My odd new baby.

Merino, Australia

This is the latest of my new seedlings coming up. I have never seen one grow like this.
The seeds were from a local cross here in Australia of knightii x old apricot. . Old apricot is the name we call an apricot that has been growing around the eastern states here, for a long time. Knightii is a common one here too.
I planted the seeds in late autumn ( Fall) as I wanted to see how they went through winter in my greenhouse.
All the other seeds from other crosses were normal , but this is the only one that grew from this cross.
It has 2 tiny heads as you can see. I have never seen anything like this one and nor has anyone in our brug group.
It has a few normal green leaves but the new ones grew this way. I see no evidence of any swelling or lumps etc , just the curling over of the colored leaves. The plant seems healthy otherwise.
I wondered if anyone has ever seen this type of growth on any seedling before.

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Punta Gorda, FL(Zone 9b)

I had a sanguinea that grew two 'heads' or 'made the y' right off the bat-but never with the leaves you are showing.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi Jean,

Keep your fingers crossed that it will remain variegated, but odds are the growth will revert back to solid green.

I have had several seedlings similar to yours that have started out variegated. Unfortunately all of them grew out of the variegation and turned solid green. I'm still growing the seedlings out and have them marked as originally being variegated. I'm hoping that maybe whatever triggered the variegation in the first place will cause the plants to throw off a variegated sport as they continue to grow.


La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)


Your seedling has two growing tips as a result of damage to the original single growing one. I've had seedlings do strange things, but have never had a variegated one. Fred has way more experience with seedlings than I will ever have. I'd follow his lead and keep this seedling even if it reverts to all green. I remember reading that 'knightii' is an unstable cultivar, a trait that just might might reward you with something new.

Merino, Australia

Thank you for the replies. I will definitely keep the little fellow even if he does revert to green.
It will be great to get him to grow then maybe cross to something like the variegated Maya.
Fred , I will keep any low shoots as he grows in case a sport arises. I usually take them off to make a clean trunk.

Vista, CA

I have not had experience with brugs, but with other plants when a leaf shows a mutation if it is cut to just above the leaf the resulting shoot frequently displays the character of the leaf.

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