cracked glass on stove

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like my wood burner but the window's glass is cracked. i live in the middle of nowhere - makers of the stove not helpful in getting new window plus it would have to be installed properly and i dont have the know-how or money for the astronomical charge the maker wants to levy.

the glass is held in place so will not fall out but would like to stuff the crack with something that will withstand the heat. does anyone know of such a material - some sort of heat resistant glue or some such? if not, any ideas how to put my mind at rest?


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I believe it should be ceramic glass.

This website gives some information about glass in wood heating units.

I put
ceramic glass reading england wood stove -new
in Google and a number of UK places show up.

ceramic glass reading england wood stove might work better. It depends on how many UK businesses have just a plain .com ending

It shouldn't be hard for a local person to replace. I'd guess that it is just held in place with clips against a high temperature rope gasket.

I hope this helps

reading, United Kingdom

hallo doug9345,

thank you very much - very very helpful and a lesson in asking the right question.....also, you are right, glass is held in place by clips and high temp rope gasket. now i feel confident i can have this fixed before winter.

thanks again

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American Science and Surplus catalog has "Firebox" windows the brand is Robax from the Schott co. They carry 2 sizes arched 121/2"x9"x3/16 thick and rectangular 15"x8-3/4x3/16 thick at $3.50 a piece. It is a great surplus catalog and they will mail you one free, the phone # 18887247587

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