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Am I a ginger?

Orangeburg, SC

Can anyone tell me what kind of ginger this is and when do I expect it to bloom?

Thumbnail by Deebie
Saint Gabriel, LA

It is a Curcuma. It's impossible to tell which one it is by the foliage alone. There are spring bloomers and summer bloomers. IF I had to bet, I'd guess that yours is one of the spring bloomers. If so next spring would be the earliest but often a large clump must be established before blooming, just depends on which one. The better you treat it over this growing season the better it will do next year.

Tim Chapman

Orangeburg, SC

Oh cool. Thanks for the ID. I received it by mistake in a trade. I was supposed to be getting various hedychiums. Oh well. I have another ginger that has refused to grow until these last few weeks. It's only a few inches tall. Probably too small to ID. I'll have to overwinter that one in the garage to ensure it's survival over the winter.

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