September 2011-Hopefully cooler!!

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New thread for September!!

Hosta bloom

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Anyone going to santa-cali-gon?

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I wish!! I have to work all weekend. Inventory. Ugh!! I wanted to see Marty Stuart!!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Yuck our last long weekend, that is too bad pepper.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Dang, I can't remember when it's been 100 in Sept. before, tomorrow they are forecasting 103!

SantaCaliGon? Not me. All the people one ever knew goes to that. I don't really want to run into people that I used to know!
Actually, SantaCaliGon is a neat event for no admission. They say some 300,000 people go to that over the weekend.

Anybody want to see my new bird bath? It's not set up yet, it's too big for one person, without marring it all up, trying to do it myself anyway. Not to mention I don't want to blow out my back or get a hernia! I'll wait for the right time to ask my neighbor to help, it'd be a simple task for 2 people.

You got the GT Worx, Crit? Somebody is a tv shopper! I want that too, it looks so cool and does so much stuff! I have a weed trimmer similar to that, but it's a Black and Decker model. It only has a 10"
swath, I wanted the cordless one with a 12" swath, but when I got to Home Depot, that one was sold out. The 10" works good, I just have to go slow.

You know Crit, now you need ANOTHER opinion on the 50% chance that you were given, how can a doctor know that? I remember back in 08', I had several fingers that had numb areas. I never knew why, I just guessed that it was from this new, strenuous manual labor that I just started doing at the time, but I didn't have insurance, so I just waited it out and it went away after a couple of months. But, an injury like your's might be different.

That's a good Hosta bloom, Pepper. I like a good Hosta flower too. I think it means the Hosta is okay with where it's at myself.

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How about these Peaches?! From my Semi-Dwarf 'Red Haven' Lowes $19.50 Peach tree that I bought last October.

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How about this box that I got from the neighbor for weed block?! It's from a 40 gallon water heater!

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Here is my shade garden coming along. Today, I put that tin border there. I plan on having 5 or 6 Hostas in there, some Ferns, Ligularias, Coral Bells and Lily-of-the-Valley. That wall in the back is going to get a new coat of White paint soon.

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Oh, do you miss the pots and all, happ!? hehe!

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Will, I posted this morning and it must not of taken, I put plants out by the newspaper along the fence this morning. Just a little baggie with some water garden starts in it....well hope you found it. They have been in the shade so you will need to get them ready for the sun, unless they burnt up today....wonder where my post went!

We went up on the square but started early and left by 2:30 I thought towards the end we would suffocate in the tents with the people....wowzer. Seemed like alot more strollers, problem with strollers in those tents is if they are behind you the person driving constantly runs into the back of your heels, I usually let them go around me for self preservation. Ate alot of junk...rofl, and bought some stuff for my newphews baby that is due any day, and just had fun.

Let me know if you got the plants....

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Eeek! I'll go get them now! I was wondering why the police car was braking and rubbernecking on something! I've done that before too, write up a post and then discover later it never posted, I hate that!
Thanks, Will

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Yeah, the weekend sucks but I do have Monday off so that makes up for something. lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hehe.. No, they hadn't burnt up, they were fine, still soaked in water. It looked like 2 were Papyrus and the other one I'm not sure, maybe a Rush or Bamboo of some kind? Are they hardy? I know you said the Papyrus wasn't. I can bring it in, no problem. I just told my housemate about the new additions, she was thrilled, I showed her the photo on the computer. I saw some Papyrus at Heartland Nursery a couple of weeks ago and they were like 6 feet tall! I was thinking, "they just look expensive", they were beautiful! We both thank you! They are the 2 closest pots in the photo, behind them is the Water Iris you gave me, it is thriving. About a month ago, I put one of the Water Irises in the water and left the other one on the ground and it wasn't doing nearly as well as the one in the water, so yesterday I put it in the water too.

I saw a Mole yesterday. I was working on the West side of the house, where my planned tropical spot is going to be and there it was under a trash can that I moved during the project. It quickly burrowed under the ground when I exposed it. I knew there was one there somewhere because I saw the loose dirt piles nearby. I hope it isn't a Vole and eating up my plants! Its kinda funny that's it's in there because it is pavement all around.

I ate one of my new Lowes Peaches today and boy was it ever tasty! It couldn't have been any better from the store, altho, at the store they're a little bigger. I found out those black spots on the Peaches are on the surface, I cut them off with a knife. Next year tho, I still want to spray the tree with some kind of fruit spray.

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Crit, I envy your deck. I sure would like a nice large one. I love the rocks with the beautiful pots of flowers!

Wow, I can see it! One year my neighbor planted the large blooming moss rose and I dug a few up. They did reseed, but unfortunately, they grow so late in the Spring that I hoe up the spot or they get pulled with the weeds. I need to just plant in pots or one special place.

The pool ain't too shabby either :o)

Will, it sure doen't hurt the wires to have paint on them and looks so much better.

Love the median Cannas!

Oh, dirt is so expensive! I am glad we raked and saved all we could. Half of it is gone already :o(

At least your friend's Mom yells at everyone, and if they can hear her over the baby moniter, they also know you are always kind and polite to her and respond immediatly to her calls even tho you know what will happen.

Birder, I'll betr the cookies were delicios! It's a good way to eat oatmeal too :o)

Will, that is honestly, the prettiest Willow I have ever seen! I love the multi trunks!

That's an amazing transformation and it sure is a beautiful tree now!

Oh Crit!! I hope your finger is going to be alright!! Leaving you sit in pain is outrageous!! What an oxymoron "Emergency Room" is!!!

Pepper, it wasn't 98*, but the heat wiped me out too. Luckily I got to work inside.

Birder, that's the only problem with Preen. Maybe just the cardboard will slow the weeds down.

The deck is beautiful and worth the effort! I sure love large decks, sigh :o)

Will, Mini Penny does look like a nice bush! Tropicana lokks great!

I think the black spots are just something fruit gets. It's not a rotten spot, but just a hard black spot. The peaches look awesome!!

I just looked in my ''Ortho Home Gardener's OProblem Solver'' and the black spotisn't even mentioned. It may be a bug that never maade it all the way in. Let us know what you find.

Crit, I sure hope your hand will be OK!

Oh Will, what a great memory of your Dad! It's going to look awesome when you get it all set up! That little trailor is paying for itself :o)

Happ, you're really getting into this speaking session! It sounds like you just whipped it all into shape and it all went smoothly. Congratualtions!!

Laughing, wow, you really did a great job! Tagging is so important!

Big help from the flowers and DH! That's great! I'm so glad it all went well and I'll bet your gardens look fantastic!

Will, I'm just about as blithering in person, and add boring, LOL!

I like that saying :o) "If you can't learn from others, you'll live life not knowing much!"! How true!

I can't tell if it's lobelia or not, but I'd say most likely.

Happ, it's awesome and a sign of success when they ask questions. I think you did great!

Pepper, your Dad cracks me up!!! He knows these things are going to get planted somewhere. He might as well give in now :o)

Happ, Witch Hazel at the end of the driveway would be perfect!

Bernie, cool that you were such a skier! I've never been.

Happ, ''and truely thought that trip might kills us,'' I hear you!!

Birder, thank goodness second opinions were there for everyone. They won't do surgery withut a second opinion here, but then they send you to their buddy who looks you over and says okey dokey. I think a person has a little insight about their own body and can decide if they feel surgery is s ''do it now'' thing.

Happ, for being a prairie plant, my Coneflowers could have done with some rain too :o(

I have Turtlehead and LOVE it! Also, the Helianthus is hanging on, the Phlox has been wondeful, Balloon Flowers are doing well and the Cardinal Flowers are blooming their heads off!

My neighbor gave me a small Caryopteris bush, ''Black Knight'' and I love it! It has been open for a week or so and the bees are all over it. The sedums are pinking up too.

Yet to come, asters.

Pepper, no place in the far end of your property for the Magnolia?

Will, the cardinal Plant will make a rosette to get it thru the winter and during the simmer it disappears as the stalk blooms. I think you got lucky.

Oh Happ, cracking up over DH and the AC!!

After all the excitement of this month, I am drained too. I think using your brain wears you out as much as physical work.

Birder, I don't know why they don't get smart and make tools for women. We use them just as much!

Pepper, I love Silenes! That's beautiful!

Crit, it sounds like surgery is the better option. At least you are fresh into the injury and will heal up right since you still need to heal anyway. Nerves do grow back sooo slow. I sure am sorry it happened.

Ok, I've got to skip to the end and will read the new thread later. at least I've caught up. I missed you guys!

After all the driveway work, I had two weeks to pack a whole house for my elderly relative. At the last minute she was able to get a larger room, totally unexpected. That meant more furniture could go. So, I moved a mountain and now I moved a house. Boy I'm good! We got the last of her things put away yesterday. I did all that. I got down to one large tub of unboxed knick-knacks and quietly closed the lid and said another day. It was already 4:00 pm and I had barely been home at all.

Have a great day! It's good to be back!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Will there are two types of different plants in that pot, one is the Cyperus papyrus / Egyptian Papyrus
with the more fuzzy top and will get really tall, the other is a dwarf umbrella plant and gets 1/2 as tall as the papryus (has the wider leaf), the other is rush that reminds you of bamboo and is the only one hardy. Caution I have read somewhere it is pretty agressive in the ground, mine is in a pot in the pond not on land. They had been in the paper towels forever, and I didn't look to see their roots. One go around I had them in my whiskey barrel pond and the dog took them out!

We missed you Billy, glad to see you are back. I really have to be careful when I am weeding because I have a bad habit of pulling up flower seedlings with out realizing it, or dumping mulch on top if they are too late to germinate.

Have a great weekend everyone.....

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I do the same thing with plants. They look like weeds so I pull them because I'm trying to stay ahead while I can since later on it will be too hot to weed then when fall hits you clean up but it's too late to keep the seeds out. lol.

Bp, glad you are back!! Been kinda quiet on here.

My old man Whiskers has decided he loves sitting in one of my pots now. Today I caught him in my coleus pot for the second time. Got pics on the camera and not the phone this time!! lol

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Oh, cool! 3 plants eh?! Thanks, I'll get them separated soon, happ! When I do, I'd like to straighten that Rush way up.

Hi billyp, welcome back! You are blithering too billp?! Thanks, that little trailer has been real handy. When I was going up there Sunday with just the dolly (or 2 wheeler) strapped on, I was followed closely by a Kansas City police car for about a mile. I think she or he thought I had some unsafe trailering going on. From a distance, it prolly does look like that because the trailer sides only come up a couple inches. Anyway, they got real close, I guess to look at it, then he or she exited the freeway. It was well tied There have been several cases recently in the metro, even on the news, where a plate of metal or something will come off somebody's trailer and fatally injure another driver. My trailer even has expired license plates! I guess it was my lucky day! I have even heard that the police and the highway patrol is on the lookout for unsafe trailering. Thanks, my Dad would be proud of his birdbath. One bad thing about having a very small trailer, is it won't hold much mulch or anything! But, it's definitely better than having NO trailer!

Thanks billyp, that Weeping Willow is a stunner.

I asked if I could paint the wires and stuff White by the West wall, by the AC unit, and she (the homeowner) poo-pooed it, it's a good idea tho, I better stay with the roof over my head right now!

Thanks billyp, I think myself, those black spots on the Peaches aren't really anything to worry about, they just look nasty, I still want to do fruit spray I think.

Oh, I took the wireless baby monitor out of her room in April. She was saying some pretty outlandish stuff and it was best that the neighbors didn't hear anymore of it.

Speaking of Hospice, want to hear something funny?! The longtime aide here and myself kinda got this Hospice nurse in big trouble and deservedly so, she said, "somebody here is a hoarder".
A lot of stuff might be accumulated here, but she doesn't need to give her 2 cents about it to the disabled lady! The girl weighed like a buck 05 anyway, (105 lbs.), she couldn't do the physical nurse duties here!
She'd end up dropping my friend's Mom, going to the commode and break her hip or something, and you know she wouldn't say, "I dropped you're Mom, it's my fault!".

Oh you like that saying too billyp?! If it weren't for info. from other people, like books and the internet, (even news), I'd be in big trouble!

Nice photo of you're cat, Pepper! I've got one too from a while back, this cat was a stray.

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Thanks everyone. It seems I had time for Weather and mail and then had to be out the door. I hope I can catch up to the many other threads I had to pass by.

Grinning. I tend to leave ''weeds'' to see if I have a new plant, LOL!

Oh Pepper, awesome picture!! It's all beautiful, and he's just perfect in there. Definately calender material! Wow!

Will, you'll have to work on taller sides for your trailor so you have the option of hauling.

I don't mind them checking for safety. I feel lucky a semi never blew a tire on the interstate when we end up beside them.

Being a girl she doesn't think it's good for the wires. No biggie. Keep your roof :o)

Yes, get the spray./ It won't be long before the bugs do find your peaches and tunnel in. They sure look good this year!

Good, I wouldn't want the neighbors snooping and getting the wrong idea. She seems loud enough without it, LOL!

I think the nurse doesn't understand what a real hoarder is. I hoard too, and am defensive about my ''stuff.'' I weed it myself and still keep what I like, so I'm not a real hoarder. She's best gone!!

Another awesome kitty picture! That is sooo cute! Another calender moment!

Yesterday it rained, stopped, rained, stopped, etc. all day. We got 1 & 3/10''!!

We're chilly all week. Now maybe I can get some flowers moved.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Pepper, that is a wonderful picture, you need to enter that in something, it is just perfect. I am sure you would win a prize.

The rush will probably straighten up on it's own and start leaning to the sun, and if it doesn't once it starts growing you can cut it off, wonder how it got that that bad....humm...oh well it will heal thy self.

Lots of planting to since it has gotten cooler, gonna start moving tropicals in also.

Have a great day....

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks, he is a cutie pie! lol. Always willing to pose.

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Haha! Look at these little Marigolds trying to sprout up now!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

How about this Tropicanna from Pepper, this thing is like 4 feet tall, isn't it cool!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

That is a good pic, Pepper, better than mine! I've been trying to get a photo of this one cat here who stands on her hind legs to look at something, like once every 6 months she does that. She never does it long enuff for me to get a photo though!
I hope that Rush straightens up on it's own because I went to take it back out, so I tugged on it and it didn't want to come out, I guess it's ensconced! It doesn't look too bad, I just turned it around I think.
The Papyrus and the Umbrella plants got separated tho. Here is the latest photo of them. See how much smaller the Water Iris is on the right? That's the one that was out of water until a few days ago.
Yeah, if the neighbors did believe any of the stuff on the monitor that she was declaring back then, they oughta be ashamed of themselves! Poor lady, lately she's been calling out for her deceased parents and siblings. When my friend called Hospice to complain about that aide, they already knew about it, another aide had already told on her, a nice Hospice nurse that was also here that day.
We do hoard at times, but we can call ourselves There is a lot worse hoarding situations tho, I've seen them on tv. There's no trash in the hoarded piles of stuff here.
Oh yeah, I'll get better sides eventually. I'd like to make it good enuff to at least hold one big Bobcat bucket of mulch. I've got lots of mulch to get and soon!

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These Cleomes are really getting bold! I'm going in with Pepper to get another Rose plant for the other side of that arbor. It's called 'Penny Lane', it's going to be an apricot blend with yellows and oranges, well sorta, I'll link to the picture, it is pretty. -

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I read but have no time left to comment.

Excpet for Penny Lane. I considered her for my arbor before getting the honeysuckle, but I loved her. What a pretty rose!

Has anyone seen "Almost Famous" with Kate Husdson as Penny Lane? Love that movie!!

Hoping to dig in landscape blocks today. I have laundry to fold, dishes to put away, the house needs dusted AND vacumed and I'm getting sick of dirty windows!!


There's not enough time to do all this plus more weeding and planting things sitting in pots. I need longer days and another day added to the week! (Running in crazy circles at this point :o)

Have a great day everyone!

Not dug in yet, but how they will be.

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

It is plum cold this morning. About midnight I was hauling in a few tropicals, when I realized they were serious about us getting down to the 40's! One small Plumeria had already started dropping leaves!

I am with you Billy, I have a bunch to get planted and tagged. A pergola to build, along with a potting bench, not sure one extra day a week will help me....rofl.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I potted my plumie today. I need to pull it up some more so it's not touching the bottom of the pot. But it's such a long piece that if I do it might fall. lol. Oh well. Hope it puts out more roots now that it's in potting soil. I will bring it in when I bring in my hibiscus plants. That will happen when it stays cool and I get my plant area cleaned of junk. lol. Mostly papers and magazines that I need to go thru.

The good thing is my witch hazels are in the ground and my radishes and carrots planted today also. Just need to dig up the butterfly bushes for Crit and Will and pot the magnolia in a bigger pot and insulate it for winter. Need to insulate my dappled willow also for winter so that it lives. All in all I got alot done in a short amount of time. If I have time Friday I will get the butterfly bushes dug and mailed. That's the plan anyways!! lol

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Well Sept is cooler! We are going down even lower tonight. Pepper plumerias do not like cool weather or wet roots with cool weather. You might think about bringing it in for the night. This weather is so screwy! I brought in my plumerias, voodoo lily, and a couple of other things in already. Wish I had everything in, but......

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Ok, I will bring it in here in a bit.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, laughing, I know. There just needs to be no ''calendar'' weather! The pergola and bench are much more than I need to do!

Pepper, sometimes I think we do better when we're stressed for time. I have no doubt it will all get done. I too had to just get going and mail iris out to someone, but it's done.

I have over a week left of the same temps. Barely 70* all day, getting a bit warmer, and the mid 50's at night. It's been nice to work in since it rained, but it's also 10* below normal.

I got the rest of my potted plants in the ground and ended up burying the mint. Boy, I sure had to pick a deep pot. I dug over a foot deep to set it in. I also mowed so the yard looks pretty nice again.

I think I have enough tomato juice now so I put the canner away, vacuumed and mopped and got the laundry and dishes put away. I have neglected the house all summer.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I still have a million things to do, so every night I have a set a goal....hope I can stick with it.
1. Need to spray everything for bugs before I bring it in, hopefully tonight I can get that done if the wind isn't blowing so hard
Then everynight there after:
1. Bring in minimum 3 plants a night
2. Plant at least 3 plants a night
3. Water
Have to admit it doesn't sound like much but I don't get home until 6:30 and by about 8:15 it is getting pretty dark.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I have the same problem in a ways. I don't get home til after 5pm and by the time I eat dinner I'm exhausted and it's too late for me to get anything done outside because the stupid skeeters are out and eating me alive. I have everything that needs to be in a pot for winter in a pot so that is ready to go. Just need to get a good dose of tea or something to pour in soil to kill those bugs then spray them with dawn dish soap to kill other bugs. Then ee's and cannas will come in when frost gets them or gets close anyways.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Here is my proposed "tropical spot" coming along with 4 Banana 'Basjoo's bringing up the anchor! I plan to be going to get some cocoa or black mulch soon, maybe if I mulch good enuff, the Banana's will be okay with coming back next year. I'm not big on the dyed mulches but I think dark or black will be good for a tropical themed area. See the lava rocks leftover from the 70's landscaping?!
They say minimum 20 below zero for the 'Basjoo's but they're Banana's for Petes sake! I wonder if should lay down a piece of plastic over each one, so maybe they'll stay a little drier? I measured between them, so they shouldn't look all crooked and crazy! How about the lovely and big scallop seashell?!

All those cut branches in the foreground are from that gangly Rose-Of-Sharon that is much smaller than previous now! It's still there, it's a nice bush, it'll only be about 3 feet tall now. If you'd like me to try growing you one from a cutting, Crit, I can try that. I have lots of trimmings! lol

I like you're plan there, happ! I got 2 Banana plants planted today and quite a bit of other stuff accomplished. I am pretty fortunate with the time to do stuff, working part-time at home is good for time, but it doesn't do much for the wallet!

"Almost Famous"? Not me. I wonder if "Penny Lane" is an actual person or something? Eeek! A pergola AND a bench? That is some toiling there, happ!
I have to put on Off, I can't stand to have skeeters drawing out my blood!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, the wind was our biggest problem this Spring. The fruit trees didn't get sprayed. But, they didn't end up with many apples either.

I totally understand no time. Even tho I'm home all day, I don't get it all done. I marvel and applaude you who work, and then try to work outside too. I don't know how you do everything you do do.

Will, I tried the black mulch this Spring and really like it.

I love the banana bed! I can't wait to see it filled in next Spring. It should do nicely!

It's funny how things float around till you find a place for it, but the lava will be perfect there!

Skeeters, that's what happens when you get rain. I haven't seen one all summer.

I finally have all day to stay hoime and don't know where to start. I did clean house a little, so that's to be ignored :o)

Have a good day everyone!!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

rofl, I barely got things watered last night...geehz, nothing else done. I think I have lost one succulant, it was all limp last night when I got home. dang. Got out of work late, felt sorry for a co-worker who was walking home and gave a ride, stopped by the store, and walla it was almost 8 before I got home. Days are sure getting shorter.

Oh Will, I think that tropical area will look really good, when you get done. Good start.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks billyp and happ, I hope that area turns out how I plan. I want black mulch too, my friend prefers cocoa mulch because it smells like chocolate when it's wet she says, but I'm gonna campaign for black mulch!
Hehe! Thanks for the kudos on working people billyp, but I'm currently redefining "under-employed" at 7 hours a week myself! I'm grateful for what I have, believe you me! I have time to do stuff outside, now the motivation to do it isn't always in big supply! I pretty much choose to be under-employed, I like to be available here to help my friend take care of her elderly Mother here at home. Like today for example, I assisted in helping get the elderly lady to the hospital by way of ambulance, where she was diagnosed as having a bad bladder infection, she's back now, they are confident in getting it cleared up.

I did get all my houseplants and other tender houligans in one spot, they are all ready to be brought in, in less than a month or so. The Banana and those other plants by there in the old Grape flats were just in the photo, they are hardy tho. I intend to get the Banana, and those other plants from Pepper planted before the ground freezes. I like to get the non-hardies all together first, so I have less chance of forgetting any when the time comes.

Happ, just curious, what kind of succulent expired on you? It wasn't an Aloe Vera was it? Mine is still plugging along I think. If yours was an Aloe Vera that died then myself would count myself lucky! I also had an Asparagas Fern, a Sago Palm, a variegated Ficus, a variegated Spider Plant and a Snakeplant that were outside night before last, oh the risks I take! Altho, I'm quite a gambler, I'll wait until it gets down to 40 degrees or so before I take action with the non-hardy plants.

I sometimes come up with a use for some of the stuff I kick around. But, I never woulda guessed I'd find a use for lava rocks! They would look so good with black mulch, I must have black mulch I say! I'll tell her it's for my next birthday or something!

You're house looks kinda aged up there billyp, by chance is it a historical house? I want an old house when I get a house! That would be so cool to have a one hundred year old house or even older. Altho, I hear the restoration and upkeep can be WAY up there on an old home. A Victorian house or a pre Civil-War house would be just outstanding! Altho, I think a Victorian house or an antebellum one would financially be a challenge for me, altho, I can dream!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Will, the cocoa would be OK. When it, or it's smell fades, and it's used up, maybe she'll go for black. Try the black around something else first and see how she likes it.

I've never smelled the cocoa mulch. Maybe I'd like it too!

I think I've asked before, does her Mom ever have lucid moments or is she always unaware of her surroundings? I'm glad she will be better. That must have hurt.

ROTFL!! I hope you get your mulch!!

Laughing, that's the neighbor's house and it's fairly old.

Nice pile of plants!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Will you will have to come live up by me, there are a bunch of civil-war, antebellum houses, and several are for sale... ;) Most expensive was 199,000 but it is 4 bedrooms, just need to find some room mates. Most on main drag thru town have been restored, but a few on the side streets have not been so lucky yet.

I don't know the name of the succulant that didn't make it from the cold. It was an odd piece someone had sent me, it looks like the starts I had taken from it will be ok tho. Glad about that. We get colder up here than you do down there and then not being in the city I don't have all that concrete warmth, but always have alot of basically it is colder up here.

I did get something done last night, got 2 daylilies planted, a siberian iris sky wings planted, a kim lilac, engraved tags for them all, and got 2 trays of starts put in the garden room, oh yeah and watered all before 8:30!

Here is the 199,000 house, it has been completely restored and has a huge garage.

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

This is my favorite, I am so afraid someone will paint it a different color. It is perfect in pink and white not that I ever thought I would like a pink house. This is also the one I bought the old bird bath from, I do kind of feel bad about it, cause it had probably been there forever, but she probably would of sold it to someone else.

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

This one needs some work, altho they have been working on it for a long time and is the cheapest I think. Boy he really messed it up and painted the concrete steps bright red since this picture was taken, don't know what in the world he was thinking.

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