Hurricane Irene

Bridgewater, ME

It has not hit here yet in Nortern Maine only some rain so far,its suppose to get bad tonight and tomorrow morning then sunny for monday afternoon.Put all my chickens in there coops and locked them in,had to bring barrel up with mama and 11 babies in it and put in coop,could not catch all the babies so it was the only way,they are doing fine in with the big girls.After this is all over with will put the barrel back out in the run.Took the tarps off the top of the runs was afraid that they would rip the netting blowing around and such.What did all you guys do to portect your chickens and there coops?

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Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

Looks like you have everything covered for the most part. I would just recommend that you pick up items you have that may be blown around and store them in a garage or in the house. We had some pretty strong wind gusts here in Charlotte. We had some of our lawn furniture get knocked around and we were well out of the path and still got a little effects from it.

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

Our son lives in Wilmington,NC. I guess the wind was strong but other than that it was no big deal. One small tree in the front yard blew over but he already planned on getting rid of it. :) I thankful that it's over and everyone is okay.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

there have been 27 deaths from it from what I read 25 were the peoples own stupidity thinking they could camp in it, surf in it, go boating and swimming in it, and canoeing in it
Happy is wasn't bad for everyone involved. I am still praying we don't have a deal with another one any time soon

Bridgewater, ME

We were blessed here,only 2 inches of rain and very little wind.Chickens were so glad to get out of the coop.

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

I can't believe that anyone would be so stupid as to go surfing, canoeing and boating when there was a hurricane coming...I think they need mental help! LOL! We chicken lovers are out there protecting our chickens and their out there risking their lives doing something stupid...Unbelievable!

Richmond, TX

You can't cure stupid: "Let's go down to the beach and watch for the storm surge!" It happens in Galveston every time there is a hurricane.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

I was totally blown away by the death toll. After all the time I spent in South Florida, and several really bad storms (including Andrew), I never remember anything like that. I attribute it to not really understanding what can happen. I watched one lady who was very upset that no-one warned them about flooding. They did get warned about heavy accumulation of rain....:(.
In a way I do understand. Most of my time in Florida, a Hurricane warning meant it was time to plan a big party. That really didn't change until Andrew reminded us of the possible reality of a Tropical Cyclone. It had been many years since there'd been much damage from a blow. We just forgot.
Truly tragic.

Conroe, TX

I think a lot of people have a mindset of "oh, it won't happen to me" so they figure they can stay and ride out the storm and be fine. After all if it gets too bad there will be someone to rescue them right? Unfortunately too many think that way and don't take into account that the rescuers can't get in to get them once it gets too bad and they shouldn't have to if people would listen and get out when told. When Ike came through a few years ago there were people staying on Galveston and surrounding islands. They were telling them that once it gts past a certain point there would be no one to rescue them and they needed to get out. Many stayed and were literally washed away. he storm surge on that sucker was huge. These storms are nothing to mess with. The old saying comes to mind "better to be safe than sorry" and in the case of storms "better to be alive and safe than dead".

Sorry, ranting here, but it really irritates me how stupid people can be and how little regard they have for their lives and the lives of those they expect to rescue them.

Glad you didn't get anything real bad Green and you and your animals are safe.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

I would hate to be emergency people that have to deal with the fools calling begging for help when it is to late and there is nothing they can do. I don't think I could deal with it

Elkhart, IA(Zone 5a)

I agree Donna, I think I would be struggling with my conscience to either put my life at risk to save them or let the idiots die. LOL! Geez, it's not like they weren't warned about the hurricane.

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