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Mis-labeled Ginger Do you know what I have?

Mc Call Creek, MS

This ginger was given to me by a friend labeled "C Flava Flora Fire", which we both expected to bloom red orange.

It is quite pretty and daffodil yellow! Do you know what it is? (And does anybody have the real Flava Flora Fire to trade for hedychiums or the ginger type pictured?_

Thanks for your help.


Thumbnail by TrixieM
Saint Gabriel, LA

Your plant is Siphonochilus decora. The other plant you mention is Curcuma flaviflora, but please note the correct name of the plant you want is Curcuma rubrobracteata. Called Fire, Red fireplug, fireball etc etc.

I've lost my S decora and would be happy to trade some of the C rubrobracteata.

Tim Chapman

Mc Call Creek, MS

Thanks for your reply Tim. I have sent you a D-mail with my address. I will be happy to trade with you.


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