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need help to find handheld mister/sprayer

Conway, NC

I found this forum because my plant room more closely resembles a greenhouse than part of actual home.
It's 3 sided- windows all way around- and has 2 doors on house side to open in winter, and on sunny days will actually heat the house- (faces south and west)
I struggle with humidity issues. I have found a really good humidifier, small, but I am afraid it just sucks down electricity.
We are retired, and need to keep costs reasonable.
therefore, I am planning some sort of water feature in there -- hoping that in heat of day that will increase humidity as well-
but I really think I need some sort of sprayer that puts out a very fine mist, or fine spray. I could go around 2 or 3x a day and do this, think it would really help.
however, getting arthritis in hands now. so... there MUST be something out there that runs off a battery!
any ideas?
many thanks!

Waterville, VT(Zone 4b)

Humidifiers use so little electricity that you will not likely even notice the increase in your bill. Evaporative humidifiers are only running a small fan. Dehumidifiers on the other hand do use a lot of electricity, and you will notice a big jump in your bill.

Conway, NC

well, thank you! that makes me feel a lot better! I had even though of getting a little meter thing to plug it into to see how much it DID use!

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

I don't know if this would help, but I use the little black hose sold for setting up an irrigation drip system. I put a tiny mister end on it and use that to give my plants moisture, like a very soft rain. It hooks to my hose, but there should be a way to hook it to your kitchen faucet if needed. I use the hose without the mister end to water my plants in pots and trays.

Homeworth, OH(Zone 5b)

You can purchase a one quart pump sprayer at one of the box stores for under $10.00. I also have arthritus in my hand, and this works for me because it is a pump action instead of having to squeeze.

Conway, NC

thank you! will look for one of those.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks, a pump sprayer would be a great idea!

I have a very old gazebo we made into a makeshift GH by hanging industrial strenth 72 in. shower curtains in. It doesn't provide alot of warmth but keeps the frost off of them when it does get down to freezing.

Thank goodness we haven't had much of that this year.


Rangely, CO(Zone 4a)

You might look at the misting cooing systems that are used in the arid west for patios and other outside living spaces. the misters are a smaller volume & finer mist than for irrigation purposes. Should be just what you're looking for. Try

Good Luck

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