help.

I also had some bad luck with orchids I had over 60 all different kinds and they all just fell apart leaf by leaf So now im trying to start over with some help from the site here You can also email me at [email protected]

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nikki, I just came across this thread. Broms need fast drainage and filtered sun. Hope that helps.

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Hi Nikki,
Aechmeas and most bromeliads are epiphytes, that is they cling to the bark of tall trees where they can catch moisture and nutrients from freely flowing air. You should probably plant yours in loose, soil-less media (sphagnum moss, charcoal chips, etc.) in terracotta pots with perforations on the sides, place them on a garden pedestal or tie them to a tree trunk, but do get them off the ground in order to give them the ventilation they require.
A bromeliad will bloom once and then die, but it will send out several buds that can be separated from the mother plant once their roots are developed. So you'll have to be patient with not so perfect-looking mother plants while waiting for its pups to mature.
Aechmeas likes filtered sun, so you need to place a net over them, or put them under a tree that will filter but not completely block sunlight.

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They blooms are simply dieing off. Which means in time the mother plant will die sometime sooon. Hopefully before it does it will produce a pup or 2 and keep the plant going. Once the mother plants starts to die off cut it off at the base to allow more light to the pups.

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foliar fertilizer for bromeliads .... you need to look for a himd place with shade and drainage and you should be golden with new plants

took a pic today of some of mine.
You can do it!

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