September 2011-Hopefully cooler!!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

It's nice to see you again Rusty! Sorry to hear about Ju's tail injury. My paternal Grandma used to have a dog that would chase it's tail, sometimes it would catch it and chew on it until it was bloody!
But, it coulda been a Raccoon or an opossum that was into you're trash can or something and Ju wanted to know what the heck was going on!
I hear it didn't get as cold in Kansas City proper as they thought, the International airport did get the cold. They said KCI (our airport) got down to 41, here about 30 miles South of there, it only got down to 46, even in the city of Kansas City, MO. I looked at my Coleus outside, it appears to still be alive. I hope the Coleus and my purple Sweet Potato Vine survived the cold snap because technically it could be 2 or 3 more weeks or so before it stays too cold for them. I like my stuff to look good as long as possible!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Will, Black Knight is the bareroot one. I had it wrapped around a stem but it must of fell off. lol. The other one is Blue Nahno. It was blooming til I had to cut it back to mail it to you. It's very pretty!!

Crit, yours is called Peacock. It's a shorter variety.

My plants weren't affected by the cold snap at all. I need to get cuttings of the coleus also so my grandma can have some. She likes the one I have. lol

Hey Rusty!! Glad to hear from you again!! Sorry to hear JuJu hurt her tail but at least she will be ok.

Well, my mom likes how the plants look on the stairs so they will be staying there. lol

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Ok thanks, the bareroot one was the one that didn't have any leaves, it'll be easy to distinguish the 2. They sound nice, I can't wait to see what they look like in bloom! My housemate's Sister is coming for a visit from Virginia in Oct. or Nov., now I can put them out and maybe she won't notice her's are gone! That sounds shady, I'll prolly tell her her's didn't make it, I'll just cover my cheeks in case she swings!

My Coleus is still alive too I'm pretty sure, I might get more cuttings! I'd like a big planter of Coleus and other colorful plants next year!
I got a photo of something I did late today. I made a cover for my new waterpond! It's made out of sheet plastic, it is 10' x 10'. I had 2 long hollow metal bars, that were rusted out, and just sitting around, I wired them together, to make them longer, and put them under the plastic in the middle. I really put some trash to use in that haha! All those black weight plates were in the trash, they are perfect, they don't have hard or sharp edges like rocks or something. And the 2 bars are from that same fitness thing that was destined for the trash and I put them in the middle under the plastic!
Hehe! See all those black plates in that green trailer, thats going to the landfill? I am getting those back out, they are good to hold down plastic sheet or something.
Even those 4 stacked boards over there are relocated tonite, as well as that one thats leaning up on the shed there. That thing fell over a couple nites ago right onto a plant that I had sitting there, a Strawberry Begonia!
It didn't do much damage to the plant, it barely stuck out above the planter but the planter was all broke up. And that unrolled wire mesh that I had sitting around, got tied up tonite with some handy ties I had at the ready!
I'm making a little headway on getting it cleaned up back there.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Heres some stacked up boards hehe!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

How about these Cleomes, they are really putting on a show! The other side of that Arbor is where I plan to put the new 'Penny Lane' Rose in the Spring! Theres some black plastic edging in the photo, I'm straightening it out, I'd like to put about 100' of it in the backyard. See the Witch Hazel and the Blackberry bushes back there? That label goes to a Blueberry bush that I bought this year.

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Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Shortleaf, there is no city trash can (lid is close) in my yard only I put by the fence and there is no raccoon and opossum in my yard at all... She was maddy bark at next door... So, I just ingore next door that I don't like redneck lady is wacko! She alway picky on me what I do nothing so I told her "You must be big mistake what I do is water my yard and I don't water her tree along the fence!) Her daugther is lie! I was water with the bottle of flea spray on the garden hose that was 3 yrs ago)...
Next time she do that again I will report for that abuse my dog again...

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Haha Rusty! I know the feeling! I forgot about lids, we have lids on ours too.
The heater is on, the air conditioner is off!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Same here!! Too cold not to have the heaters on!!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Heaters are here to stay I'm afraid! I visited my grandparents tonite. I couldn't get away without playing my Grandpa a couple of games of Chess! I had an ulterior motive too I'm afraid! She has a rectangular planter on the back porch that has some light green Sweet Potato plants in it, so I got a few cuttings, 12 to be exact! At least 6 of them should come up because I kinda forgot to pay attention to which sides were up and down on the first few cuttings! But, she said she was going to let the Sweet Potato plants die, she wasn't going to take cuttings. She said she doesn't really like Sweet Potato plants, that planter was given to her with the plants already in them. I am still going to get more cuttings of my own purple Sweet Potato Vine and my Coleus. The way it looks in the weather, I might have a couple of weeks to get those. I'll get them soon tho, we could have a nite go down to the 30's, the weather forecasts aren't always right.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Love the picture Billy, times of just pure happiness.
The cleome will not come back from the same plant, but from seed. Be careful when you go to pull up the dead stalk cause they have a few stickers on the stalk. Most of the time I can do it bare handed, but sometimes I get stuck. I like it because it is blooming when not much else is. You will see seed pods forming, I let them fall where they want, but you can collect them.

It got really cold up here this week. Horrible. I got a cold already this year and was sick trying to at night get the rest of the tropicals in, it was rotten.

Oh so good to hear from you Rusty. It is horrible when one of the animals are sick or hurt. Do you think your neighbor hurt them? That would be horrible to have a bad neighbor like that, gosh. There are just alot of miserable people in the world.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Well, I got 4 plants planted this afternoon! A 'Mini Penny' Hydrangea, a purple Lilac, a Japanese Barberry (not sure of the variety) and last but not least a little Cardinal Plant.
The Cardinal Plant is in the foreground but it's so small, it might not be too visible in the photo. I've got so much to plant! I'm trying to take in consideration of mature sizes of plants, bigger plants in the back, stuff like that.
It's probably going to look funny next year but I'd like to get everything in pots planted, so I'll have less worry about hardiness over the Winter of all the stuff outside in pots, not to mention my plan to organize the yard!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I know now what color a Tropicanna's flower has, red!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Those Cleomes are really pretty, I'm glad they are there. The stalk is kind of attractive too! Yeah, it is nice to have flowers now, and they are still blooming, thats a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the warning happ, I got gloves at the ready!
Here is another view of my "tropical spot" under construction. I'll prolly be putting a bunch of either cocoa shell mulch or black mulch soon.
I'm still trying to decide if I should get trash cans or something to put over the Banana plants over the Winter. It would be so nice if they returned in the Spring!

I saw this friend's old photo as a baby and she was sitting in the toilet bowl! Maybe she was being potty trained at the time!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I wonder if she knew where she was sitting?!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Rusty, good to see you posting and I know Ju's tail will be just fine. She's so enthusiastic she might have broke it waving it against the deck somehow.

Internet IS terrible to pay for and we all just about need it now!

The toll just keeps on going. So sad. Especially since they died in a hospital.

Laughing, much dust and gravel road dust in mine.

Will, absolutely! You pay a lot for an annual and you want the most out of it. Besides it will heat up again.

Pepper, I had Blue Nanho for quite a few year sbefore losing it, and have Black Knight too. Sometime, I wish something would get 10' - 12' tall and wide. BK stayed about 5' or so. Nice for smelling and trimming off the dead buds, but gee. That isn't tall.

Grandma's are good for keeping a plant going :o)

Will, ROTFL, but in reality, yes, you better put them out and hope she won't notice they are different!!

Awesome recycle job! It's a perfect cover! Now what did the weights come from? They are as good as bricks. I'd be stacking them somewhere. You may not have to take the trailor to the landfill this year :o)

Smiling, it's a nice stack of wood and now you can find the length you want a lot easier.

Nice Cleomes! I went past a house today that has a long row of the rose queen cleomes. They are sooo pretty. I had old seed and not a one grew. I will have to find a place next year. I really like them.

I can't wait to see your bushes with a little size on them.

Rusty, you're right to stay away from her. She's no good and neither is her daughter.

Will, cracking up over your ulterior motives!!

Happ, yep, when times were a lot easier :o) Old pictures do remind us of that.

I just bought a bottle of Zinc and am going to take it thru the winter. I'm sorry you got caught with a cold already, but it's a matter of time before we all get one :o( I need to think about getting a flu shot.

Will, it will be worth getting everything in the ground this year.

Well, isn't that a pretty red! I'm glad it finally bloomed. It's so cheery!

Since it's by the house, it might be nice to have the cocoa mulch there.

Isn't she adorable? I hope it was brand new with no water in it, LOL!

I've been busy editing photos this week. Then we got the Grandsons Friday after school and took them with us Saturday to the DH's side of the family reunion. DD brought the twins and they were adored by everyone. Today the boys went home.

I am on a cloud! In the outdoors, and the noise, both of the twins picked out my voice and focused on my face. I am officially their Grandma and I am so happy!

We're actually getting a little rain and it makes me feel like baking. Of course, here I sit trying to catch up on the computer. :o)

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hi Sally,
Haha, if she sees the new Butterfly bushes she'll be saying "what the heck, they were supposed to have red flowers!"! Haha, I saw the tag to one of the old ones, it was called something like 'Royal Red'!
Hehe, it prolly wasn't a new toilet, her parents prolly just thought it was funny! You know, "she's just a baby, she doesn't know where shes at, hehe!"! Who knows what people do to they're kids when they're babies!

Thanks, oh, I have taken those black weights back out of the trailer, where they were destined for the landfill. They came from an old, unused fitness machine that was strewn across that wooden bridge in the earlier "before and after photo" of the backyard up there. Years ago, they acquired that wooden bridge from the next door neighbor unintentionally, it had floated downstream from they're backyard during a unusual seriously heavy rain. Anyway, the disabled elderly lady was quite lively then (1998) and wouldn't give it back!
Actually, the black weights are in that second photo stacked up where the scraps of wood is stacked now! I got the go-ahead to throw away that fitness machine about a month ago. I'm glad it occurred to me about re-using the black weights!

A bottle of Zinc?! What does Zinc do? Usually when I have a cold I don't know it. I get a coldsore on my lip about a week later, then it hits me that that musta been a cold when my nose ran all day! I hope happ and you get to feeling better! I remember when I was a kid my Grandma would say, "put a hat (for ex.) on, you're going to catch a cold"! I was an awful kid, I'd say, "you don't catch a cold from the temperature, you get it from a virus!".
Yea, flu shot thoughts are here again! I dread flu shots! One year, (2001, Nov.), I got a flu shot and February of 2002 I got the flu and thought I was going to die! I really felt bad, I remember thinking, "this is it, I'm gonna die here with the flu"! You know 35,000 or so people die worldwide every year of the flu? It probably didn't help thinking how many die from the flu, when I had it!
Anyway, I'll pass out from shots! Well, theres a chance! The last time I passed out from a shot was 2008 when I had a kidney stone. I remember telling the nurse, "I might pass out, but if I do, I'll be back in about 30 seconds, the problem is I just won't know where I'm at"! I'm sure on the average you're better off with one than without, dangit! I'll prolly get another one, I got one last year too!

My Mom and Stepmom really go crazy over they're grandkids too!

I guess Pyracantha 'Gnome's DO berry up in the shade!


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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

61/77 A few showers early with bright sunshine by the afternoon. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

Will, then ''honesty'' is the best policy. They didn't survive the winter so you replaced them for her.

Ahh, the fitness machine.

Oh my gosh and they let her keep it?

Zinc is good for the immune system and they told me to take it for my eyes.

Luckily, I'm not down with anything yet.

Grinning, my Grandma and older Aunt used to say the same thing :o)

I've had the flu all my life, so even sick as I feel, I never feel that far gone, LOL! Since I've never had the shot, are they that painful? :o)

Gnome is a very nice little shrub!

It was raining lightly when I got up. I never expected it so it was a nice suprise.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I didn't do a thing outside but did manage to get a path into the garden room, talk about a mess. Figured out I have put the wrong plant stands in the wrong place so I am having to rethink alot. May give up and put everything back where it usually is who knows. I really need to downsize but how do you ever figure out what plant you don't want! Maybe I just need to trim everything back and I won't have to get rid of anything. One hibiscus is full of buds so I don't want to cut it back yet. My bananas are way too big and are going to have to be cut back, but they are so pretty. Oh well. I did get a pole hung for hanging plants and that helped a little. Need to hang another support bracket tho, cause when I water they are going to weigh a lot.

Will I am with you I have a ton to plant cause I don't want to worry about them all winter. Problem is I don't have the gardens ready. Guess I can throw them in the earth berm behind the water garden, least they will be planted.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Oh, they had no choice but to let her keep that bridge, it was on her property now, it was hers. They told me several guys came over to get it back then and she told them it was hers now.

Yeah, I know whats going to happen, it does every year, time will get away from me and it will be 10 before I know it! I usually spend several hours one Fall day or so, getting all my plants taken care of.
Oddly enuff I don't lose that many!

Yeah, I plan to tell her what really happened to the BB Bushes, if she ever she ever really comes back to MO. She knows her Mom is a BIG handful for her Sister, (my friend here) so she conveniently stays in VA., she rarely visits. In the last 20 years, I bet shes been here maybe 10 times. I think when family moves away like that sometimes they want to be disassociated and unattached emotionally and everything. For ex., I personally have an Aunt in Arkansas who comes up here all the time to see her very elderly parents and other family members. VA. is further away than AR. but still, that Sister rarely even calls. Altho, I hear she wants to do better, we'll see.
The sacrifices my friend here has made to have her Mother here at home is almost unfathomable. That Sister in Virginia should be ashamed of herself. They have another Brother also, here local, and he hasn't seen his Mom or anybody else in they're family for 20 years. My friend here sent notice to him that his Mother was near the end, and he never contacted my friend back, how cold is that? In the letter she sent to him, it included black and white photos of him and his Mother, for ex. in one, him as a baby and her holding him. She sometimes calls out for him, but she'll never see him again.

She is funny unintentionally sometimes, like this morning, there were two nurses in there and she says, "ladies, theres something I need to tell you, theres a fire in here". I wasn't in there but I could hear them, its hard to hold back the laughter sometimes, the hospice nurse was giggling. We turned the heater on for the first time recently and you know that first time smell that comes out? Well, now shes been saying fire all the time.
Today, she tells me the Fire Dep't is coming. She says to me, "are the firemen here, wait right there, the police are coming for you too"! She just thinks I am using her daughter, she just is being protective to the end, I don't give her a hard time.


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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Forget my previous post, what a downer, I don't mean to bring anybody down. I did the last painting of the year, outside tonite! I got the foundation above my proposed shade garden painted. It got up to 80 they say so I took advantage of the warmth, so the paint will be happy enuff on the foundation. I can't have a nasty looking wall behind my shade garden! The garage doors and the East side of the house will have to wait till next year
to get painted, besides I am out of paint! Now, I can get my Hostas, Coral Bells, Ferns, Ligularias and Lily of the Valleys squeezed in there. I've already got 2 of the big Hostas planted, a 'Blue Angel' and a 'Francee'.

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, I am stunned and laughing at the same time at your predicament! I hear you on everyting! I finally had to dig and dump the pretties that overtook one bed. I saved one and have a couple started in another bed.

I got in what I call my ruthless stage. Actually, it's a reality check. ''No, I don't need 6 of these. These re-seed so take them out now. They'll be back, etc.'' I did get beds a bit ready this spring or I would have had to downsize the lilliput iiris. I re-planted every one, but will ''free pile'' a lot next year. I want a big show next spring. That's the goal. I potted up a few lilies and I imagine the pots will just go in the ground because I don't see a new place to put them yet. Aaarggg!

Will, I think if they wanted it bad enough they could have called the cops and explained it. I am smiling at her fiestiness and the fact that she now had a bridge :o)

That is one sad family. It happens tho. One person ends up with all the responsibility and everyone ends up with their share of the family things. Knowing more about her makes her so much more someone you wnt to protect. Her Daughter is a good person!

Hey, you're never a downer! The wall will look great and so will the plants! It will reflect light nicely!

We have a chance of rain, but it's pretty sunny right now. I was going to walk, but after letting the cat out, I'm cold! I mowed yesterday so I have incentive to get out and move things around!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I don't want anybody to have the impression that I really do use her daughter, not at all, I've given her over $7,000 since I've been here, less than 3 years, she just has a protective mother which is normal.
I don't work much but I still have the part-time job that I've had for nearly 2 years in January. By gosh, my W2 even says $14,326 for 2010!
Oh yes, I agree, it's a pretty sad family situation. Yeah, I bet that happens alot, one sibling will do ALL the care for the parent, then when they pass away, here come the other siblings.

I got 6 Lily Tree bulbs planted tonite, actually only 3 were bulbs, the other 3 started out as bulbs but have grown since I got them from Brecks in the Spring shipment. The 3 'Satisfaction' Lily Tree bulbs from Brecks Fall shipment got planted by the clothesline, in the photo. The 3 'Purple Prince' Lil Trees got planted over by my Bamboo trench, 6 Lily Trees for under $7 with shipping isn't bad! Brecks does a great free $25 coupon, I mean totally free, not buy $100 and get $50 worth of plants!

I looked at that Hosta thats in the photo right up there, it's 'Paul's Glory', it's still in a pot, I'm debating whether or not to plant it there, it's so pretty but there might not be enuff room, I don't really want to crowd my shade garden!

Thanks Sally, I tell her that all the time too, thats she's a good person.

Well, the warm streak is over! We are going from a high today of around 82 to a low tomorrow of 47, altho, the low tonite is gonna be 54, the ac is on right now, then at bedtime or so I'll turn the heat back on!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

My plants will be coming back in tomorrow. lol. I need to make more room now because while my mom likes them on the stairs my dad doesn't. I just can't win. I have too many anyways but I really don't want to give them up. I like them too much. lol

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

54/70 Lots of sunshine. Winds W at 15 to 25 mph.

Will, you came at a time when the daughter needed help and you are a nice, good, trustworthy person. She wouldn't have gotten that thru advertising. Plus, you're good company :o)

I look forward to all your Lilies blooming. I hope they do well for you. I've been tempted to give them a try, but I don't mind seeing how others fare.

I love those coupons!!

How big does the Hosta get? Just pull it back from the fence that far so it has a the room it needs to not lay on the fence . Otherwise, I thinks it would look nice. If not, you can still move it while it's small.

ROTFL!! The AC? We've been gathering heat to keep us going for the next few days!!

Pepper, I think you and your Mom win on this one :o) Your Dad gets to rule the yard, you and your Mom get the house :o)

Well, besides that, they did really well and looked very pretty. What else was the space going to be used for?

(Pepper, reruns following so you won't have to read them for the third time, LOL!)

I've been going at it. I got one bed filled in from other beds yesterday and didn't even get a picture yet, LOL! I'm slowly moving daylilies around. Now that's a chunk of dirt! No wonder I had a cramp in each leg last night. Naturally they had to be an hour apart so I had to get up twice, LOL!

I'm real happy with the garage bed tho. It's one of those that just never was quite right. I had tall old fashioned daylilies in it and they ended up in front. I had a mess in the back and, well, it's good to go now!

Then the Rose Bed daylilies got planted farther back. I have two patches of the beautiful blue perennial ageratum that just spread into two large patches. I have no idea where to start putting it. It's just a big blob on both sides. But it is beautiful :o)

I'm putting phlox back in the North Peony Bed and tore out most of the Helianthus. It re-seeds like crazy! That's when I was ruthless :o) They were quite a show, but you can see the bright phlox and I'd like to see that again.

Well, I have a nice chuck roast to get on the fire and peaches to clean the worms out of :o(~

Have a wonderful day everyone!

The old garage bed. I'll take pictures of the new bed later.

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

The helianthus over-run in the North Peony

Thumbnail by billyporter
Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Billy, that island bed is beautiful! Can't wait to see a pic of the new garage bed. I haven't done anything to my old beds but hopefully next year I want to tear out the north bed, except for the peonies. That bed has been there probably 17 years and has always been full of weeds and no amount of work has seem to get rid of them. I just need to leave one patch of poppies my Mom gave me and dig up everything else and see if for once I can't get it under control.

Will, I love hostas and that will make a beautiful bed. What tall thing are you putting against the white wall? My shade garden is one of my favorite places.

I did get one plant planted from the barrels where I dug it up from the city. Wish I would of taken a pic cause it looked so funny. I dug it up and just dropped it in a black plastic bag (the roots) and watered it. Then I tied the plastic bag up on the trunk to keep the air out so the roots wouldn't dry. The plant was happy as a lark. Yesterday when I finally got around to planting it, little roots had started to poke out from the tree trunk portion. Look like little porcupine quills, glad I didn't leave it any longer. I am guessing those new roots once exposed to the air will just die off. Mother Nature is just so clever.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Love that island bed Bp!!!

I have decided that instead of transplanting my magnolia into a bigger pot this fall I will put it in the ground in the same pot. That way it stays warmer and I don't have to worry about it dying on me. lol. I want that tree and I will do what I have to do to keep it. Finally got my gooseberry planted a few days ago also. Now just have the magnolia and a hosta to get in the ground for winter and I am done with all that.

I have new pics but gotta get my downloading system straightened out again so it won't download all the pics on the camera, just new ones.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yes, that is a really nice island bed of flowers there, billyp! Wow, all the weeding must take a while! Still though, it'd be worth it. How dedicated you must be to you're plants and stuff. You must be pretty well known there in you're small town for having such nice displays of flowerbeds.

Thanks for all the kind words Sally, I am lucky!

Here is 3 of the Lily Trees, the 3 Purple Princes in the next photo. They are across from the "shade garden"...hehe, I call it that but it's really too small to be a shade garden, it's only 4 and a half feet by 7 feet rectangular.
I shouldn't have any trouble filling it up with plants that's for sure!

Hmmm.. a tall shade plant for going against the wall? I never thought of that, I don't think I have anything for that. Thanks happ, I hope it makes a beautiful bed too.

Tonite, I got 5 more potted plants planted, a Black Hollyhock, 2 'Summer Carnival' Hollyhocks, a Butterfly Bush 'Nanho Blue' from Pepper and 1 of my 2 'Bright Edge' Yucca's.

How big does my Hosta get, billyp? Was that question for me or somebody else, I get confused easy!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

This photo is just further away, but that's the proposed "shade garden" back there and my 3 Purple Prince Lily Trees in the foreground next to my Bamboo trench of kitty litter buckets!
I'm slowly planting all my potted plants!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Will, a good tall shade plant is Ostrich Fern. It will get pretty big if it likes it's home.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks Happ, it has a lot of blooms and I don't change too much in it.
My Rose Bed was like that. It seems like it was too hot to get in there till late summer and clean the darn thing out. I don't know what changed, LOL, but the obnoxious spurge is gone.
Laughing over your plant survival! What kind of tree is it?

Pepper, thanks!
Bit by bit it all gets done. I've been counting off chores. My big list is getting smaller too :o)
I hope your magnolia survives. I think they even take our zone, but maybe not the prettiest of them. What kind and how tall is it now?

Will, Thanks! The grasses sneaked in and I haven't had time to dig and pull all of them out. I'll just keep plucking away till they are dead.
Actually, yes, and I have three neighbors who have nice beds too. One yard is quite large. Then you have to go to the other end of town to find a couple more largish beds.
Smiling, the size of a postage stamp can be a garden :o)
Those are a nice size in the pots.
You, how big will your hosta against the fence get?
That's going to be a nice bed!! I'd say the more you get in the ground, the better.
The Cardinal Flower likes shade, but can take sun if it's wet. It would look great against the wall and gets 3' tall if happy.

Time to cut and paste :o)

Our peaches aren't the best, but they have been ripening and falling off the tree. I cleaned and froze twelve quarts. There were quite a few worms to remove because it was too windy to ever spray this spring.

Then I went over and picked two dishpans of Jonathan apples off the neighbor's tree. There were a lot of, too small, apples to pick. I picked tomatoes and came in to make a green tomato pie. Then DD called and needed a sitter, so we had all four :o)

I thought this was an especailly pretty Zinnia. I'm going to try to save seeds and hope it comes back true. I'd love to have a row of them!

Thumbnail by billyporter
Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Will guess you don't need a tall plant but just figured you would want to break up the white wall, you could do a tall yard ornament, a hanging pot from one of those staffs that go in the ground, or BillyP had a trellis in her white wall. Just a thought. Love the arrangement of the pots. Like I said my shade garden is my favorite spot. Right now it needs some rain because we sure haven't had much moisture this fall so far, probably need to water, the tree has a tendency to suck up all the moisture anyway.

I can not think of the name of that silly tree/bush plant it is a tropical with pink flowers, will have to see if I can find a pic of it or tonight take a pic of funny roots. Love the zinnas, I have a ton of seeds and maybe next year I will get some winter sowed. I haven't tried that but I have read lots about it.

Still collecting pics of potting benches, watched a video put on by Hazelton on how to build one. Need to watch a few more of those, he had tips on how to cut everything the same length so that will help alot.

Suppose to be a nice weekend.
Crit did you get rain the other day? Our division called up complaining about their phone line, and they only do that if it has rained.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

The magnolia is a good 2 feet tall with 2 branches, so it's nice Y shape. It's in a gallon sized pot right now which will be easy to bury. The cultivar is 'Jane' and cane be a big bush or smallish tree or in some cases get to normal size. lol. Pink blooms. I want to put it in the pot my herbs are in right now but just will wait til spring. That way I know it has a chance of survival. Plants in pots over the winter are iffy for me. I've lost one knockout and one dappled willow bush that were in pots even though I stuck them in a corner, north side of house smack dab against the basement wall and the deck for warmth. Only a little water when extremely dry.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hehe! A Hosta by a fence? Sally, I don't have a Hosta by a fence I don't think. That fence looking trellis in an above photo has three 'Satisfaction' Lily Tree bulbs planted by it. I've been wrong before but I can't for the life of me think of a Hosta by a fence. There is Hostas by that silver tin landscape edging, but that edging is only 4 inches tall. The variegated Hosta with the green and white leaves that is pretty striking is called 'Patriot'. I don't recall the mature dimensions of it, but it's not a big one I know. The potted plant in front of the edging is a Coral Bells.

Thanks happ, thats a good idea, if I have room I might do something like an ornament back there. I have several extra double shepard hooks, but I don't know if the soil goes deep enuff to get that in the ground though.
That spot doesn't really have a lot of soil in it, I dumped the dirt there in 2010 after the deck builders left a big pile of dirt near there.

That hardy Rush or bamboo looking water plant you gave me happ is really trying to multiply, it already has 4 or 5 little bamboos coming off of it! I took it out of the water, it's in the pot but it's not supposed to stay in the water over the Winter in the pot is it? It's a neat waterpond addition too, I'd hate to lose it over the Winter.

The Magnolia 'Jane' is a nice one, I want that one myself eventually, it's very pretty.

Yes, nice Zinnias billyp! Thats what I want now is Zinnias!

Home Depot has (or bigger grafted Japanese Maples on sale right now for $19.95, like 'Fireglow' and 'Bloodgood', (and a couple other but I can't recall what they were called, maybe Atropurpureum), thats what I think I'm gonna spend the $25 gift card on that I got for my birthday.

Thanks billyp, a lot of my plants in pots are a good size now. I just had to get thru that suspicious-looking-mess-of-pots-stage of them sitting around for years, the cops came to investigate them and everything!
I'm trying to get them all planted this Fall, I planted 10 more plants tonite, 2 Veronica Speedwells, 2 Soapwarts, a big Dwarf Alberta Spruce, 2 Creeping Phloxes, a 'Munstead' Lavender and one other ut the name isn't coming to me!

How about this Speedwell Veronica in this Fish?!

Thumbnail by shortleaf
suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Heres another view of some plants I'm planting around the waterpond. If anybody sees anything not good, please tell me, I can take it! I don't want to have things be all wrong after they've been there awhile!
I can always dig stuff up if I need to. That Dwarf Alberta Spruce on the side of the left of the photo is planted since the photo, it's now way back there, behind the Japanese Barberry and a little left of it.

Thumbnail by shortleaf
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

42/64 Sun and clouds mixed. Slight chance of an afternoon shower. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.

Happ, I love the idea of a hanging plant. It does seem a shame to waste the tall space :o)

I think your potting bench will turn out just fine!

I have to agree that I really like the trellis DH hung for me. It was his idea, to balance out the tall window.

Pepper, I'd never be able to overwinter in a pot unless I bury it. I hope your magnolia makes it. Oooh, I Googled her. How pretty, and down to zone 4! I bookmarked the page to read up on the "little Girl" trees.

My neighbor has beautiful Knock Out roses planted by a landscaping Co. I lost mine. It just dwindled down to nothing. What is our problem?

Will, weren't you digging a hole to put a hosta in? The shovel was stuck in the ground in the photo and you were saying you didn't want to crowd it. You might have switched to talking about another plant and I missed it.

Cracking up over myself. I scrolled back up to just re-read the post and I can't even find it. Let's just say I goofed, LOL!!

Zinnias give a lot back for the price of one package! I'm hoping the plant puts out a lor of seedheads. I'm hoping it also comes true to seed next year. I've never replanted zinnia seed before. Maybe I'll get enough plants going next year to share seed.

The JM would be a good Birthday present!

Isn't it nice to finally find a use for things that have been hanging around. I have a few things like that and next year, I have plans :o)

Love the speedwell in the mouth! I love the fish anyway :o)

Things look fine right now. I like the placement of the shrub.

It's Friday! It's also going to be chilly over the next few days. I hope to get out and keep moving plants.

The new bed that looks simple, but took a few days to plant, LOL! I need two more clematis for the trellis. All the Daylilies are short ones now. I have Lavender Hyssop at the back, magenta Phlox beside it, Siberian Iris in four chunks, fronted by the Daylilies, with two ''Marmalade'' Coral Bells in between. I hope the daylily foliage doesn't cover them.

Thumbnail by billyporter
suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Oh, I think I see what happened Sally. Here is the culprit post I bet! -
I do have a tendency to skip around like that, really, you're not the first person to say that. My Mom told me once, we can be talking about something and I start talking about something else! It's not that I'm not listening or anything like I only want to talk about what I want, but rather I want to say it before I forget! I do that quite a bit, talk to someone, then think, "dang, I meant to mention this or say that or something!".


KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Will, here is a link to a list of dependable Jap Maples for our zone.,2

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

That's a beautiful bed that you made billy! Tell you're DH he had a great idea! The trellis there looks fantastic! That's a good idea, I want a trellis against the wall with Clematis on it now! Well, on second thought, there's no sun there, dangit!

Happ, weren't you saying something about the roots of Water Iris? The roots on one are getting big and long! I think in order to get that one out of the pot I'm gonna have to cut the pot, because I don't know if tugging on the plant till it comes out is a good idea at this stage, it has grown like crazy! I was looking for the post where you said that and I couldn't find it. I can't wait to see you're potting bench!

Thanks for the link, Pepper. I kinda decided against the Japanese Maple, that's a good site tho, thanks. I went to Home Depot today thinking I was gonna get one, but logic kinda took hold and I got to thinking, "I really don't have a place to put it". I better stay with smaller trees that don't really have a mature size that needs dealing with. I DID get something there though! I couldn't pass up on a Colorado Blue Spruce 'Globosa'. It looks nice around a water pond and it don't get so big that I need to consider it's mature size. It was half price so not bad there, I had a $25 gift Visa, so I only had to chip in like $1.86, it was $24.99. It's not a bad size, it's still about 3 feet tall. I did see what they had there, the one that I was trying to think of is called 'Emperor One', the others were 'Bloodgood' and 'Fireglow', they are really a good buy, I wish I had room, but even a small tree is getting too big. I could get it but then it's just starting to look crazy! There should be mostly yard I think! I like the picture of the conifer garden at that link - , although there looks to be stuff there other than conifers, which is good. I'd be broke if everything I had was conifers! I better stay with Conifers on sale and "living Christmas trees". For ex., that Dwarf Alberta Spruce was a little "living Christmas tree" that I bought for $3 back in 2004 I think, it's now a decent size so I can bring it out!
I might actually be getting a 'Jane' Magnolia, it stays pretty small, the flowers are real nice, it's also a good indication that Spring has arrived when it blooms!
The photo is it before I planted the 'Globosa', it was getting dark, all the photos were blurry. Even this one is blurry but not as blurry as the others. I'll put the planted one in the next post, it got dark fast for that one! After I took the photo I straightened it up, it's leaning pretty good to the right in the photo. Thats the other blue fish, it has yet another Speedwell Veronica in it! I hope that 'Globosa' isn't too close to the Banana or anything.
Does it look too close to anybody else?


Thumbnail by shortleaf
suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Here it is, it's pretty dark. A friend of mine has about a 10 year old one and it's about 5 or 6 feet in diameter now, I hope mine's not too close to anything. I'm not averse to digging it up and replanting it if I should.

Thumbnail by shortleaf

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