Fatalii Peppers

Gainesville, FL(Zone 8b)

I have a bumper crop of Fatalii peppers, any suggestions on receipes? I have been freezing and drying them but would like to find a receipe using fresh.

Union Bridge, MD

i've got a pretty good guacamole-type recipe that i came about this through experimentation. fatali's citrusy flavor and unique heat make it my preferred pepper for this.
...a rough guide:
take an avacado and an almost ripe mango (before it gets too soft - about the same consitency of the avacado, actually). peel and dice them both and blend them up. throw in however many fatalis you want, and blend it all until smooth. or not quite smooth, if that's how you like it. i usually use one or two peppers per batch, more if it is only for me!
then just add some lemon or lime juice, a splash of avacado oil (or olive oil), some salt, black pepper, and any other tastes you may want.
occasionally i'll add a hot sauce with a good flavor, but i always try to compliment the sweetness of the mango. other fruity habanero type peppers work great, such as caribbean reds.
it's a little different every time i make it, but people request it often.
even the people that curse a little at first go back for more... heh heh
good luck, and if you make a bangin' variation of this, let us know!

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