pickling but not enough cucumbers ripe at same time

Shirley, IN

I would like to make pickles but I am only having 5 to 6 cucumbers at a time ripen ,and that isn't enough .can you store cucmbers till I have enough or will they go bad . as you can tell I have never pickeled before.

Waddy, KY

Pick your cukes and put them in a plastic grocery bag. Tie it shut and store in the refrigerator. They should be good for at least 2 weeks. Hopefully you should have enough collected by then.


Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

Or do very small batches. Mix up your brine in quantity and just do up a few jars at a time. More time consuming, but you will have better results with extra fresh cukes. I've always tried to heat the brine before I even pick the cukes for the crispest pickles. Dills or B&B?

Shirley, IN

I would like to do dills if I get enough cukes I will try B&B too.

Boise, ID(Zone 5b)

When I do pickles, I usually plant about a dozen or more cucumbers plants and grow them up a trellis or fence. This way I get a lot of cucumbers at once. I can pick the cucumbers small for sweet pickles or let them get bigger for other pickles. When I am tired of doing pickles, I pull the plants out of the ground, leaving one or 2 for eating.

We don't eat a lot of pickles so I only do this about every 3rd year. I give a lot away to family for Christmas, too.

Shirley, IN

I like the idea of growing them on the fence.

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