September 2011-Hopefully cooler!!

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Will, that's the one, LOL! I could have sworn the shovel was upright, ready to dig, but I think that was another photo too.
I'm also guilty of skipping around! Like you, I don't want to forget it.

The trellis on the garage is shaded most of the day, so I planted a ''Clair de Lune'' Clematis. They can take the shade. For me, one isn't enough, and it really could use more sun. Which it might get if the neighbor's take out the walnut tree. I think it has one main stem now. I need to prune, but need to find which one it is. I hope I can take it all the way to the ground and start over.

The Blue Spruce sounds like a nice choice and will stay green all winter!

I don't know bananas, but I think the spruce looks like it's in a good spot.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Morning all, you guys have been busy! Not me...rofl. Maybe today I can get with it for awhile. Got lots to do, everything is really dry up here. Need to get plants ready for a couple of plant swaps I am into for mailing on Monday, and still lots to plant. My nephew came up and helped us pour some concrete and he mowed for me so I don't have that hanging over me....yes!

Billy love the new garden planted and that big plant in the back. It is always fun to watch the changes.

Will I was telling you probably about my water iris was on my waterfall just sitting not planted. One winter I forgot to bring it down into the water after I turned off the waterfall and figured it had frozen since the roots were out in the open, but I didn't lose in it. In fact it sat there for probably 4 or 5 years like that...rofl. You probably won't be able to get it out of the pot without cutting the pot, once the roots come out the bottom it is pretty much stuck unless they are just out a wee bit.

Went to friends and picked apples yesterday. She probably has 80 apple trees, she even is letting me use her apple peeler. It is the coolest thing. I am going to try making some apple sauce and then some pies for the freezer. She said you can freeze the apple sauce also, which is easier than canning and not as expensive cause I won't have to buy jars and stuff. Gonna have to find some receipes tho. Love apple butter but probably have to can to have it.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Happ, homemade applesauce and apple butter sound so good right now!!! YUM!!!

I was supposed to go to a mud run tonight but skipped out. I overdid it at work yesterday when I redid 2 displays and then had to put up our truck today. The displays were canned tomatoes on one then the other one I had to take down some beans and put up some Ragu spagetti sauce. A case of that weighs a good 10 pounds probably. I decided that sitting on hard wooden benches wasn't gonna help me any so skipped out. Wish I could say I got planting done instead!! lol

I need to get my pics downloaded. Gonna try that now and see if it works right.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Got my pics on here finally!!

Huerchera Villosa 'Tiramisu' It better come back next year bigger and better than ever or I will never buy another!! lol.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Can't post pics. Internet Explorer says something about connection problems. Try a plain post with no pics.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I'll do pic tomorrow.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Making you're own apple-sauce and apple-butter and pies! It all sounds good, I bet it's some work, that would be worth it!

Thanks billyp, I think the Banana plant might be okay with the Spruce but I don't know about that clothesline trellis now! I think I might need to get my trusty pruners out someday and shape that Spruce like a hubcap, well maybe I'm thinking of a wheel rim you know without the tire! lol I planted a few more things lately, a big red Lily from Pepper, a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, that started out as a "living Christmas tree" back in the day and another pot of Black Hollyhocks from seeds from

Heres that Water Iris! How about some roots! I took the one on the right out of the water to show the roots. That's the one that's been submerged in the water since I got it from Happ, 2 or 3 months ago. The other one that's still in the water isn't nearly as big, it didn't grow nearly as fast because I didn't put it in the water until much later, they definitely like lots of water! The one with all the roots fell over 4 or 5 times in the water and nearly all the soil came out, there might be a little soil left, not much, it thrives without soil I saw too. I checked to see if it was in a thin plastic pot, it is, so it won't be any trouble cutting it out. I have a tendency to save the thick plastic pots more often, but I realize now that they are gonna be difficult to cut thru if I need to, I'll hafta get out my tinsnips on those.

I got 2 Speedwell fishes!

That's nice by you're garage billy, a lot of work. Just curious, what is that tall plant by the garage window or is that the Clematis? Sorry if you said, I get confused easy! : )
Eeeek! Pouring concrete, that's some nasty work! In Texas I had a job doing that for 6 months!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

This is an even wider view of all my junk! Hehe! I'm slowly dwindling down the clutter!
Don't mind the Pizza box in the trash, I was trying to get all the way to the left to show my 'Bright Edge' Yucca and the purple Lilac.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Okay Pepper, I like Coral Bells, I have several. I'm afraid the 2 that I got from you didn't like something and they expired, they were called 'Marble' something, they were the only ones out of them all that died.
I liked them too, they woulda been a really colorful addition. The five I have are 3 purple ones, 1 'Plum Pudding' and 2 'Palace Purple's, (I think is the names) and 2 light green chartreuse colored ones, they are nice too.
I have been given the go-ahead to try this unused black composter thing as an inground barrier pot of sorts for the Bamboo that I've been raving about! I called the lady today and left a message, I'm gonna get some if she'll give me some, which I'm pretty sure she will, she has been disposing of it. That's the black composter thing in the background of the photo, I forgot I don't have a photo of the black thing by itself. I had put another bag of soil around that Japanese Maple, I think I'd gouge out my eyeballs if my funny mound planting caused the JM's roots to come to the surface!

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Here's a shot of some stuff that I've been planting, geez, I hope it looks better than this next year! The Red Lily, the Black Hollyhock and the Dwarf Alberta Spruce that I planted all recently, are in the photo.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

All the coral bells I planted this year are still alive. Not any bigger but alive. Your purples should survive. I've heard alot of people say that it has survived for them.

Your yard is starting to come together!! Slowly but surely.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks Pepper! I'm actually looking forward to getting the yard-work down to a manageable level. I suppose I'm up for the challenge, what better way to piddle! Last year those 5 Heuchera's overwintered in the attached garage. I would love to let them overwinter outside this year, with all those pots in the garage it is nearly impossible to walk around in there. I hope to at least get them in the ground before Winter, so they have a better chance of survival outside. I've got so many decisions to make on all my remaining potted plants soon, I think my head is going to explode! I don't want any to just sit around, that looks so nasty! They deserve to be planted I guess, they've been sitting around for so many years!
Here is an old photo of that sitting around part! Isn't that just precious?! That's what I'd like to avoid! It's like a collecting lifestyle trait or something! It's funny, I had all those potted plants back then, but I rented that little house, I had nowhere to plant any of it! I did gain quite a bit of propagating, planting and growing experience from all that I suppose! I'm lucky now, my friend is letting me plant my collection in her backyard! She says her house is my house, so I guess I am taking it literally, haha, she pays the mortgage, I'm really not trying to lay claim on her! Altho, I tell her all the time that I think she is forgetting that I own her, maybe that includes the house too! All kidding aside, I am fortunate and honored to plant my stuff in her yard. Do you recognize the Pine tree in the background of this photo? It's my prized Dwarf Eastern White Pine 'Nana'. I'd had it for less than a year in this photo. It's in that "wider view" photo up there in the decorative big white planter.

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I am like you Will with a ton left to plant that I know won't make it in the ground this year. It was too hot his summer tand gardens aren't ready and with our weather being a month off, I figured Oct is going to be like Nov! It could warm back up a tad and I wouldn't mind. You can't hurt those iris, so just try yanking it out of the pot, they are tough as nails honest. The hardest thing in a water garden is keeping the pots upright, it makes me crazy. I have tried all the tricks, rocks in the bottom of the pot and so on and so on. The only thing that works for me, is taking wire, making two holes in the side of the pot, running the wire thru those holes and then taking the ends of the wire and sitting one of the rocks on the edge of the pond ontop of the ends of the wire. I think that plant in the back of Billys planting is Lavender Hyssop (I am sure I misspelled that)

Someone gave me hollyhocks and if your black is a hybrid, it will reseed everywhere and NOT come back true to color. Atleast that is what has happened to my hollyhock that was given to me. Mine get about 6 feet tall!

I think some of those hybrid coral bells are alot harder to grow than the "normal" ones. I am going to have to water the shade garden this morning it is so dry up here and the tree is sucking every ounce of moisture out of the ground. We haven't had any measureable rain in forever up here and don't see any in the forecast. That one weekend it was misty cold and cloudy but no real rain came from it up here.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

That's alright if the Hollyhocks don't come back true to color, I like the regular maroon ones anyway. I also have some 'Summer Carnival' Hollyhocks that are also coming up from seed, I hope I see the nice colors on them also at least one year. If they do alot of seeding that's okay, I like Hollyhocks. Yeah, it is DRY. I took about a half hour and went around with a watering can watering stuff again yesterday.
Thanks for the tip on keeping waterborne pots upright happ! I'll try anything. I think a stray cat gets in there and knocks stuff over. It's funny, whatever it is hasn't been getting in there for a couple months, the water is probably too cold! I'll try yanking that Iris first, it'd be nice if it comes out that way.
Lavender Hyssop eh? It's a nice plant.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, it's hard to do plants when the ground is so dry. I am hoping we get the rain today. that's been drying up before it gets here.

What a great nephew!

The big plant is a Lavender Hyssop, and I moved it that big, LOL! It's the largest I've ever seen one get. It has beautiful bright lavender blooms and the bees adore it! There are now four on that wall, spaced with a phlox between them. The leaves are scented.

80 trees. I'd be in apple Heaven!!

Nope, Apple butter can be frozen too!

Pepper, I'll bet the displays look great and yes the benches would not have felt too good. The planting will get done. It always does, LOL! Dad gave me onion sets from the Walking onion and I just planted them today. I dumped the rest of the tiny one's on the compost pile and you can bet all of them will grow!

Cracking up!! I know the picture finally worked because I saw it on ''Weather'' today. It's pretty!!

Will, those are some roots! I'd sacrifice the pot.

You're whittling down the pots that need planted out. Think of how nice it will look next Spring :o)

The clematis is on the trellis. The window plant is Lavender Hyssop. I started it from seed. It's perennial and will reseed. It's the agastache family.

Pouring cement is a lot of work and unless you get the brooming, it's a lot of grunt work.

Casey's pizza is pretty good :o)

It's going to look good back there!

We may get some rain today. I'm 'a hoping!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I cut that Water Iris out, it came out easy. While I was out there I filled the thing back up with water that the 2 Water Irises are sitting in, they like water, I hope they like ice as well! See that thing that I made that all the scraps of lumber is now sitting in?

Thanks billyp, I hope all the Fall planting looks nicer in the Spring!

I like Hyssop, I want Hyssop! I've never had Casey's pizza, we like the $10 a large pizza Pizza Hut deal! I like pizzas with alot of Mushrooms on it!

Ima hoping on rain too! They said on the news we are over 2/3 short of the average rainfall for Sept.

Yeah, I remember the brooming part of the job, you just stand there and drag a big pushbroom over the wet cement surface to get the dried nonslip surface effect! That was my Dad's business, he really knew his stuff in concrete, in TX. him and me worked together doing it. Here, there is a shopping district called Zona Rosa, he poured all the concrete for the floors in all those businesses, it was a big job for his business.
Unfortunately, his money controller employee was taking the money for herself, it cost him the business. It's pretty sad how that all took place, it was his lifelong aspiration to be self-employed, he just hired a dishonest controller of the contracts and the money, he placed too much trust in her, then he passed away less than 2 years after that. He tried a lot of businesses (even inventions) that failed before that, stuff like Amway and selling water filters etc.

There I go, getting all off the subject!

Okay Pepper, where's that pic at?!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Will, now how on earth did I skip over all the pictures above?

The JM looks good! It's really going to be a nice tree.

I had to laugh at all those pots. Wow, sat there for years. I bury all pots for fear of losing stuff and you just have everything surive :o)

Your friend is lucky to have someone who can beautify for her :o) When you are ''done'' and we never are, she's really going to love the transformation.

"Hope they like ice." Laughing, me too!

That looks just like the Casey pizza box. It's a gas stastion, but the pizzas are put together and cooked there. Usually you can run up in about 20 minutes and pick it up hot.

Oh Will, I am so sorry for your Dad. I despise dishonest people! It's a shame he passed away so soon after. At least you grew up working with him when it counted the most.

Nice roots :o)

We got our rain and may get more today! It was wonderful. I even went out in it to bring in the recycle bin. (Garbage day was yesterday.) I took the time to clean up my computer. I rad things I bookmarked and deleted a bunch of stuff. Now photos are gaining on me again. I NEED another rainy day :o)

Lavender Hyssop, new and older.

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Older. This is how Agastaches do towards Fall. They have just a few tiny blooms, but are a draw no matter how many they have.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks billyp, I hope that Japanese Maple is a good asset for the landscaping back there that I plan, maybe she can get some of that $200 back out of it in viewing pleasure!!

Oh, sorry billyp, those aren't the same potted plants by probably 95%. I moved 4 times since that photo was taken, a lot of that stuff had to be disposed of, there was no way I could keep that much stuff! I was lucky to keep the shirt on my back and pots wouldn't fit on my back, I tried! I needed to get rid of that stuff quick, back then, my Grandma was my landlady and she passed away when I had that collection of pots. I was all in a tizzy, I was like, "oh boy, I think I'm in trouble, what do I do now?", and that was confirmed, I was soon subtly given notice to hit the Hushpuppy Highway by the relative heirs then! I landed on my feet tho, those relatives and me don't speak anymore unfortunately. If there is a piece of advice I can give to anybody, it is make great friends in you're life, you might need them!

Everything I'd leave out like that was hardy tree seedlings and stuff that I had no worries about the cold hardiness. I remember there was always stuff tho that didn't make it thru the Winter, that's quite a bit to ask even of "hardy" plants when they're just in pots.

Yeah, my Father got a raw business deal, it just goes to show, do research on employees in that kind of control and be a part of handling the money. I remember he "asked" for money for stuff and she'd have to approve it, it was his money but it was probably in her bank account! It doesn't matter how good of a friend you think they are, all this lady saw was dollar signs! He had to fold up, after the poo hit the fan, there was no way to pay the employees, the debtors, the equipment costs or anything, she had taken ALL the money. She was like Bernie Madoff in a way, she just didn't care, it was all a facade.

There is quite a few Casey's General stores here too. I've had quite a bit of they're gas but not they're pizza. I used to try to go to this one Casey's, it was always like a penny cheaper a gallon of gas!

Oh, you got some rain eh billyp?! It keeps clouding up here and looking like rain every now and then, but it never rains!!

That Hyssop is nice, I really like the Butterfly on it too!

Go little Witch Hazel! Look at it, reaching for the sky!!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Will, I see, all those were at the old place. Gee, they sure didn't give you much time to get situated. I think I wouldn't be talking to them either.

She will get hers in the end. I hate crooks!

We get pretty good pizza here. When they first opened up, the pizzas were larger and had more crust around the edges. It's still good tho. I try to make my own. I buy a block of mozzerella and shred it myself. It's isn't quite as salty, but still melts and strings.

We went thru that ''looking like rain'' for a few days and finally got it.

That's a nice looking tree. It should really take off next spring!

Yesterday turned out pretty nice. I started with long sleeves and a coat and was able to shed the coat. I pulled a lot of little weeds and cut stems to save seeeds of the usuals I don't want to lose. It felt good to clean up another bed.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Sorry guys!! Internet went out on Sunday and I just got it back a few hours ago finally. I can finally post that pic on this thread. lol

I got a ton of planting done today. 2 mums, 16 tulips, 4 daffodils and 6 hyanciths. Gonna be a nice display this spring!!

I LOVE Casey's pizza!!! We always get beef and mushroom. Soooo good!!!

Huerchera Villosa 'Tiramisu'

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks Sally, I too hope the Witch Hazel does me proud! It better or I might need to get a 36 cent refund for Pete's Sake! I need it to find the underground river that I know is in the backyard! I've been reading up on dowsing!

I wonder if that Coral Bells is named after the dessert at Olive Garden or vice versa? - Tiramisu is my Grandpa's favorite dessert there!
I bet it's an italian word for something! That's alot of stuff you got planted there, Pepper.
I only got 2 things planted today, but they were pretty big, a Forsythia that I've had for years and the last of the 6 Banana 'Basjoo's that I bought this year. In this photo, that's the Forsythia in that pink pot before I planted it. After I planted those it was too dark for a photo. I have plans for the big ditch-lily clump in that photo from happ, by the little wooden bridge, after I get the bridge secured so that it doesn't float away and just leave the ditch-lilies sitting there!

I was looking at labels on some of my shade plants, trying to come up with a taller one or ones to go in the back of my proposed shade garden, against the wall, the 2 Ligularia's that I got from Pepper say they get up to 40" tall. And they thrive in the shade, they look as happy as larks, they've been in the shade ever since I got them! I have 2 Ligularia's now to put in the back of the shade garden!

Do you see the purple Lilac between the spare tire and the black pot? That thing started out small, I tried to give that thing plenty of room, it says 10 feet in diameter! I'm gonna be moving out all that stuff around it, like the ladder, spare tire, board, fence and pots.
I hope you guys like exclamation points! Haha! And there's my 'Bright Edge' Yucca all the way over to the left in the photo. Pepper'd recognize the other 3 plants in the front, I got them from her, they are from left to right a small Cardinal Plant, a Lavender 'Munstead' and all the way to the right front is a Soapwort. Behind the Soapwort and a little left is a Hydrangea 'Mini Penny'. Behind that is some Black and 'Summer Carnival' Hollyhocks that I grew from seed, in the very back is that Dwarf Alberta Spruce that is finally big enuff to have out in public! It started out as a "Living Christmas Tree" about 6 years ago, and thus, quite small then! Out of sight is a Japanese Barberry of some variety, I don't have the label for it. And also out of sight on the right is a red Lily clump from Pepper. I'll probably wait to plant that Iris in the photo, I'm not worried about them overwintering in pots, they already have one year. I need to find a sunny spot for them so they flower good, they will make a nice addition too, thanks Imames. Where'd that Ima go? She's a nice lady too.
And that concrete frog, what can I say about it?! It's just an embarrassment! I need to put that chipped up concrete frog out of sight! I'll have a better idea of what else I can plant after some of those plants start growing and reaching they're mature sizes. I would like to avoid crowding a bunch together then having to dig them up later because of that!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I also put all my potted perennials in the garden to overwinter. lol. Since it's loose dirt it was easy to dig in. lol. 2 pots of buttefly weed, a hydranga, a magnolia, a hosta and an autumn fern.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Pepper, I get sooo mad at the internet!! I read that only the larger cities will ever get the best speeds. It's too expensive to let us small towns and boonies have it. It's not fair, if that's what is going to happen. The farther into the century we get the more we take a step back.

It feels so good to get all those things done. I can't wait to see what is big enough to bloom next year!

This is similar to Marmalade. I really like these colors, but they are touchy. I lost Peach Flambe. I'm just waiting to keep dividing the one I have. I love the colors tho!

Will, smirking over the 36 cents {:o) Yeah, and isn't Witch Hazel used in dowsing?

That sounds mighty good! I haven't had breakfast yet and I might have to now. (I did.)

Getting big things planted is a big thing! Laughing over the thought that the neighbors may get a bridge back!

The Rocket will get tall, and are a nice yellow for a backdrop. Eventually, they can be divided too.

The lilac can be pruned, but it will be worth the scent in the spring!

The rest of the plants look great! I can't wait to see all of them with a little size to them.

Put the frog under foliage so you can only see some of it, or, take it to Goodwill, in a sack, set it down, knock, and run :o)

I've been thinking of ImaMes too. I know how hard it is to come back when you've had to walk away and get busy.

Pepper, loose dirt, what a luxery! The butterfly weed is going to want to put out a deep taproot. You might want to plant it out now.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Boy, I hate to put that Tropicanna away for the year, it's so pretty. Yeah, the internet can be maddening when it doesn't work. There's nothing more frustrating than repeatedly getting that "web page unavailable"
screen or the one that it always says when it's not getting on the internet! Haha! They won't get the bridge back! Those neighbors are long gone. They are "upstream" anyway, nothing would ever even potentially float into they're yard. If that bridge were to float away, it would be in the other neighbor's yard and they're nice.

Haha, I wouldn't really get a .36 refund! I was just being sarcastic! That's $8 divided by the bundle of 25! Now, if it was more than a dollar, then I'd have to think about it! Yeah, Witch Hazel is the dowsing rod!
I read that's why they have witch in the name in some places!

Here's another pretty wide shot of the backyard and stuff! I try to get "before" photos out there because I plan on really tidying it up. Don't mind the air compressor and tank, I was just airing some stuff up, but I put my tools and stuff up out of the weather. That'll be a big relief to see those plants get some size to them and be flourishing, I can't wait!

Haha! Yeah, I might do that to the frog, it looked better back in the day when it wasn't all chipped up and the paint was fresh.

That's a nice Heuchera, Pepper. I wish mine would get the full size leaves on them, but they're not old enuff yet.
Yeah, loose dirt is nice when you can get it! I wish dirt was always as loose as it is in that commercial for the Garden Weasel!


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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I want to wait on the buttefly weed til spring beacuse the bed I want to put it in is gonna get redone. It hasn't turned out the way I want it so I'm moving stuff around and ripping out others in there. My Queen Elisabeth might be gone this spring too. It has never bloomed for me and has struggled because I cut it back way to far a couple years ago and have paid the price since. Westerland will go in it's place if I can't get it to improve.

The huechera in the pic I bought at that size. lol. It's the only one I have that is a decent size. The others are 6 inches across or less.

One of the cannas blooming. The other one is buried under my switchgrass. lol. I'm leaving them out til frost hits. Same for elephant ears.

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

You know Pepper it is so hard for me to redo a flower bed for some reason, but my north one I just need to get whipped into shape, I don't think I have ever liked it but every year for YEARS I have let it go and just keep planting in it thinking somehow it is going to grow on me and every year I like it less, to the point except in early spring I don't even look at it, now that is bad. It could really be something if I would of just redid it 15 years ago or so.

Still have apples to get frozen, I should of had them done by now, but every night something has been going on and it has been so late when I get home. That is first on my list for Saturday, which is not what I want to be doing but as the saying goes,
"The hardest thing to learn is to do the thing that needs to be done, when it needs to be done, rather you like it or not!"
I hate sayings...rofl.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Well, I went and cabbaged onto some of a friend's Bamboo today! Some portly hooligan stepped in front of the camera, I guess he wanted to be in the shot! Okay, that's me, I forgot a shirt and my keys! It was cool and I was just in a big hurry, I turned around after I closed the front door and I was locked out! I had to get the car key from underneath the car.
Does anybody have any idea what kind of bamboo it is?
It was more rampant in her yard than I thought, it was everywhere. What I got were just pieces of runners, I hope they live, there's no soil in them even.
I got a big black plastic tub to put them in, I'm wondering if I should use the part of the tub that has a bottom or the other part that is bigger but doesn't have a bottom, just sides.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Here's a closer pic of the bamboo pole.

Thumbnail by shortleaf
suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

This is all I got, 4 pieces of runners. The other bucket was just soil to fill the holes up, but as it turned out there weren't any holes!

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Personally I would put it in a solid steel container with no holes minimum planter size 6 feet deep, surrounded by a concrete casing with no holes, follwed by lead casing with no holes, buried 4 feet deep with 2 feet of containers sticking out of the ground so the runners can't jump over the sides....rofl.....

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Holy bat container!! That'd be quite an unescapable container there, I think you forgot the padlock, happ!! lol Hmmm.. I don't think I can come up with all that, but I can have it above the ground!
When I asked her how long until a little runner like I got would be big, she showed me some she said was just from this year and it was about ten feet tall! The tallest she said was just 2 years old!

That's another stand of it that came up it appeared about ten feet from the main grove (in the photo). It does seem to be as bad as they say. It appeared to be running AWAY from her house though, which is good.
The bad thing is it was heading for all the neighbor's yards except on one side. I think she has her a genuine problem on her hands. It was in the fence in a big way on one side. Ironically enuff, she says those neighbors told her they like it because it provides privacy for them. She said it's some young guys who are roommates, they probably party and carry on back there (she didn't say they party up, I'm just guessing they do)!

I went to Kmart today to look for paint and I can't believe they stopped selling those 1 gallon housepaint cans! I want to paint a red shed green!

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Will, upstream :o)

I have no doubt you will pull the yard together. It's all minor ''messes'' anyway. The plants look good tho!

Oh yeah, they make the Weasel look like a good tool, but I know my dirt. I know a small rototiller isn't what I need either!

Pepper, comes a time to thorwo out a few things. I do that too.

It's a healthy looking Canna and I love the bright bloom. Someday I'll have to find a place for one. I like the varigated leaves and orange ones right now :o)

Happ, I so hear you. That was the case with the bed I just re-did along the garage. It all starts with moving things out and having an idea of what is completely new to fill back in with.

ROTFL!! I hate sayings that apply!!


Good picture of you!

I am at a loss whan it comes to bamboo. It looks nice and big tho! Those are probably all you need if they ran all over her place. They look good.

I'm with Happ, LOL!!

At least it will make a fast wall. I think anyone appreciates a neighbor's attempts at a privacy wall. I know I wouldn't mind any neighbor putting up hedges or a fence.

A green shed sounds nice. I hope you find paint somewhere.

Well, almost time to get the Grandkids. See everyone tomorrow!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Will, Walmart has the best paint. Get their brand. My dad would rather use that than Home Depot or Lowes paint.

I think happ has the right idea for the bamboo. LOL!!! Yeah, make sure when you plant it, it can't escape into the yard or you will have a major problem on your hands. Make sure that it can't escape into the yard in any way. Whatever you put it in make sure there are no holes of anysize. Otherwise kiss that yard goodbye!! lol

I need to take a pic of that bed I want to redo. I need to make the dirt better too so a few bags of topsoil and compost will go a long ways towards making my bed more welcoming for my plants. lol. I have tall plants in the front, short ones on the sides and it just looks terrible. lol.

Here we go. I already took a pic of the bed. lol. I told you it looks terrible!! LOL

Thumbnail by pepper23
suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

A good picture of me eh?! I don't think I'll be auditioning for any hand modeling jobs!! Haha!!
Dang, you guys are some anti-running-Bamboo folks! I made 6 pots of Bamboo out of the 4 I got, I cut 2 of the bigger ones in half so they'd fit in the pots. I wanted to get them in pots before they dried out.
I don't think I'll have any trouble containing these Bamboos. I might even have them mostly above ground in the big open bottomed container, that I'd close off the bottom and make it mostly above ground.
In the other one it'd be easier because it's entirely closed up. They both will probably be above ground so I can have them under control somewhat when the plastic breaks down or cracks or something.
In the photo is the 6, 4 in the bucket and the other 2 next to it.

I'll check out the Walmart paint. I might have to settle for painting it this Redwood Latex stain, that I've been kicking around for a few years. I remember I bought it back in the day because it was only $4.99!
To get green paint, it occurred to me that that would likely be a mix, which means $. I'm thinking to get a gallon of green paint I'll need to come up with about $20 or $25, which isn't synonymous with being frugal!

Thanks billyp, I hope the minor messes clean up fast!

Tonite, I also got 3 'Duke' Blueberry bushes planted.

The elderly lady here is funny again today. Apparently, somebody said they'd pray for her. She tells me, "They better get down on their own freaking knees and pray for their self!"! She tells me, "I don't think you can find a box with a toilet in it for $150!"!

That bed doesn't look too bad Pepper, maybe 20 minutes and you'll have it looking top-notch! Do you want some Bamboo by that foundation?!

Have a good time with you're grandkids, Sally!
I like the saying, "Nice guys finish last!"!

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Thumbnail by shortleaf
KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Bamboo isn't allowed here. LOL. I am surrounded by pasture and woods and don't need it to escape. lol.

As for the paint, maybe try food coloring. lol. I don't know if it would work or not though.

That bed is a mess!! Everything is flopping over, I can't tell in some spots what's weeds and what's not and I need to move stuff around. That rose is still growing but barely. And no blooms!! Grrrr.... lol. That sedum won't go away either. I keep pulling it but it always comes back so I need to just make a nice spot for it in there. lol

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Pepper, ROTFL!! That is a wonderful little bed to work with! Is it sunny? I see a rose, so it must be. It could be all annuals like celosia or snapdragons all summer. My neighbor had both and I had envy! Planting a lot is the key!

Will, smiling over the hand modeling. You can do ''what's behind the curtain, or, wall of bamboo!"

That is a dilema isn't it. Paint is not cheap! You could browse the colors and chose a second best color.

Gotta smile over the praying but I gotta argue about the toilet!

ROTFL&L over the bamboo offer!!

Those are going to turn into nice bamboo plants!

Move the sedum under the shrub. I can't believe it's so hard to get rid of. It's perfect for late bees, wasps and flies so I'd keep it. I do think better dirt is going to make a difference. Turn the bed good before you top it off, just to mix the old dirt up a little. If the rose is a bust, I'd consider digging it out. It might not have a good root system. Sometimes I can't believe how poor they are.

We got the Grandkids. My Granddaughter fell asleep when I was holding her last night. I asked DD if she was just comfortable, or asleep. Asleep. It was an awww moment, but we had to leave and I had to lay her down :o(

Our overnight 38* turned into 40*. I'm glad. I have apples and peaches on the porch and need to work with them. I also have the rest of the red tomatoes and a bowl of green out there. This frost business is coming close!!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

It is mostly sunny. It gets some shade off and on since there are a million trees around but since it's on the north side it gets more sun. The dirt in there is from our road. lol. Not good dirt!! My dad figured since plants seem to thrive along the roads then it must be good dirt!! Joke's on him. lol. Next year it will be my project. lol. It faces the road so I have no choice. It's an embarrasment!! LOL.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Pepper, you would think it made sense, LOL!

Take out all the stuff you don't want and the job will be easier come Spring.

The boys go home today and I'm hoping the weather liars don't take back my nice week!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I think I'm going to try food coloring or Rit dye in a cheap gallon of paint. Thanks for the idea Pepper! Hey, it can't look any worse than it does now. I don't think it's had a coat of paint in a while, a long while!
That's it on the left of the photo -

Oh, I forgot to say thanks for the compliment on my pic, Sally. But really, isn't that pic kind of appalling?!

I watched the movie Tron last nite. It's a crazy movie! I remember the game from like 1982. I never played it much, I kinda thought it was dumb and complicated, but so was I, but I wasn't complicated! But, my brother always played it. It's really a neat movie! It even kinda makes sense in a crazy, fantasy kinda way! I remember my brother always played it and I played Galaga on the other side from there, here in Independence, MO. I always wondered about that company "Encom" that was so big back then and seemed to be on so many popular arcade games as the maker. I never really wanted to see Tron at the movies, I remember being a little turned off that Jeff Bridges did this one so close to Crazyheart and True Grit, but I can understand, I wouldn't turn down the roles in either of those movies, they are both excellent.

Is anybody gonna make an Oct. thread? I'll do it if nobody else does.

Pepper, I bet you can turn that bed into a work of art with some elbow grease! I do alot of elbow grease because it's free!

Ooooh thanks billyp! I like "And over here we have Bamboo" with my arm and hand raised high in declaration! Thanks, I hope those turn into nice Bamboo plants, I'll be the envy of everyone for miles!

Do they really make livable boxes with toilets in them for $150 a month is prolly what she meant, (altho I pay more than that now by gosh, and my friend throws in food, tv and internet!)?!

They say highs in the 80's Mon, Tues. and Wed., we'll see too!

I like that BirdsEye frozen vegetables commercial that has snow all around and the workers are wearing snowshoes and the tractor has a ski in the front instead of a wheel! All the mild weather vegetables and stuff seem to be thriving in the cold! It makes me actually want to buy the stuff from a commercial, although I doubt if I will!


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